Mar 14, 2023

Donald Trump Speech in Davenport, Iowa 3/13/23 Transcript

Donald Trump Speech in Davenport, Iowa 3/13/23 Transcript
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Former President Donald J. Trump Speech on Education in Davenport, IA 3/13/23. Read the transcript here.

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Donald Trump (00:05):

Oh, thank you very much. Thank you very much. And thank you, great governor. That was beautiful. That was beautiful energy. He’s got that energy. Thank you.

I wish we could have gotten everybody. And you have to see outside. There’s so many people want to get in. You’re so lucky. You’re so lucky. We’re going to have a good time together. It’s great to be in Davenport. I come back to Davenport all the time. It’s been really good to us. We won this wonderful state. This is the greatest. We won Iowa twice. We won Iowa twice and unfortunately we’re going to have to do it a third time because something happened the second time. Nobody knows what that is, but we are going to do it a third time, but I just want to thank all of the great people of Iowa. Proud to be the home of the first in the nation, caucuses, and we kept it that way, Kim didn’t we? We kept it that way.

As president, I fought hard and one to protect Iowa’s first in the nation status and the Republican Party. A lot of people called me about it, including your governor. I said, we’re doing it. That’s where it’s going to be. It’s where it’s going to be for a long time. As long as I’m around, I’m telling you it’s going to be. The Democrats did it a little bit differently, didn’t they? They chose a different order. I want to thank Kevin Reynolds also because he’s been a friend of my sons and a friend of mine. They like hunting and they’re the only two.

A long while ago we had a situation where Kevin and my son, Don went out hunting with a certain gentleman who we love, a certain governor, previous governor, and they had a very cold weather. The only two that didn’t show up for three days back. Everyone came back in about 15 minutes. It was too cold. Were Don and Kevin. Do you remember that, Kevin? They said what happened to those two? Those two could take the weather. There was no problem. They came back. They said, “What’s the problem?” But I just want to thank you very much, Kevin. Great job. Great job you’ve done. Don says hello.

I also want to congratulate and thank Lieutenant Governor Adam Greg. Adam, thank you very much. Former acting attorney general, Matt Whitaker, a friend of ours for a long time. He’s been a great gentleman and your former congressman who I endorsed very, very strongly. We had a good run with Rod Blum. Thank you. Thank you, Rod. Good job. State representative, Brooke Boden. Thanks, Brooke.

Scott County sheriff, one of the most beautiful family, Tim Lane. Thank you, Tim. Iowa Republican Party chair, Jeff Kaufmann. Scott County, GOP chair, Jeanita McNulty. That’s a nice name. One of the first elected officials to endorse me. I love this guy. He was so early. He endorsed me before I was even running. He said, “That guy would be good. Those are the guys we really like.” State Senator, Brad Zaun. Thank you, Brad. Oh, we love that guy.

Thank you. Thanks, Brad. I also want to thank my Iowa senior advisor representative, Bobby Kaufmanm and many of his colleagues. Bobby is so good, so good. And such a good job. We’re looking at those poll numbers. They’re looking very good. I want to tell you. You can tell by the crowds outside. You can tell by the crowds, but his colleagues in the Iowa House and Senator are here and they’ve all endorsed me and I really appreciate that, including state senators, Jeff Reichman, Charlie McClintock. State representatives, Craig Johnson, Anne Osmundson. I love that name.

Mark Cisneros, Steve Bradley, Derek Wulf, Heather Hora, Brad Sherman, Cindy Golding. And by the way, you know what we’re going to do a little bit later if we have a little time left? Which I think we will. We’ll take a few questions. Does anybody want to answer? You can ask me anything you want. Unlike Biden, you can ask me whatever the hell you want.

I’ve never seen anything like it. The other day they were asking questions and he was reading the answer off a teleprompter. I said, they’ve never done that for me. But we’ll do some question and answers if you want. We’ll finish up and we’ll have a little fun. Okay? You can say anything you want. You can give me the worst, toughest, most horrible question. Who cares, right? Who the hell cares? For seven years, our MAGA movement, the greatest in political history, this has never been anything like this. It has been taking on all of the evil and sinister forces trying to destroy America’s future. You know that. You know it better than most. We stand up to the globalists. We stand up to the Marxists. The Marxists. Remember he said, “We will never have socialism.” That train left socialism a long time ago, never even stopped at that station. We stand up to the crooked Democrat prosecutors all over the country. If I fly over a state that happens to be Democrat, let’s call them into a grand jury. Nobody has ever weaponized like this group of people. They’re maniacs. We stand up to the rhinos, communists and the anti-energy extremists.

We stand up to the open borders, fanatics and the pro-china special interests and the fake news media, of which we have quite a bit of it right here. A lot it.

We put workers first. We put farmers first and above all, we put America first. We put America first.

In our four incredible years, and they were incredible years, we achieved more for Iowa than any president in American history. It’s not even a contest. In particular the farmers, they know better than anybody working hand in hand with Iowa’s leaders. I was the most pro-farmer president that has ever been in the White House by far. I was rated that by everybody because I appreciate the farmers. I know how smart they are, how good they are, and how hard they work.

Nobody in history did more for farmers of our country, the great farmers than I did to protect family farms. I virtually eliminated the unfair estate tax or death tax. Remember I used to say, look, I’m trying to get this passed. I don’t know if I can get it. But if I do, if you love your children, you can leave your farm to your kids. If you don’t love and you don’t have to worry about tax. No tax. They call it a death tax. That’s not a nice word, but very appropriate. If you don’t like your kids that much or if you don’t like them at all, which happens on occasion, don’t leave them a thing. The tax won’t help you. Don’t worry about it. Does anybody in here not like their children? Oh, be careful. Oh, we got to be careful with that.

The problem is the fake news media is going to report that as fact. You know that. You’re going to have a lot of explaining to do. He loves his boy. He loves his family. We also gave a giant tax cut to family farms that operate as pass through entities. A big thing for you farmers, which constitute more than 90% of all agricultural production in the United States. So we got the pass-through done. Nobody thought it could be done. I repealed Barack Hussein Obama’s ridiculous Waters of the United States rule.

Do you know what that is? It sounds so nice. Kim, it sounds so nice. Waters of the United States. I said, “I’m going to get killed when I repealed this one because the only thing good about it was the title, Waters of the United States. And I repealed it. A federal power grab over every ditch in every puddle on private land that make it sound like it was a lake. You couldn’t use your property. They really were taking your property away.

