Nov 1, 2020

Donald Trump Rally Speech Transcript Macomb County, MI November 1

Donald Trump Rally Speech Transcript Macomb County, MI November 1
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Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Macomb County, Michigan on November 1. Read the transcript of his speech remarks here.

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Ivanka Trump: (00:00)
… done that for you, for your families, for your communities and for your future of this country.

Ivanka Trump: (00:11)
I recently read a quote that I thought was so amazing by the legendary Winston Churchill. He said, “It was a nation that had the lion’s heart. I just had the luck to give it its roar.” How much does that remind you of our President and this movement? Did he give all of us the roar? Yes, he did. He made all of us take a hard look at our own convictions and ask ourselves, what do we want for our country? We want jobs. We want opportunity. We want to believe in American greatness, and that’s what’s on the ballot. With your help, with your support, and with your votes in two days from now, we are going to win four more years for the people’s president, my father, Donald J. Trump. Thank you, and God bless you. God bless Michigan.

Speaker 1: (01:25)

Donald Trump: (04:07)
Does anybody have a coat I could use please? This is definitely not the right one. Hello Michigan, hello Michigan. And thank you very much for four years ago, but I gave you a lot of auto plants. So I think we’re even right? And we have a lot more moving in, a lot more moving in.

Donald Trump: (04:29)
Thank you very much. I love you too. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be standing here because it’s freezing out here. Think of this this, two days, now we’re down to two days. Two days from now, we are going to win the State of Michigan again, and we are going to win four more years in that very beautiful place called the White House.

Donald Trump: (05:06)
Over the last four years, I fought for Michigan like no one has ever fought for Michigan. Before I became president, the great state of Michigan was hemorrhaging your car companies, and your car businesses. And thanks to corrupt politicians like Joe Biden, he’s turned out to be a corrupt politician, he is corrupt. Plants were closing and moving to Mexico and many other places, you know that, you know that better than anybody. There had no new plants had been built in Michigan in decades and decades before I got here. I stopped the moves, and now many plants are being built and already have been built. Plants are being expanded. The automobile business is coming back.

Donald Trump: (05:56)
I told countries, Japan, Germany, and others, “Sorry, you have to bring it into our country.” And I always used to say like, “Michigan, I think of Michigan when I think of cars,” and I’d say, “Michigan,” but I’d say, “Ohio,” and I’d say, “South Carolina,” and plenty the other places, and we’ve brought back millions of car and millions of cars produced a year. But the biggest beneficiary is right here, right here.

Donald Trump: (06:24)
I’m standing up to the global special interest who got rich bleeding America dry. You know that wind is coming right into my face. And I’m saying, it’s hard to breathe! They set this place up great. I wind is pouring in as I’m talking, it’s pouring in up the mouth, up the nose; this is very pleasant. This is very pleasant.

Donald Trump: (06:49)
I hope they don’t report this one for posterity, okay. This is a crazy place, but we love Michigan. Good job. Good job. I’m just saying, whoever set this up, they could have had a little angle, how about if they had a little angle?

Donald Trump: (07:09)
The corrupt establishment hates me because I don’t answer to them. I answer to you, which is true. I’m with your vote we will continue to bring you jobs back, to enact fair trade, you saw what we’ve done, but think of all the plants, just forget about everything else. You didn’t have any auto plants four years ago. I got Man of the Year in Michigan, 12 years ago and I left, I said, I made a speech, I said, “You know, Mexico and Canada, they’re taking all your car business. Why are you letting that happen?”

Donald Trump: (07:41)
It turned out to be quite a controversial speech. It was true, but it was controversial. It was very controversial. I laugh, I’m saying, “My people are geniuses, real geniuses.” But you know what? It turned out to be true. And since then we’ve been doing things like nobody’s ever done. Cut your taxes, cut your regulations, and ensure that more products are proudly stamped with those beautiful words, that beautiful phrase, “Made in the USA.”

Donald Trump: (08:24)
Thank you very much. So we had the luck of having Ivanka here. So I said, “Yeah, you introduce me.” And I’ll tell you, that was the shortest introduction she’s ever given me and now I understand why. I understand, thank you darling, it was actually under the circumstances not too bad.

Donald Trump: (08:42)
Next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country. You see what’s happening, you see what’s happening. We had growth like nobody has ever seen in this country, or probably any other country, 33.1%. And they hardly, the fake news hardly makes it a story. But right now they don’t care, they’re just trying to survive. Look at them back there. They’re just trying to survive. Joe Biden will shut down your economy, raise taxes, wants a $4 trillion tax increase; he’s the only politician I’ve ever seen who said, “We will raise your taxes.” You said most of [inaudible 00:09:25].