I’ll never forget when I did it. I had a group of farmers and builders, home builders standing behind me about 50 of them, and when I did it, half of them, these are men, and in some cases about five women, they never cried in their life before. Maybe when they were a baby in their mother’s arms, but they’re not criers. Half of the people were crying. I gave them back their rights. I gave them back their property. I mean, it was an incredible thing.

Our Department of Agriculture cut seven old regulations for every one new regulation saving farmers and taxpayers, 262 million a year at least. I ended the NAFTA disaster. That was a disaster. Worst trade deal ever made, and I replaced it with something you like very much with the USMCA, Mexico and Canada best trade deal ever made. You know how you know it’s good? Mexico and Canada want to renegotiate the deal. I see they’re up there. “We want to renegotiate. It’s not working so well. We want everybody to be happy, but it’s better that way than the other way.”

For decades, we had to live with NAFTA. What a disaster it was. But the USMCA we’re very proud of that. Everyone said that’s another thing. Couldn’t be done. We did a lot. And my personal assistants to Prime Minister Trudeau, the USMCA pride open Canada’s dairy, poultry, and egg markets for American producers. They were shutting us out. You have no idea what they were doing. I stood up to China like no administration has ever done before. I brought in hundreds of billions of dollars of tax and tariffs and all sorts of revenue pouring into our treasury from China when no other president had ever gotten literally 10 cents, nothing. They came in and they took our country by storm and we stopped it and we made one of the greatest trade deals ever. We were mistreated by China and our farmers were mistreated more than anybody else.

I took a list as to what amount that bad treatment was and I went to our… Really, he did a great job. Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture. I said, “Sonny, let me ask you a question. I want you to figure out over the next couple of days or sooner, how much money did China rip off our farmers in this country? You have to tell me. He got back to me and he gave me it on a yearly count over a few years, but the total was $28 billion.

And I told China, you have to pay it. And you know what? They paid it. They paid it. And you all, many of the people in this audience got a check. I took it out of the tariffs that I charged China. We had a lot of money left over. I can tell you that. We had hundreds of billions of dollars, hundreds of billions left over. We took a lot of money. We saved the steel industry. We saved a lot of industries. We handed checks to the farmers for $28 billion.

Did anybody get a check in this room for the farmers? Because you got to be? Yes, good. Not as many as I would’ve thought. You all got checks, but maybe you’re not in that business, but we’re all with the farmers and they got $28 billion. Nobody saw that one coming. That was one that they said, this is incredible. But they also made a deal with China, and the deal with China was a phenomenal one by people wanted $15 billion in agricultural purchase. I said, you have to buy and otherwise we’re not going to do business with you and other things other than the farms.

And I said, “What’s the number?” 15 billion? I said, “Did I hear you correctly?” I thought they said 50 billion, right? They said 15 billion. I said, I think I heard 50 billion ask for 50 billion. And they agreed. That’s why you’re still doing well today, Kim. You’re doing so well today. Even though they aren’t totally living up to it, it’s still more money than anybody thought possible. And the reason they’re not totally living it up is they have no respect for the Biden administration. But still more money. That’s why the farmers are continuing to do well.

But China and the USMCA were just the beginning of our fight for the American farmer. I also got Japan to slash or eliminate tariffs on over 90% of US food and agricultural exports. People knew that. What a difference it made. I dealt with the great Prime Minister Abe. He was my friend of Japan. And that one who unfortunately, as you know, was assassinated by a mad man. But what a great man he was. People loved him, but he was very fair to us. We opened it up because we were being treated very unfairly by Japan as we are by almost everybody. I have to tell you. I can’t think of anybody that we made a better deal.

It’s hard to believe that we survive, but of course we do have $34 trillion in debt. So I don’t know if you call that survival. Eventually that comes back to haunt you, right? But we didn’t make any good deals. We had no good deals. So we made a lot of them great, and some of them phenomenal. The European Union agreed to nearly triple it’s beef imports and opened its markets to American soybeans at a level that nobody thought was going to happen. I also won our farmers’ gigantic concessions from South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Tunisia, Ecuador, Morocco, and many, many more.

I was working very hard on Europe and that was going to be a deal that was done because they don’t treat us very well. Europe, believe it or not, it sounds nice. A lot of us indirectly come from Europe. Sounds very nice, but they treat us very bad on trade, very badly on trade. And even if you look at the war, if you look at what’s going on, we’re at about 150 billion and they’re at about 25 billion. I would say that’s not right. But somebody’s going to tell them. All you have to do is say, “Listen, you’re delinquent. You got to up it. You got to up it. It’s not fair. Not fair to our country. Arm exports by more than $60 billion supporting millions and millions of American jobs. And right here in this room and right here in Iowa.

That’s what happens when you have a president who stands up for America and who puts America first. It can be done. It can be done. I remember France, who I like a lot, but France, they were going to put a tax on a lot of our business. Almost all businesses dealing in France. And I said, “That’s okay if they do that.” And my people came back to me, smart people, “Sir, they’re going to put a tax on and they won’t [inaudible 00:15:52].” I said, “Just go back and tell them they have to. It’s not fair.” And you know what I’m talking about.

He’s a good man. He’s a friend, Macron. I said, “Listen, here’s what we have to do. If you want to do this…” Because my people came back after two weeks. They couldn’t get anything. They got nothing. Kim, you have people that are better than that, I’ll bet. But they couldn’t get anything and they were hardworking. They worked so hard. So I called up the top people. I said, “Listen, here’s the story. We’re going to put a 100% tax on your wines and your champagnes are coming to the United States because you’re putting a tax on…” “No, no, no, you can’t do that.”

I said, “No, no, we’re going to do that. It’s already done. The papers are going to be signed tomorrow morning. We’re putting a 100% tariff for tax. Close enough. We’re putting a 100% tariff tax on every wine, all of your wine, all of your champagne. Oh, we’re going to miss it. We’re going to miss it because at a hundred percent, you’re not going to be sending so much to us like you do now.” “We’d like to think about this.” They called

Donald Trump (17:00):

… up within an hour, and the whole tax thing was gone. We had no problems, sort of a move.

But as our Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue said, “At the end of the day, farmers are better off thanks to President Trump’s policies, initiatives, trade policies, and his incredibly strong support. According to the Economic Research Service, farm income is forecasted to be at its highest level and this didn’t just happen by accident.” He said, “This didn’t happen by accident.” He was a real pro, really understood the farming business. He could never believe what we were able to do in just a short period of time. And you’re still getting the benefits, but it’s slowly drifting away. It’s just slowly drifting away.

Under Joe Biden, it has been a nonstop war on American agriculture, you know that. Biden reimposed the Waters of the United States Rule, he reimposed it. One of the first days in office, he’s trying to raise taxes on farms. He wants to reinstate the death tax, and fertilizer prices are now up by more than 300% for fertilizer. Net farm income is projected to fall by 16% this year alone. And on top of it all, and if we didn’t do what we did, 16% would be 75%. But with the insane Green New Deal, Joe Biden is trying to totally kill Iowa ethanol. By contrast, I fought for Iowa ethanol like no president in history. We’ve had great support. We’ve had really incredible support in that from your state, but not everybody supports it outside. Not the easiest sell outside of Iowa, but we won’t talk about that.

I issued a rule declaring that E15 would be made available all year round, right? All year round. Nobody said that was going to happen. I also dramatically increased the number of fueling stations where E15 could be sold across the country, all over the country. And very importantly, I let them use the original pumps and equipment instead of having to buy brand new equipment. I did it because it was equal to, in some cases, better than the new stuff. So I said, “Do it.” People came to me, they said, “We just can’t afford to redo this.” Remember we had that conversation? And we worked it out. So I’m very honored to have done it. Every promise I made to Iowa as a candidate, I fulfilled as your president. Nobody’s ever done this. I made that promise to defend ethanol, and sometimes we really had to go to the wall on that one. But I did and I took care of it.

I promised to move the embassy to Jerusalem and to get it built, and I did. And I got it built for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time. When they came to me, “Sir, would you please sign this, sir?” I said, “What’s that for?”

“That’s for the American Embassy in Jerusalem” after I announced that we’re going to move it. So moving it was one thing, but it would have never gotten built. It would’ve been 20, 25 years. I said, “How much is this?”

“$2 billion, sir.” I said, “Wait a minute. We’re going to build, isn’t it like a one-story building, two-story building? You don’t build them for $2 billion in Iowa, I don’t think Jeff, do you?” So I said, “Why so much?” They said, “Well sir, by the time we do this and buy the land…”

“Why do you have to buy land? Don’t we have land?”

“Well, we do, sir, but nobody’s really looked at that.”

“Well, take a look.” So I called up some people and we looked at it very closely, and we happened to have the best piece of land in Jerusalem because we sort of were there early. We’re in a lot of places early as a country. We’ve been there a long time. I said, “Could we use it?” It had a building on. “Could we use it? We’ll build the embassy there.” We just saved $300 million on land. They were trying to rip us on a piece of land that was not even a good location. I know a lot about location because I’m in the real estate business. Location is very important.

They said, “Yes, sir, but it’s got a problem.”


“It’s got a building on top of it, sir.” I said, “Oh, that’s good. Maybe that’s good. Maybe we can use the building.”

“Ooh, I never thought of that, sir.” So I had a study done and the building was very strong. It was set back. All of the things that you had, they wanted set back for security. It was a very big site, beautiful, beautiful views, really the best site, and we already have it. And the building was not even occupied, so I rebuilt the building. I did this as a personal thing. And we were going to spend $2 billion on the whole project, we ended up spending $500,000. Can you believe it?

I went to our, really, he was a great ambassador, and I said, ” David, let’s see what we can do it for.” He calls me back, “Sure, we can do it.” This is the first time I ever did this. “We can do it sir, for $297,000.” I’ve never said this before. I said, “David, that sounds too cheap.” Usually I say, “Let’s see if you can cut it in half. Cut the price in half.” But I’m going off a $2 billion number, so I said, “A friend of mine, a very big hedge fund guy, rich guy, every time I walk into his office, he shows me about Jerusalem stone.”

“Oh, this is Jerusalem…” Opposite the elevator bank, big building. And he goes, “Look, this is Jerusalem stone.” I said, “If you tell me that again,” I said, “what’s the big deal?”

“Oh, this is the finest stone. The greatest stone. It comes from Israel” and everything else. So when I heard that, two years later, I said to my guys, “Can we build this building in Jerusalem stone?”

“Yes, sir. It’s the cheapest stone we can buy. It’s right here.” Can you believe it? So the whole building is Jerusalem stone. Nobody can believe it and it’s gorgeous. And we opened it up on time, under budget, actually under budget. And it’s the embassy. And someday, maybe they’ll take it down and build some stupid building that costs $2 billion and is unnecessary, which they’ve done in many other locations, I can tell you.

But it was a great thing. So we not only got it in terms of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, which is a big deal to a lot of people, big deal. But we got the building built and it was built very quickly. And I heard, “All sorts of things are going to happen if you do it. It’s going to be terrible. It’ll be bloodshed all over the Middle East.” Nothing. So it was just a way of stopping something that people didn’t want.

But when you look at the job we did there and we got rid of the Iran nuclear deal. Now what’s happened? When you look at what is taking place right now, it’s so sad what’s going on right now. They were ready to make a deal. We would have made the greatest deal ever. They would have never had a nuclear weapon. They would have been actually happy about it. But this group came in and allowed them to get rich and allowed them to dictate the terms. And it was a really terrible thing.

I promised to appoint true conservative justices to the United States Supreme Court, and I did that, three of them, and over 300 federal judges. The whole court system is different. Of course, I never seem to get one of them, so it’s one of those things. Now I get killed in these courts. If I get one, you know what they do? “We’d like to recuse ourself.”

“Oh, great, that’s wonderful.”

I promised that I would impose a travel ban to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country, and I did that. I said I would get reparations from China, and I did that. We talked about that one. That was a big one, the $28 billion for our farmers, but much more than that for our country. Hundreds of billions of dollars I took in and kept our businesses alive because they were dumping as an example, billions and billions of dollars worth of steel. And I was able to keep the steel businesses alive. So many people in the steel business, they come to me, they hug me, they cry, they hug me. “You saved our business.” And I saved many businesses by targeting even things like the washing machine business, the dryer business, the air conditioning business. They dump all this stuff in our country and our companies were all closing up. And I saved those businesses with taxes, tariffs. We made it fair.

And how could a farmer vote against me after doing all this for the farmers? If somebody called me up and I was sort of like in a wise guy mood, I said, “How do you think you’ll do in Iowa?” I said, “Listen, I got the farmers $28 billion.” I did things that nobody thought was possible. Even Kim said it’s going to be tough. But we did things that nobody thought was possible, and we made the farming business great, made it great again if you think about it. Now, it’s slipping away a little bit, but we’ll get that back real fast.