Donald Trump: (09:27)
“Will not frack!” You know, he said that for a year, and then when he came to Pennsylvania, goes like, “Oh yeah, I guess it’s okay.” No, no, there won’t be energy. They’re going to go to the Green New Deal. The Green New Deal will destroy our country. The Green New Deal is done by AOC plus three, right? I don’t think they ever took, you think they ever took a course on the environment? I wonder? Did you ever have a course on, let’s say the environment? The Green New Deal… at first I thought they were kidding. Then they said, “You know, some…” Actually they are kidding, you know that? They get it, they get it, they’re kidding. But you’re going to have to pay for their kidding.

Donald Trump: (10:08)
They want to close down your factories, ship your jobs to China, eliminate private healthcare, destroy the suburbs. I got rid of the, you know, I always say, “Women [inaudible 00:10:20].”

Donald Trump: (10:22)
The women, that was them speaking; the women of the suburbs, you’ve got to love me, I got rid of the regulation that will ruin the suburbs. I cut it out. I said, “Let’s terminate it Ben, let’s just terminate it.” But if they come back, then Cory Booker is going to be in charge, and that regulation will not be good. You know, we saved the suburbs.

Donald Trump: (10:51)
They want to abolish oil, coal, natural gas, and send your state into a… You know what’s going to happen here? You’ll have a depression. You will have a depression. Your gasoline will go up to six, $7. How do you like the $2 gasoline? Did you like that? Well, you know, you’ll have it for a long time if you elect Trump, if you don’t, you’re going to be boom.

Donald Trump: (11:15)
The damage that Biden and Harris would inflict would endure for many generations, you can’t fix it easy, you can’t fix it easy. Under my leadership our economy is now grow and get the fastest rate ever recorded, 33.1%. This was announced yesterday, right? It was just announced, they didn’t make a big deal out of it. If this were announced with Obama, they’d say, “This is the greatest president ever.” You know, he’s so great that he left me 142 judges to fill, right? 142.

Donald Trump: (11:51)
You know what if I were a Democrat, and think of it, I’m a Democrat, and my president left me 142 slots of judges, that’s why we’re going to be at 300 judges, and three Supreme Court judges.

Donald Trump: (12:14)
They said, “Sir, the wind isn’t so strong.” No, it’s about 50 miles an hour. I think it’s a minus 20 degree wind chill. They caught wind chill, right? This is a true test, but I love the people of Michigan, we won, we won. It’s worth it. It’s worth it. It’s worth it. It’s worth it. We won last time, right? It’s worth it. If we didn’t win last time, I probably wouldn’t even be standing here, I’d get up here and say, “No, thanks. This is [inaudible 00:12:59].” Like the great Pavarotti, the singer, you know, he was a diva, he was the greatest of all divas, he was an incredible talent with the most unbelievable voice. And I’ve gone to concerts where he would say, “No, no, no, no. I do not feel good, I will sing tonight,” and then he’d leave. And then I’ve gone to some where it was the most unbelievable voice that ever lived. I mean the greatest, right, Pavarotti? He liked me for whatever reason. He was very terrible to other people, to me he was nice, he liked me.

Donald Trump: (13:32)
But he goes, “Donald, Donald, I will not sing tonight. You don’t have a thousand people, I will not sing tonight because I do not feel… I will leave tonight, I’ll…” and then leave. We’d say, “Ladies and gentlemen, he’s just canceled.” But when he was great, he was great. But now I feel like him, I say, “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, I’m getting…” No, I don’t have that, I’m not a diva.

Donald Trump: (13:54)
While foreign nations are in free fall, we are creating the world’s greatest economic powerhouse. We are the economic envy of the world, and now the military envy of the world, we have the greatest new equipment anywhere in the world.

Donald Trump: (14:12)
A recent Gallup poll found that 56% of Americans say they are better off today than they were four years ago under Obama-Biden. And we’re rounding the turn on a pandemic, think of that. So, and that’s a record. In my first three years, I raised middle-class family incomes $6,500. That was in a three-year period. Whereas the Biden-Harris agenda was projected, and is projected to, if you go by their crazy plan, Wall Street Journal, you’re going to lose $6,000. They’re going to take it out, and they’re going to waste it. But it’s not six, it’s much more than that. And we’re going up to a substantial number. That’s not including energy. And if you think about energy, when you’re at $2, and your electric bills are nice and low, when they get rid of all our petroleum products and other things, everything, and they go to wind; let’s build windmills all over the place, let’s litter the landscape, let’s have littered the lands…

Donald Trump: (15:17)
You know, when you build a windmill, I’m not against wind, it should be in industrial areas maybe, but it’s very expensive, very expensive. And if you want to see a lot of dead birds, all you have to do is go to the bottom of a windmill. If you’d like to see a lot of dead birds, go to the bottom of… they pile up. They don’t know what to do with them. I’ll tell you, it’s crazy. And they’re environmentalist. They want wind. And when the wind doesn’t blow, “Let’s watch President Trump’s speech tonight, State of the Union, he’s done very nice to State of the Union,” with Nancy ripping it up in the back, crazy Nancy.

Donald Trump: (15:53)
“Let’s watch President Trump, let’s watch his…” and the man, the husband would say, “Darling, I’m sorry we can’t. The wind is not blowing today; it’s intermittent.” They call it intermittent television. We’ll have a network, Intermittent Television. No, we have to power our great factories, we have to power our great, these plants, these great plants and factories and you can’t do it that way, maybe someday, but right now…

Donald Trump: (16:20)
And solar, I like solar. It’s extremely expensive and it doesn’t have near the power that you need for what we’re talking about, no. And you know, when we do what they want us to do, but China doesn’t do it, and Russia doesn’t do it, and India doesn’t do it, we will be at such a competitive disadvantage we might as well just fold up the tent. We have the number one economy in the world right now by far, by far; and we’re not losing it on my watch, I can tell you that!

Donald Trump: (16:52)
Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe, spent 47 years outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders, and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign-

Donald Trump: (17:03)
… American blood and treasure in endless foreign wars. Michigan lost half of its auto job thanks to Biden’s NAFTA and China disasters. You know that. It’s amazing, nobody saw the debate the other night, right? Nobody? Did you notice the way I kept saying, “Joe, why didn’t you do it?” He’d say, “Well, I would do this, and I would do that, and I would…” I said, “Joe, why didn’t you do it? You were there for 47 years, and you just left three and a half years ago. Why didn’t you do it, Sleepy Joe, you sleepy guy?” Sleepy.

Donald Trump: (17:32)
You see him now he’s got the shades on, comes out, “Hey, hey, hey. Hey, be quiet up there. Be quiet.” He said, “They keep clapping up there.” They’re all our people. We have more people show up. They’re our people. He’s very agitated. You know how angry he is? He’s so angry. You know why he’s angry? Because he’s losing, that’s why he’s angry. No, he’s very agitated. I don’t think he knows he’s losing. I don’t think he knows anything, actually.

Donald Trump: (18:08)
No, he’s very, very angry and agitated. But now he’s got the shades, what do they call them? Aviators? But they’re too small, they should be bigger. Got the little shades on, doesn’t have to work on the eyes. But it is something. Do you see the way our people… They were protecting his bus yesterday because they’re nice. They had hundreds of cars. Trump, Trump. Trump, and the American flag. You see Trump and Americans flag. Do you ever notice when you see the other side, I don’t even see much of the other side. They have no spirit, they have no enthusiasm, they have no nothing. But you know what? I don’t see them, but whenever you see a small group because it’s got to be small because there’s nobody around. Nobody cares. But you see these groups, you never see an American flag. I always say if you look at a group and you don’t see the American flag, you know that’s the opposition.

Donald Trump: (19:03)
I say to Congress, and I’m going to do very hard for this because we have to go through a big deal, but I say when somebody burns the American flag they should go to jail for one year. I say that. Even the sister… Oh, look at the sisters. You agree with me. That’s great. These beautiful sisters, wow. Well, we’re with you, you know that. Little sisters of the poor, I’m with them, and we did a good job. Are you cold? Are you cold right now? Don’t be too cold. They go, “No.” God will keep you warm, I know that. So beautiful, so beautiful.

Donald Trump: (19:48)
We’re going to do that because I thought I could just institute it, maybe do an executive order. They, “Oh, you can’t do that, sir. It has to go through a whole big deal,” but we’re going to do it. We’ll get guys like Jim Jordan and some of our great congressmen, we’ll get our great congressman. You have some of the great ones right here. We’re going to get some of our congressmen and women, and we’re going to put in legislation, you burn the American flag… I see it with Antifa they’re constantly, yesterday they were burning it. Antifa. You burn the American flag, you go to jail for one year. It’s very simple. Okay? I like it.

Donald Trump: (20:29)
Biden embraced the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would have been a death sentence for your auto industry in your State. If it was okay with you, I canceled it. It never got off the ground for us. I ended the NAFTA nightmare and took the toughest ever action against China, and ended the long nightmare of American economic surrender. Now we have the USMCA, which is great for you, and your companies won’t be leaving. Just kicked in, your companies won’t be… One thing I had to have. Wait, I have to look this way so I can breathe. The wind is so strong you can’t breathe, I’ve never had that before. It’s pouring in. Man, this is a beauty. This is a hell of a day. You guys must love Trump. This place is packed. It feels so good, when I look at them it’s perfect, but they didn’t set it up right. That’s okay. We’ll get by it.