So I said, “And I saved ethanol,” which is a big thing for Iowa and farmers, but a big thing for Iowa in particular. And I said, “So how the hell would I lose Iowa? How is that possible?” And then, I got a poll the other day that was, we’re way up. I can tell you, Jeff, we’re way up. And well, I think we’re going to do fantastically here. It’s been a great state, great people, great people.

But I made those promises to the people of Iowa and America, and I kept every single one of my promises. And now we’re laying out a bold, forward-looking vision for what we will do. And when we take the oath of office and we get back that beautiful, beautiful White House, and we become together the 47th President of the United States, within hours of my inauguration, I will cancel every Biden policy that’s brutalizing our farmers, every single one of them.

Audience (27:25):


Donald Trump (28:06):

Thank you. I’ll appoint a special team to attack the high price of fertilizer. We’ll get that taken care of very quickly, just like I did with oil. In fact, I got the oil down so low I had to save the oil companies. How about that one? Remember that little period when you were getting almost free gasoline? We had to save them. We had a call OPEC and we had to call Russia, frankly, and Saudi Arabia. We said, “We had to get the price up.” But we saved all those companies. We got the price down to tremendously low numbers. And this country was rocking. We’ve never had an economy like we had.

Speaker 1 (28:49):

We need you back.

Donald Trump (28:49):

And when you think of it, they did just the opposite. What caused inflation? The oil price.

Speaker 1 (28:55):

The oil.

Donald Trump (28:55):

The oil, energy. Energy became so ridiculously expensive, it drove everything up. Now everything is inflated. Now it’s more than just energy, but we’ll get it down. We’re going to get it down. We’ll get it down fast. And I’ll tell other countries where we spend billions and billions of dollars on military protection, I’ve said this during my four years, I’d meet with these countries. They would come in to thank me for the protection we give. I’d say, “Where do you buy mostly from?”

“Sir, we buy mostly from China.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Well, you’re going to buy from us from now on, or we’re not protecting you anymore.” Everyone thought that was calm. “And if they don’t give preferential treatment to our farmers, just like I did for four years, that’s why you had all that business, the troops are packing up and they’re going to be coming home.” And I tell them that, and there’s nothing. Some people said, “That’s very tough, sir.”

I had one gentleman, a prime minister from a certain country, I said, “Where do you buy your military equipment?”

“Sir, we buy it from China.” I said, “So wait. We are protecting you and you’re buying it…” Another one said, “Russia, we buy a lot from Russia.”

“How much do you buy from us?”

“Very little, sir. Sir, we need more protection on our east front.” I said, “We’re not giving you anything. We’re not giving…” How stupid are we? I go through these conversations for four years, the dumbest conversations I’ve ever had. But they all came alive and they all came back and they started buying from us, unbelievable. I’ll also rapidly restore American energy independence and even energy dominance, with Iowa ethanol playing a part. You know that. We won’t just increase ethanol production in our country, but we’ll export ethanol. We’re going to export it all over the world. And just as I did for four straight years, I will protect the ethanol and I will go after anyone who wishes to destroy it. And let me tell you, we had a lot of people that fought me on that one. It’s also, by the way, it happens to be a national security priority as far as I’m concerned. Now, I may or not, it was so nice because Kim, she was so energetic and nice and so incredible for the place and such steep spirits. I said, “Maybe I shouldn’t mention this part, but we have to.” Should I mention it? More excited.

Okay, so remember this, Ron DeSanctus. Did anyone ever hear of DeSanctus? DeSanctimonious. Ron DeSanctus strongly opposed ethanol. Do you know that? And we don’t even know if he’s running, but I might as well tell you. If he is not running, I’ll say, “He was fine on ethanol. Don’t worry about it.” He strongly opposed ethanol and fought against it at every turn. And he’s going to do that again, because people that come out early for something, that’s where they go. That’s what it is, so he may do something politically. But he was very, very bad on ethanol. He fought it all the way.

And he also fought against Social Security. He wanted to decimate it and voted against it three times. Voted against Social Security, that’s a bad one. A lot of people don’t know that, but I think they’ve been finding out over the last four weeks, one of the reasons that we’re zooming in the polls, perhaps. Maybe that’s one, maybe it’s other things, too. It’s really based on what we’ve done, I think. And on Social Security, while we’re at it, he wanted the minimum retirement age to be lifted to people that are 70 years old, a substantial increase over what it is right now. That’s a big increase. And he also voted to severely cut Medicare. I will not be cutting Medicare and I will not be cutting Social Security. We’ll leave the age where it is.

They’ll bring up one or two names. They’ll bring up Herschel, who’s a wonderful guy, but he didn’t quite make it. They’ll bring Herschel Walker up, they’ll bring another one up, another one. They’ll get a couple in it. But think of that, 233 wins and 20 losses, if you want to call them losses. And Kim, I’ll bet you didn’t even know that. And then, you hear the fake news saying, “Oh, he didn’t do so well in the midterms.” I did well. The party didn’t do that well because we have people like Mitch McConnell and others that didn’t allow them to do well.

But nobody wants to mention it, so you know what I say? If nobody’s going to mention it, mention it yourself, these kids, because if nobody else is going to toot your horn, toot your own horn and just let it out there. But that’s pretty good, right? 233 out of 253. As the publication, Town Hall publication, good publication, said, “Every single time that Donald Trump has been on the ballot, Republicans either held the majority, like in 2016, or gained seats, like in 2020. The same individuals want to blame him

Donald Trump (34:00):

And for losing the Senate in ’22, it was not my fault. I had a lot of good people got in because of me, like North Carolina, Ted Budd, like so many others. We had a lot of them, including some city senators that were in big trouble. But they want to blame him for losing the Senate in 2022. By the way, J.D. Vance did great. J.D. Vance was another one, and he has been fantastic, I have to tell you. But they have amnesia from 2018 when President Trump was in the White House and Senate Republicans gained a lot of seats that were unexpected in the midterm elections. They never mentioned that at the fake news, do they? But it’s funny how that conveniently left out always in the discussion. They never liked doing it.

So on top of this, the publication said Trump still has really high approval ratings with the Republican voter base, is defeating Ron DeSantis in poll after poll by a lot, and I’m beating Joe Biden by a lot. Very importantly. But you don’t hear that from the media sometimes referred to as the fake news media. So I’m telling it to you. That’s the facts. As President, I will immediately end the invasion of our southern border, Kim mentioned, oh boy.