Donald Trump: (21:34)
A vote for Biden is a vote to completely eradicate… You will eviscerate your auto industry. It will be terrible. We can’t do it. We’ve worked very hard to bring it back. I met with Prime Minister Abe of Japan, great guy, he’s since retired. He had a problem with health, but fantastic man. I said, “Shinzo, you have to send plans to Michigan. You have to send plans to the United States.” And he said, “No, no, no. I can not do that. That is a private decision.” I said, “Shinzo, you’re a powerful man. I’m sure you can do it.” “No, no, no.” I said, “You have to do it Shinzo, because you’re making too many cars sending them here. We want them made in the United States, you have to do it.” He says, “Well, I can’t.” The next day they announced they were five companies moving to Michigan from Japan. That was Japan. He’s a great guy, that one, I’ll tell you.

Donald Trump: (22:28)
While Biden was giving China your jobs, his family raked in millions and millions of dollars from the Chinese communist party. Think of that. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician who bought and is paid for… Look, he’s bought and paid for by China. How about his son? His son walks in… He’s supposed to be fair. Now, how the hell can this guy deal with China? His son’s like a human vacuum cleaner. “Hey Dad, what country are you going to today?” “China.” “Oh, good, maybe I can take in a couple of million.” But really, it’s not that. It’s much more. “Let me follow you, Dad. I’m the vacuum cleaner. Let me follow. I’ll give you a 10%. Hey Dad, I’ll give you a 10%.” He took in a billion and a half, and with no experience he’s managing a billion and a half dollars. His big one was he wants China to pay $10 million a year for recommending service. He’s going to recommend. He’s going to introduce. I guess he calls it introductory services. He’s introducing his father.

Donald Trump: (23:52)
Sister, do you think this is honest? Do you think so? They all said no. That’s good enough for me, Sister. I’ll tell you. How about Ukraine? The kid, do you have any energy experience? “No.” When was the last time you worked? “Well, I was thrown out of the military. I haven’t worked at a long time.” Oh, I see. But you know something about energy now? Well, we’d love to have you serve on the board of Burisma. Would $183,000 a month be satisfactory? “No, I’d like you to make an upfront payment of $3 million.” Okay, so we’ll give you an upfront payment of $3 million. We’ll give you 183,000 a month. Would you be? “Yes, we’ll accept that. But we want very big escalation over the course of a year.” Oh, we’ll work that out too. This is so corrupt. This is so corrupt.

Donald Trump: (24:41)
And how about [inaudible 00:07:42]? Russia, Russia, Russia. Did you see the laptop from hell? Now Shifty Schiff. Schiff, you know, the world’s most dishonest politician, Schiff? Shifty Schiff, he said he thinks the laptop from hell was created by Russia. You know in Russia they probably looked, they said, “Oh no, here we go again.” These politicians, a friend of mine said… A great guy, very successful guy. He’s not really a friend anymore because he keeps calling me Mr. President. He used to call me, “Hey Don, let’s have dinner.” Very successful, Richard. “Hey Don, let’s have dinner. Let’s get together.” And you’d talk, and you’d have fun. You know, it’s normal, right?

Donald Trump: (25:28)
Now he calls, “Hello Mr. President, sir. How are you? How are you doing? Is everything good?” I said, “Yeah, it’s good. Richard, you don’t have to call me Mr. President. It’s just, I can’t…” It’s like you lose all your friends because they’re intimidated by the office. Does that make sense? You don’t have any friends. I have my friends in Michigan. We have our friends in Michigan. Hello, Mr. President. I said, “Richard, call me Donald.” “Okay, Donald,” do what I said, “Mr. President, thank you very much.”

Crowd: (25:59)
Four more years! Four more years!

Donald Trump: (26:01)
Thank you.

Crowd: (26:01)
Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

Donald Trump: (26:09)
Hey, at least we’re having a good time. Is there any place to have a better time than a Trump rally? It’s very serious times, but you know when it’s cold like this and it’s probably less than zero with the wind chill, and with the wind blowing directly. This was a person that works for us that doesn’t like me probably very much. But no, it’s direct. But we’re having a good time. I’m having a good time. Enjoy your contest. It’s really a contest to see whether or not we could all stand it, right? And we’ll get through it and we’ll love it. We’ll love it, and I’m loving it. If Biden wins, China wins. When we win, America wins.