A lot of people in here. There’s a lot of people in here. I asked people, by the way, we have these rallies and this isn’t a rally. This is different than a rally. We’ll be back for rally soon. It’s a little too cold outside. I said, “Why aren’t we doing one at an airport where you can have 50,000 people.” They said, “Sir, it’s too cold.” That was a good call because it’s very cold outside, but there are tremendous thousands of people outside that want to get in. There’s great spirit. Two years ago we had the most secure border in US history, and we will quickly do that again. We had the most secure, we had the best numbers that we’ve ever had in recorded history. I built hundreds of miles of wall and we completed the original task as promised, and then I began to add even more in areas where it was needed. We did hundreds of miles and then-

Speaker 2 (36:50):

I love you Trump.

Donald Trump (36:51):

Thank you. I don’t know what she said, but whatever she said sounds good. But you know what? We did hundreds of miles of wall in between that and getting Mexico to give us 28,000 soldiers free of charge to keep people out, and we had Stay in Mexico policy. You think it was easy to get Mexico to say, “Oh, we’d love to have a Stay in Mexico policy.” We used to have Stay in the United States for the rest of your life. Because once they were here, nobody ever got them out. They never went back. They never came back. They’d be given a court hearing and they would just not even… They would throw the piece of paper away. It didn’t mean anything. But I got to Stay in Mexico policy from Mexico, if you can believe it. The reason was I said, “Look, you have to do this because if you don’t do it, we’re going to put tariffs on everything that you have sent.” And they said, “We would love to do it. Sir, would be great.”

They said to me, “We will never do that.” They thought I was crazy. I said, “Listen, I need about 28,000 soldiers of your soldiers to keep people from coming into the United States.” The guy looked at me like, “You got to be kidding. That’s the dumbest request I’ve ever had.” I said, “Oh no, you’ll do it. Don’t worry about it. You’ll do it.” “No, no, we will not. We will not do it.” We had a woman in the State Department, she said, “Sir, you’ll never get these things.” 10 different things I asked for, including the medical, which as you know is now expiring, which they shouldn’t let that happen. But she said, “You’ll never get it, sir.”

But I had the second-highest ranking person in Mexico, and I said, “No, no, you’ll do it.” “No, no, we will not do this. Why would you say that we would it? 28,000 soldiers. It’s a lot of soldiers. I said, “No, you’re going to do it. You’re going to keep people out of the United States and we’re going to have what’s called Stay in Mexico policy.” “No, sir we’re not going to do it.” I said, “Well, listen, here’s the story. If it’s not done immediately on Monday morning,” this was a Thursday. “On Monday morning, we’re going to sign. I’ve already got it made. Here’s the papers right here. We’re going to put taxes and tariffs on every automobile and everything that you make coming into the United States, and that amounts to tens of billions of dollars. So I really think you’re going to do it.” “Sir, we’d be happy to do it, sir. We’d be happy.” He’s going like this. ” Wait till I explain that to my party. Wait till I explain this deal.

But they did, and they were great. And I really like the President of Mexico. He’s a socialist but can’t have everything, right? He’s a great guy actually. He’s a friend of mine. He said, “That election was rigged. That election was rigged.” He said, “I had one of them 20 years ago.” President said, “I had one of them. It’s not a good feeling, I will tell you.” But he’s a great guy. He’s a fantastic guy and it’s not an easy country. It’s a very, very tough country, Mexico. Very, very tough. Very dangerous in many ways, but they have a wonderful man leading it. But they did that and we had Stay in Mexico and nobody would come into the United States and we had that border. So until we got approval, if they were good, if they qualified, and many of them did, not that many, but many, and they’d come into the United States and live happily ever after. But we kept everybody out. There wasn’t MS-13. We took MS-13 out by the tens of thousands. We brought them back. We had three countries in particular, and we brought them back.

When I first came in, I said, “Why aren’t we bringing them back?” “Sir, under the Obama administration, they wouldn’t accept them back, sir.” I said, “What do you mean they wouldn’t accept them back?” Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, couple of others. But those three in particular, they wouldn’t accept them back. And I said, “Well, how much money do we pay them?” “Sir, we pay them $750 million a year.” I said, “Okay, explain to them that as of this moment, they’re not getting any money anymore.” Because they literally… When we had a plane flying in with these horrible people, MS-13 and others that are just horrible, killers, rapists, drug dealers, they’d be flying, and they’d put planes on the runway so our planes couldn’t land. They wouldn’t let our buses in. They wouldn’t let anything. They didn’t want them back. They were gone. They were the ones that got them out. They’d put them in the caravans. I came up with that name, but it was a caravan. They’d put them in the caravans, and oftentimes in the middle of the caravan, and you’d have this big caravan coming up through the country. Just terrible.

We ended all of that stuff. You didn’t see that until this administrator. Now it blows everything away. Nobody’s ever seen what’s happened. Nobody’s ever seen it. But I said to them, ” What happens?” They said, “They won’t take them back.” So I said, “Okay, just explain that they’re not getting any money from the United States.” The following morning I got like three calls almost at the same time. Three leaders of the three countries that I mentioned. “Sir, there must be a misunderstanding.” “What’s the misunderstanding?” “We would be glad to have MS-13 come back. We love them very much.” And we got them out by the tens of thousands, tens of thousands. You take a look at what’s going on with these countries, the other countries, they’re emptying out their prisons, their insane asylums, their mental institutions, and sending all of these people and these massive problems and unbelievable costs. They’re sending them to us. There was a picture and a little story about a mental institution in a certain country, and the doctor said, “I’ve been working so hard for 20 years. I couldn’t keep up with everything. We’re so busy.” People wouldn’t even have beds. They were so busy. He said, “Now I have nobody here.” You know where they are? Mental institution. You know where they are. They’re in the United States of America. It’s our problem. And you know what? If you ran one of those countries, Kim, you would’ve done the same thing I would have. They’re cleaning out their prisons. They’re emptying their prisons. Their prisons are empty. Their mental institutions. Their insane asylums. A word you’re not supposed to use anymore. Words you’re not supposed to use. Kind of like Biden. I have three words for you.

We don’t want to be caught in that predicament. So two words, insane asylum. These are words you’re not supposed to be using anymore. It’s not politically incorrect, but mental institutions are being emptied out by the thousands and thousands and thousands. And think of the money they’re saving and all of the problems they’re saving and they’re dumping them into the United States of America. We’re like a dumping ground. And we end that stuff. It’ll end so fast, your head will spin. It’s horrible what’s happened. And 2024 is the final battle. That’s it. If you put me back in the White House, the reign of the corrupt Washington establishment will be over. I got to know them all.

When I went there, I didn’t know a lot of people. I had to rely on, in some cases, RINO’s and others to give me some recommendations. But I know them all now. I know the good ones. I know the bad ones. I know the weak ones. I know the strong ones. We know them all. And America will be a free nation once again. And with your support and these caucuses, we will. And we’re always keeping you there. We’re going to complete our mission. We are going to see that job through. We did such a job. There was a report today, we were as good as any President. There’s never been an administration that’s done more than we have done.

We rebuilt our military, largest tax cuts in history, largest regulation cuts in history, even on a medical, Right to Try. People are dying and they couldn’t use drugs that were perfectly good, perfectly good. But it takes 2, 3, 4 years to get them approved by the FDA. Sometimes it would take 13, 14 years. We cut that in half down to five. Cut it in more than half. And when people are terminally ill or very ill, I passed something. Got it passed. They were trying to do it for 54 years. I got it passed in Congress. Right to Try. Where you no longer have to go to Asia or Europe or wherever you may go to try and find a miracle cure. You can stay home and use, because we have the greatest doctors in the world, the greatest labs in the world. And if you’re critically ill, if you’re terminally ill, or even a little bit less than that, you don’t have to do this. Many people were going to far away lands and they would die, but they’d go to far away lands.

Many people would go home if they didn’t have money, they couldn’t go to faraway lands. They’d go home and they’d die. They’d sit in their room and they’d die. Now you sign a paper and you have Right to Try and you can use things that work, but they’re not approved yet because you have to go through a process. And people said, “Sir, you can’t do that because you’ll maybe make the person very sick.” I said, “The person is terminally ill. The person has two weeks to live.” And we’ve saved thousands and thousands of lives. That was another thing. Nobody ever thought we could get that approved. But we saved thousands of lives. People that are living right now with drugs that are advanced. With all of the things they can do now, the things you wouldn’t even imagine possible. But we did so much.

We rebuilt our military. Think of that. We had planes, we had fighter jets that the grandfather flew and then the father and then the son is flying it or was flying it. We have all new beautiful stuff. The 85 billion that we gave away is too bad, but that’s actually small compared to what we did. We rebuilt our entire, entire military and it’s been amazing. Giving a lot of it away though. I’ll tell you, we’re giving a lot of it away. And we’re going to finish what we started. The people of Iowa have always been there for me. They’ve always been, you’ve always been there for me. Somehow we had a great relationship right from the beginning, and I think I can honestly say that I have always been there with you and I always will be there with you. Together we will end the era of weaponized government forever. We will end woke. We will crush the deep state. We will save our economy. We will defend our farmers. We will evict Joe Biden from the White House, and we will make America great again. Thank you. Thank you.

There’s a lot of people up there. So Elton John once told me… You know when I do my last song and we knock it down, the place is going crazy and then they start screaming, “Encore, Encore, come back,” and he’ll come back. He’ll do another good one. Then he comes back and he hits a little bit of a dud, the people leave unhappy. It’s very stupid to do a couple of questions, but let’s give it a shot. Should we do that? Should we or not? Yes? Okay. Do we have a mic someplace? We’ll take a few questions, ask whatever you want. But you know the story, right? Encores are always dangerous, especially for singers. You want to know the truth? Go ahead. Who’s got the mic? Uncle Sam, you do. Good. Let’s go. What do you have Uncle Sam? I like that man. I like the way he’s dressed. He’s a good-looking Uncle Sam. Go ahead. Go ahead. You have a mic? Yeah, go ahead. You could give it to anybody that has a… Anybody has a question? Go ahead. Ma’am, please. Go ahead.

Speaker 3 (49:25):

As a member of Moms for Liberty-

Donald Trump (49:27):


Speaker 3 (49:27):

… parental rights and education are top priorities.

Donald Trump (49:31):


Speaker 3 (49:31):

Seems like schools have become indoctrination camps where they’re focused on sexualizing our children and it’s just not right. How do we get back to the basics in the classroom? Teaching, reading, writing-

Donald Trump (49:43):

And arithmetic.

Speaker 3 (49:43):

… history. Right.

Donald Trump (49:43):

That’s right.

Speaker 3 (49:46):

And civics. Thank you, Mr. President.

Donald Trump (49:49):

Everything I said tonight, they could say he’s conservative, he’s got a wonderful conservative voice. Actually, it’s a voice of common sense, and with education almost in many ways easier than other things. We have to get back to common sense, and that is reading, writing, arithmetic. What they’re teaching in schools today is insane. And most people understand it. Even the people that want it, they understand it. So we’re going to do something. And a lot has to do with your governors and your people that are leading your states, and they’re going to be given free rein to do what they want to do. You happen to have a great governor that’s very much into it and she’s taken the state so far, and we’ll have other governors doing the same thing. And it’s a really great question. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yes, please go ahead. Go ahead.

Speaker 4 (50:39):

[inaudible 00:50:40].

Donald Trump (50:51):

That’s interesting. Yeah. Trey Gowdy’s very good. I think he’s very good. We’re going to have a

Donald Trump (51:00):

… a lot of great choices for vice president. We’re going to pick a great one, but we’re going to have a lot of great choices. This whole process is interesting. There are those that say they’re all campaigning right now to be vice president. We’ve heard that a little bit, right? But I will tell you, we’ll pick a great one. Thank you very much. Interesting. Okay. Question over here. Go ahead, please. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (51:20):

Mr. President, our farmers are under attack from increased fuel and fertilizers prices.

Donald Trump (51:27):


Speaker 5 (51:27):

At the same time, we’re demonized by Washington and climate life leftists. How do we protect our farmers from the activist EPA and reduce the cost for our Iowa farmers?

Donald Trump (51:39):

So you were totally protected two and a half years ago. Hard to believe it’s two and a half. We have a year and a half to go. It seems so short now when you had to think in terms of much longer. But you were totally protected. “Like never before,” I think you would say, “Like never before.” We will bring that back so fast your head will spin. A big thing is to get the fuel price down. Once that fuel price comes down, a lot of other things are going to happen, including the fertilizer, which I hear is a disaster for farmers right now. So we’re going to take care of all of it, and it’ll happen very, very fast, very, very quickly. Okay? Thank you. Thank you, ma’am. Okay. Over here.