Donald Trump: (26:53)
In 2016, Michigan voted to fire this corrupt political establishment and you elected an outsider as your president who is finally putting America first. If I don’t sound like a typical Washington politician, it’s because I’m not a politician. If I don’t always play by the rules of Washington and the Washington establishment, it’s because I was elected to fight for you and nobody has ever fought harder for you. Remember this Michigan because you got to vote. The big thing, you got to go vote Tuesday. If you don’t vote for me after this deal, I’ll tell you. No, I don’t want you to do that. I want you because we did a great job, we brought back your car industry. Your car industry was finished. You would’ve had nothing left.

Donald Trump: (27:47)
If I wasn’t president, I really believe everybody would have moved back out to Mexico and these other places. By the way, the USMCA puts you on a whole different footer. You know how I know? Because Mexico and Canada didn’t love the deal. They didn’t love it. They’re not so thrilled, they like the old deal much better. They used to say every 15, “Why don’t we just keep the old deal?” No, thank you. You don’t have to take my word for it on Biden’s 47 years of treachery and betrayal, we have it on tape. You’ll see this. Where the hell is it? Oh, there. We only do this for areas that we like because that sucker is expensive. Seriously, just holding it up in this wind. Go ahead. Roll it.

Joe Biden: (28:39)
My problem is I voted for NAFTA. I’m supporting NAFTA because I think it is a positive thing to do. I do not pretend to be an expert on international trade matters.

Speaker 3: (28:51)
Trade agreements like NAFTA and permanent normal trade relations with China, which forced American workers to compete against people making pennies, and [inaudible 00:29:00] has resulted in the loss of 160,000 jobs.

Speaker 2: (29:03)
The president is absolutely right when he says that China has been cheating for 25 years and that Bill Clinton didn’t do enough about it, George W. Bush didn’t do enough about it, Barack Obama didn’t do enough about.

Joe Biden: (29:13)
Rising China is an incredibly positive development for not only China with the United States and the rest of the world. Rising China is a positive, positive development. It is in our self-interest that China continue to prosper. We want to see China rise. China’s a great nation, and we should hope for the continued expansion. China is not our enemy. We talk about China as our competitor, we should be helping. The idea that China is going to eat our lunch is bizarre. The idea that they are our competition, that they’re going to beat us is bizarre. They’re not bad folks, folks. China’s not a problem.

Speaker 4: (29:56)
Allowing China into the World Trade Organization, which he supported, extending most favored nation status to China, which he supported. Those steps allowed China to take advantage of the United States by using our own open trade deals against us. Do you think in retrospect that you were naive about China?

Joe Biden: (30:19)

Speaker 4: (30:20)
Doesn’t he deserve some credit for that? It’s better. The USMCA is better than NAFTA.

Joe Biden: (30:25)
It is better than NAFTA. We have to come together, that’s why I’m running. I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate. So, vote! Vote! Visit [inaudible 00:13:36].com/Ohio. God bless you.

Speaker 4: (30:43)
Can somebody tell Joe, by the way, it’s not a real website, and Joe you’re running for President, not Senator, and by the way, that Senator, the Mormon guy, is Mitt Romney, not some Mormon governor. Now, sadly, what we showed you, that’s just from a couple of hours today because every time that Joe actually leaves the basement bunker and stays out past 10:00 AM disaster ensues. Here’s a quick reminder.

Joe Biden: (31:10)
Look, tomorrow’s superstar Tuesday, and I want to thank you all. I tell you what, I’m rushing ahead, aren’t I? We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by… You know the… You know the thing. Do you agree with me? Go to Joe 30330. We choose truth over facts. Play the radio. Make sure the television… Excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night, the phone. Make sure the kids here weren’t. Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented white kids. Donald Trump does pose an excellent strength to this… It’s not hypothetical.

Speaker 4: (31:52)
This is pretty serious. By the way, these are way beyond an occasional campaign gaff, and I am beginning… Well, I’m more than a little worried that this man could represent a clear and present danger to this country. He’s obviously not capable of leading. He’s been hiding the entire campaign and the corrupt media mob is covering for him. Joe wants to be the president of the United States of America. That would be the toughest job in the world, and at times Joe doesn’t seem to remember that he’s even running for President, or what State he’s in, or what day of the week it is. Does anyone really believe that if elected that Joe Biden will actually be in control of anything?

Joe Biden: (32:36)
What kind of country are we going to be? Four more years of George… George… We’re going to find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world. Barack and I think it’s a right for people to have [inaudible 00:32:53] care. Folks, we got a lot of work to do. I don’t need you to get me elected, I need you once I’m elected. I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize [inaudible 00:16:04].

Donald Trump: (33:17)
Come on, we know.

Crowd: (33:18)
Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump.