Speaker 6 (52:16):

Mr. President?

Donald Trump (52:18):

Go ahead. Over here somewhere.

Speaker 6 (52:20):

Mr. President?

Donald Trump (52:21):


Speaker 6 (52:21):

I’m full of gratitude for everything you have done for us and are doing for us, for we the people. I’d just like to ask… Thank you. Thank you, sir. And what can you-

Donald Trump (52:34):

So far, I love this question. I’m getting ready for the kill. No, go ahead.

Speaker 6 (52:41):

What can you do to bring back manufacturing jobs?

Donald Trump (52:47):

Well, I was doing that, and one of the things we were doing is making it very difficult to have auto plants in Michigan and all leave our country. We had almost nobody leaving during my administration. And one of the things you do is you have to tax some of these products that come back into this country because you have to make it competitive. I saved the dishwashing industry, I saved the washer dryer, many industries, because they were dumping product. It wasn’t as good, but it was pretty good. And they were dumping product into the United States. I saved so many different manufacturers. If you look at Whirlpool in Ohio, they had such a problem. Korea, South Korea was dumping, and China, thousands and thousands, millions of units at a price that is just… They weren’t going to work. And I ended that. I put a 50% tariff on, and I was with them. That part of Ohio is thriving today. It’s thriving, and those companies are doing great.

So we have to look at individuals, but we will be able to handle that situation very easy. Don’t forget, we have a power called the economy. We have a very powerful engine, and the problem is we have people that really don’t know how to use it. They don’t know how to use it to our collective advantage, but I know how to use it. Okay. Thank you very much. Thank you. Okay, question over here.

Speaker 7 (54:13):

Thank you, President Trump. Under [inaudible 00:54:16] Biden, the installed president, we are seeing mobs of illegals coming across our border. Just this last week, we saw a violent mob try to force their way across the border near El Paso. What can we do to finally secure our southern border and finish the wall?

Donald Trump (54:32):

It’ll be secured on day one, and then we have to make a decision, what do we do with the 15 million people that have invaded our country? And we’ll do the right thing, that I tell you. We will start by getting the bad ones out. And the sheriffs and law enforcement who we love, the sheriffs know every one of them that shouldn’t be here. You know every one of them that shouldn’t be here. And we’ll take care of business. Go ahead. Thank you. Go ahead.

Speaker 8 (55:05):

Mr. President. The mainstream media came after you and your family like crazy, but not one of them seems interested in investigating the Biden crime family or Hunter’s laptop. They also censored anyone who asked questions in 2020. How do we get to the bottom of this?

Donald Trump (55:25):

So the mainstream media had a very high approval rating when I announced I was running for president, and just today I read where it reached an all-time low because people are wise to what’s been happening. What they have done, they really are a political arm of the Democrat Party. It’s a terrible thing. You saw saw last couple of weeks where the FBI and Twitter, it’s called Twitter Files, where they worked together. And they worked together with Facebook. You couldn’t say anything good about Trump, and you couldn’t say anything bad about Biden. They had the laptop. They knew all about the laptop. They knew all these crimes are on the laptop. And they weren’t allowed to do anything. They weren’t allowed to talk. And frankly, they have that liberal inclination anyway. But even if they wanted to, they couldn’t do it.

I think we’re making a lot of progress. I think that Congress is doing a very good job now. We have some people. Nancy Pelosi is packing. She’s gone. Getting her out is a big… That’s a big step. And I think Kevin and all of the people in Congress, I’ll tell you what, that whole… Well, people thought it was a fiasco. I think it was a beautiful thing as it turned out. That five or six nights of voting and voting and voting and voting, I actually think that was like a cleansing action. It was a great thing that happened. And there’s great unity in Congress.

We do have to do something about Mitch McConnell. He’s a disaster. He’s a disaster. He gets his 10 guys, and they give Biden whatever they want. There’s something going on that doesn’t make sense. They give him whatever they want. He gets his 10, 12 guys, and they vote in order to give the passage because you need the 60 votes usually, and they vote, and they give him what he wants. I just cannot… nobody can understand it. We got to get him the hell out. He’s a problem, big problem. In the meantime, I hope he’s feeling well, but he’s a big problem. Okay, go ahead. We’ll take one or two more. Go ahead.

Speaker 9 (57:26):

Hello, Mr. President.

Donald Trump (57:27):

Got to be a good one. You know if it’s a good one, I’m out of here, right? If it’s a bad one, I’ve got to take a couple of more to get over the stench of the bad one.

Speaker 9 (57:34):

I just wanted to say it’s an honor to hear you speak, first of all.

Donald Trump (57:36):

Thank you

Speaker 9 (57:37):

But my question for you is, what can you do to combat transgender athletes taking over women’s sports?

Donald Trump (57:44):

Well, you’ve done it here because your governor’s past legislation, you can’t… No, it’s crazy. People are seriously in favor of having it done, and I don’t understand it. And I tell the story of that champion swimmer, and she’s there and she’s looking up and down the line, she sees friends that she’s been swimming with, she’s a champion. And then she sees this person next to her, and he’s a monster. He looks like Wilt Chamberlain, but little bit different. She sees the guy has a wingspan. She’s like looking up and down. Then she’s looks up, “Wow.” And he broke all these records, and it’s just a… it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense. And I said it once before tonight, but you would almost say it’s people that want to hurt our country, because it doesn’t make sense. And that one’s a very easy one to figure.

Anyway, you’ve got it done in Iowa. A lot of other states are doing it. Some states are going the opposite direction, which is shocking. It’s shocking, but we’ll get it done throughout the country. It’s going to happen. It’s happening. It’s just common sense. It’s a great question too. Okay, yes, please.

Speaker 10 (58:54):

Mr. President, my grocery bills are going up every week. As someone on a fixed income, that really hurts. And it feels like Joe Biden doesn’t even care about us in so-called flyover country. How are we going to fix these prices under control?

Donald Trump (59:08):

You said groceries, right?

Speaker 10 (59:09):


Donald Trump (59:09):

The groceries are horrible. I mean, you look at eggs, and you look at bacon, and you look at just what we used to consider staples, and you see the kind of numbers. A lot of it’s going to have to do with energy. Once the energy comes down, a lot of other things are going to follow. Energy is so big, it’s so powerful, it’s so impactful that once the energy comes down, you’re going to see a lot of good things happen. And we have more energy than any other country in the world. More than Saudi Arabia, more than Russia. I call it liquid gold, and it’s right under our feet. I mean, when you look at the craziness, we’re allowed to go to Venezuela to take their energy, and it’s horrible, it’s tar, it’s bad, it pollutes. You know where they refine it? In Houston. So they talk about the environment, but they bring it from Venezuela to Houston because that’s the only place that has the refineries for this kind of very bad potential oil. And they refine it in Houston. So if you’re a big believer in that, all that stuff is going up in our country, and it’s just incredible.