Donald Trump: (33:27)
That is something, that is something. I don’t know. You know what? Our country’s great. We have such great potential. You can’t do that. You can’t do that. We want to be nice. You know the good news? He’s not a nice guy, so I don’t feel bad. I don’t feel bad at all. One of the biggest issues for Michigan in this election is the subject of refugees. With this weather, you don’t have to worry about it. They’ll never come. They’re never coming. [inaudible 00:33:58] they said, ” I’m going back. This is terrible.”

Donald Trump: (34:01)
I’m going back. This is terrible.

Donald Trump: (34:16)
It’s freezing. I want to go back immediately to Syria. Syria never looked so good. To protect our national security, I suspended the entry of refugees from foreign nations, compromised by terrorism. You know that, if it’s okay with you, I’m going to do that. And you see what’s happening in France. You see that mess that’s going on over there. I called the President with condolences, but they’re having a big problem.

Donald Trump: (34:51)
Biden has pledged with Bernie, the manifesto, 700% increase. They’ve agreed to this in refugees from the most dangerous terrorist spots in the world, Syria, Somalia, Yemen. The Biden plan will turn Michigan, Minnesota, and many other Midwest great states into refugee camps, which I’m sure you’re thrilled about. Sure you’re thrilled about. He’s also vowed to terminate all of the different elements of, look, we have some very strong bans, some very, very strong bans, and he wants to terminate, I got a travel ban that was tough stuff to get it. And it was not easy, but he wants to terminate the travel ban. And we have a travel ban that works, when we have people that hate us or do have countries that hate us, they come out of regions that are a disaster. We don’t want them in our country. We don’t want them, but it would have allowed, what they want, they want to allow virtually unlimited immigration into our country. They want to allow virtually unlimited access into our country. They want to, healthcare, education. I mean the whole thing is crazy. It’s just crazy.

Donald Trump: (36:14)
There’s no way you’re putting that guy in. I don’t believe it. There’s no way. The people of Michigan are too smart and we’ve come too far together. This place was a mess. This place was a mess four years ago. And frankly, if you governor opened up your state, which she has to do, well Biden, Biden’s all about lockdowns. He loves a lockdown. Well, she’s tough on everybody but her husband, he can do whatever he wants. I’m not just running against Joe Biden. I’m running against a left wing mob, the left wing media, big tech giants. I’m running against the rhinos. They’re probably the worst of all, and a running against the swamp. The swamp is very deep and very vicious or they are not happy with the job we’ve done.

Donald Trump: (37:27)
And by the way, I don’t know if you’ve been watching what’s going on with the election and this isn’t even polls anymore, this is like fact, these are people going out and voting. We’re doing very, very well. We’re leading all over the place. We’re supposed to be leading after the great red wave is going to come over the next little while, it’s coming, it’s building. It’s got to be a wave like I think, and this is far beyond the last one. This is going to be a wave like nobody’s ever seen before. Tuesday, did you vote? Tuesday, right? Tuesday, Tuesday, super Tuesday we’ll call it, right? Tuesday’s going to be beautiful, great red wave. But we’re leading even before we get there, we’re supposed to like, they have all these crazy ballots, millions and millions of ballots. Well, we’re leading a lot of places before, we’re supposed to be way down, and then we catch up and we win, we nip them, like a race horse, right?

Donald Trump: (38:28)
But we’re leading before we get to the race. They’re very worried, and they’re very worried. They said the black community, the Hispanic community, what’s going on? It’s voting for Trump. What’s going on? They don’t get it. What’s going on? They don’t get it. They still don’t get it. People cannot stand the censorship from the media and big tech either. It’s one of the reasons we’re doing well, because they understand. They no longer feel they’re getting the truth from the media. It’s a big factor. They’ve lost confidence in the media. They have no confidence in big tech and they’re tired, very tired, of cancel culture. They’re tired of being told what to think and what to do. And I’ll tell you, it’s having a big impact in this race. People get it. People are smart. The backlash against this censorship is driving more and more people to support our campaign.

Donald Trump: (39:25)
Who would have thought this was going to happen? This took place two weeks ago, when they wouldn’t look at, where’s Hunter, right? There he is. Where’s Hunter? No, two weeks ago when they wouldn’t look at where’s Hunter, because we’ve officially made his first name Where, right? It’s everyone’s constantly. That is called the laptop from hell, and they didn’t want to look at it. They want nothing to do with it. No matter what they do. Look, the greatest crime, political crime ever in this country, was spying on our campaign that they got caught, right? That was the greatest crime. And let’s see what happens. Let’s see what happens.

Donald Trump: (40:06)
But this is something that’s really big and they don’t even want to talk about it. They don’t want to write about it. They don’t want to talk about it, but you know what the people understand and you get to see it. You have a small handful of young, arrogant, obnoxious, also brilliant young people. They’re worth a lot of money. Silicon Valley CEOs. And they’re trying to take over our world. Not going to happen. Hey, let’s “So this. They said to me, the first election, they said, “Sir, you can’t fight big tech and you can’t fight the media.” And then we won. And I said, “Oh really?” Now they say it again, “You cannot fight big tech and you cannot fight the media.” I want to win again, if, for no other reason, for no other reason.

Donald Trump: (40:56)
But you can defeat them. If you have the right ideas, the right policy, if you have the right thoughts and you have people that are smart and they don’t go for fake news because it’s fake news, I’ve been calling it, one of the great terms, I hope they give me credit for fake news. That was a great term. Now I call it corrupt news, because it’s gone beyond fake. It’s totally corrupt. But vote on November 3rd, you vote. We’re going to have an election. And you know, I never thought I’d say, because what we did was incredible four years ago, this is more important. This is going to be the, this could be the most important election in the history of our country.

Donald Trump: (41:36)
Because if that side gets in, those maniacs, AOC plus three. Ilhan Omar, Ilhan Omar. They’re going to put Ilhan Omar in charge of immigration. She will be in charge of immigration. If these people, they’re maniacs, who don’t like our country. You think Ilhan Omar, that’s one of the reasons we’re going to win Minnesota, because of Ilhan Omar. How the hell did she get elected? I guess she’s got a little group of people.

Donald Trump: (42:14)
Didn’t she harvest? I heard she ballot harvested, didn’t she? So where is our Justice Department? Everybody’s telling me stories, have a great writer in Minnesota. And he writes stories about her volumes and nothing ever happens to her. Ilhan Omar, she’s harvesting ballots. It’s illegal, right? They have a story. So where the hell? Why aren’t they looking at her?

Donald Trump: (42:39)
If I did that, they’d be looking at me. They’d be looking at anybody here to disgrace. Honestly, it’s a disgrace. And AOC, right? AOC, didn’t she steal $2 million out of her campaign? Didn’t AOC steal $2 million out of her campaign? So why aren’t they looking at her? Why aren’t they looking at her, Justice Department, the Justice Department, they should be looking at. She stole $2 million out of her campaign, AOC plus three, right? It’s unbelievable.

Donald Trump: (43:14)
This election is a choice between the Biden depression, because you will have a depression. He’s going to raise your taxes. He’s going to put regulations back in. All of those plants that moved in, they’re going to close up and say, “We’re going back to Japan. These people are crazy,” right? Or you can have the greatest economic boom in the history of our country. It’s a choice between a deadly Biden lockdown, he wants to lock it down and a safe vaccine and you do it without the vaccine too. But the vaccine is going to make it quicker. It’s coming in a matter of weeks, it’s going to be distributed immediately. We’re going to start with the seniors, but it’s going to go very, very quickly, very, very quickly. It’s going to be really fantastic. It’s going to be, I think you’ll see something that’s going to be absolutely amazing.

Donald Trump: (44:05)
And thanks to our groundbreaking therapies, here I am, therapy. No, I don’t know if it had any impact, but I sure as hell felt good the next morning. I like to say no, it’s because I’m in perfect physical health. I’m a perfect physical specimen and I’m very, very young. I feel young. I didn’t need therapy, but I said, “Give it to me anyway, just in case.” And we’ve already reduced the fatality rate by 85%. Think of that.

Donald Trump: (44:40)
The Biden Plan is to imprison you in your home. But that’s what you’re going through right now with this governor. This governor, I got to tell you, your governor, your governor is not doing a good job. She is not doing a good job. I mean, think of it. Your state, we have other states, they’re open. Florida, look at Florida. Look at Texas. Look at Arizona, the great job they’ve done there. They had a spike and they wiped, they focused on the elderly and this and that, all the things, and they’re open and they’re doing great. Your state is blocked down at it’s your governor. You know what’s going to happen? On November 4th, she’s going to announce, we’re going to open up the state.

Donald Trump: (45:25)
See, she thought that the numbers and she, and by the way, North Carolina, right? And let’s see, Pennsylvania is shut down. It’s shut down, locked down. It’s all locked down. On the fourth, which one? Yeah. Well, New York, absolutely. New York’s become a ghost town, sister. What they’ve done, what Cuomo has done to New York is unbelievable. It’s terrible. It’s terrible. What they’ve done in New York, and you take a look at certain things. I mean, and then with crime, take a look at Portland. We want to go into Portland so badly. Our guys would solve the Portland problem in about 12 minutes, right? But we have to be asked because we play nice nowadays. We have to be asked by the governor. We keep asking, “You want us to go in yet?” No sir, let a few more stores burn down. That’s Antifa, that’s anarchists.