We have the greatest energy in the world. I approved something, I was very proud of it, ANWR in Alaska. And ANWAR is probably the biggest site anywhere in the world and probably bigger than Saudi Arabia, just that one in Alaska. And Reagan tried to do it, he couldn’t get it done. Bush tried to do it, he couldn’t get it done, of course. And other people couldn’t get it done. Nobody could get it done. I got it done. And the first day in office, they terminated ANWR. And this would’ve been incredible to have for our country. I mean, literally, we were going to become energy dominant. Because it’s a big, big industry, we would’ve made so much money that we would’ve started paying off debt, lowering taxes still further. We would’ve done something that nobody’s ever seen before because we have so much.

I filled up the Strategic National Reserves. I knew not much about it. I said, “What are the reserves that we want to fill up?” And that’s been taken for years and years down to a low level. And I made a great deal I got very little credit for. When our oil price hit these crazy low numbers, that’s when I asked the question, because we had so much. I said, “What about filling in the caverns?” These are these massive, in Louisiana and various other, salt… the salt mines, the big massive salt mines. And I bought 75 million barrels for peanuts and filled it very close up to the top. We were going to be topping it out.

And then Biden, just before the election, in order to keep prices a little low, he released all of that. And now we’ve set a record low. They’ve taken all of it and then some, and we have the lowest that they’ve ever seen it. Right now it’s the lowest that they’ve ever seen, meaning the reserves themselves. We had it filled up almost to the top, would’ve been topped out at really low prices. And by the way, now they have to pay three to four times more than what I was paying. And the Democrats fought me all the way. They got it stopped actually for a while. They fought me all the way. At a price that was 25% of what they have to pay right now. So it’s a crazy thing.

And a lot of times, we’ll say common sense, but the other side either doesn’t have common sense or they really hate us. And let’s take one more. I’m looking at that big powerful guy there. I don’t know, who’s a better looking guy. Let me see. I don’t know, he looks good. They look good.

Speaker 11 (01:02:50):

You look fantastic, and we love you.

Donald Trump (01:02:53):

Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Thank you.

Speaker 11 (01:02:59):

You’re the greatest executive I’ve ever observed in my lifetime, and I think you’ve made it possible for governors, including Kim Reynolds, whom my love and respected of for many years, to become the really high level executives by your example. Now, you had got legislation passed for the wall. It got paid for, it was passed, you signed it. And then there was the XL Keystone Pipeline. All of these things have to do with interstate commerce.

Donald Trump (01:03:28):


Speaker 11 (01:03:29):

They’re Article one, Section eight in the constitution. Biden had no authority in law to reverse those things. And what would you do to see to that never happens again under your watch, through your actions and with the legislation?

Donald Trump (01:03:46):

Well, the Keystone… Great. I love your question. I like your statement even more than your question, to be honest with you. This could be the last question of the night because I love it. Appreciate it. Appreciate the job you do also.. Do each other? Sheriff, do you know each other? Do you know who that is, that man?

Speaker 11 (01:04:02):

I know Bobby.

Donald Trump (01:04:03):

Yeah. I love this guy. I love them both. Ready? So I think what has to happen, and it’s very simple. The Keystone Pipeline was a tragic mistake that they made. That was so much coming from other parts, and it was going right into the source. It would’ve been so great. And by the way, environmentally much safer. The wall, I built hundreds of miles of wall, but I ended up getting… I want to use a nice word because we have such young people here, but the word that would normally be used would be “screwed”. But I wouldn’t use that word because I don’t want to get in trouble with the parents of these two beautiful young boys. No. What they did is they took advantage of the American public, and we built hundreds of miles, but there was other areas that we could have built.

I ended up having to take it out of the military because I considered it an invasion. And the Army Corps and engineers did a fantastic job. We built hundreds of miles of it. But I didn’t get it the old-fashioned way like getting it approved because the Democrats fought us every inch. We had 11 lawsuits. It took us two and a half years. We won all of them. But we had 11 lawsuits to win. They tried to fight the wall. But the bottom line is, it sort of shows… That’s a good example. If you want to get something done, if you love our country and you really want… If it’s so important, you’re going to get it done, you’re going to find a way to get it done. This was sort of ingenious. We passed this big military budget, but we couldn’t get a wall built for a tiny fraction of that.

And I said, “This is an invasion of our country.” And it is, by the way. This is an invasion of our country, what’s coming across our border. It’s no different than soldiers. And they’re bringing a lot of different problems than soldiers would bring. They’re not bringing merely bullets. They’re bringing plenty of them, but they’re causing tremendous problem for our country. And it’s a problem that we may have a very, very long… Unless we do something quickly, and we have to do it smart, and we have to work with law enforcement to do it properly, it’s not going to be easy, but they’re hurting our country. They’re killing the blood, the lifestream of our country, and we’re going to do something about it.

But why they killed the Keystone, I have no idea. And the union representing all of those thousands of workers, 48,000 workers, they endorsed… The union endorsed Biden, but all the workers are for Trump. But the head guy endorsed Biden. And what did Biden do? Probably the second or third day in office, he terminated the Keystone Pipeline. So the people in that union are not too happy. They’re not too happy.

But look, bottom line is, we have to use common sense, and we have to do a little bit like Kim, or a lot like Kim and some other governors. Kim, you would be the first to admit, we have some great governors, Republican governors. Perhaps some Democrats too, but they don’t seem to have our policies at all. You look at any Democrat-run state, and it’s just not the same. It doesn’t work. You look at these cities, our great cities are… New York City is a crime den. Chicago is a crime den. You look at these great cities, Los Angeles, San Francisco, you look at what’s happening to our country, we cannot let it happen any longer.

And one of the other things I’ll do, because you’re supposed to not be involved in that, you just have to be asked by the governor or the mayor to come in, the next time, I’m not waiting. One of the things I did was let them run it, and we’re going to show how bad a job they do. Well, we did that. We don’t have to wait any longer. We got to get crime out of our cities. Thank you very much for a good question.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. Kim, thank you very much. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. Thank you.

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