Donald Trump: (46:18)
And you know what? They’re easy. They’re so easy. They’re so easy. Look at what happened to Chicago. Do you know, we’re talking about all Democrat run cities, all run by the left or the radical left. And these are the problem areas. The Republican cities, it’s fact, they’re all doing great. We’re doing great, the Republican cities. That’s why you can’t have a radical left and Joe’s not really radical left. He’s shot, it doesn’t matter. He’s shot. Let’s face it. I mean, let’s face it.

Donald Trump: (46:53)
Oh, by the way, those slips, those are the easy ones. We didn’t want to go any worse. They’re much worse than that. They’re actually, they’re so bad that they’re not even funny. The Biden lockdown will mean no school, no graduations, no weddings for you, no Thanksgivings, no Easters, no Christmases, no Fourth of Julys and no future. Other than that, I think he’s doing quite a good job, right? Under Biden’s lock down, you will be living in a prison state. That’s what it is. They want to lock it down. Let’s lock our country down for a couple of years and let it go away. And by the way, those are the people that do the worst. They’re the ones doing the worst. Europe imposed draconian lockdowns and cases were surging and deaths were surging. But think of it, draconian. Now they have to do it all over again. What the hell are they doing? I think I’m going to go over and explain it to them. But they’re locking down parts of Europe again.

Donald Trump: (47:52)
By the way, when you think about it though, in all fairness, look what China has done to the world. Okay? No, no, look, I made a great trade deal with them. They ordered, two weeks ago, they ordered the largest order of corn, the largest order of soybeans, the largest order of beef ever in the history of our country. You know what? It doesn’t matter to me anymore. It’s almost like, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. And obviously they did the big order. It was the biggest order ever. So the farmers love Trump. They should love Trump, with what I did with ethanol.

Donald Trump: (48:26)
And a great poll just came out in Iowa. You saw that right? De Moines Register. Trump is winning by a lot. I’ve been great. And I got China to give the farmers $28 billion, because China targeted the farm, and all of that stuff. But look at what China has done to the world. Forget us. It’s us and Europe and the world. When you see Europe, is draconian shutdowns, and they’re shutting and they’re surging. This is all, it all came out of China and they could have stopped it. They stopped it from going to the rest of China. If they stopped it at the Wuhan province, they stopped it, but it came to us and it came to Europe and it went to, 188 countries are suffering. I mean, look at what China, just think of it.

Donald Trump: (49:17)
Look at what China has done to the world. Look at you with the masks and everything else. Look at what, today you should wear them anyway, probably. But seriously. Look at what China, look at what China has done to the world and we’re not forgetting it. We’re not forgetting it. And the reason they ordered the corn and the reason, you know why? Because they now figured out, we’re going to win. We’re going to win.

Donald Trump: (49:43)
And if Biden ever won, China will own the United States of America. Because he has no clue. He’s not a smart person. And in prime time, he wasn’t a smart person. He was always known as a dummy. He was always known as a dummy and that was 20, 25 years ago. And now he’s a dummy and a half. Biden will trap you in a dark winter. Remember during the debate, it will be a dark winter. Oh, how inspiring, how wonderful. Harry, let’s watch the debate tonight. I want to be inspired by the person running against President Trump. This will be a dark winter. Oh great. That’s wonderful. Harry let’s vote. Let’s vote for Trump, please. I mean, we had the greatest economy in the history of the world. We were beating everybody. China was, we were going like a rocket ship up from China. If you read your books over the last, if you were into this world, for 10 years, they said, 2019, China will eclipse the United States as the number one biggest economy in the world. I was going like this. But then we got hit with the plague from China. We then got hit with the plague, but now-

Donald Trump: (51:03)
… From China. We then got hit with the plague. But now, when you see the number that was released on Thursday, you say, “Wow, Trump was right.” And that number could only be… I mean, whoever thought of that? 33%, 33.1% increase. It beat the number? You know, second place was 1952, and the number was less than half. So, we got it going, but you know what? We’ve gone through a lot. We’ve gone through a lot. The whole world has gone through a lot. For what? For what? Why have we done it?

Speaker 5: (51:35)
[inaudible 00:00:36].

Donald Trump: (51:38)
So, I’m delivering the great American comeback, and we’re not having any lockdowns, okay? That, I can tell you. There’s no lockdowns. Joining us today, your congressional candidate, Lisa McClain. Where’s Lisa? Where’s Lisa. I heard you’re doing well. Do well. Are you cold enough? No, you’re just fine. Thank you. Good luck. And Michigan GOP chairwoman, who’s doing a fantastic job, Laura Cox. Laura? How’s it going, Laura? Good? We’re going to win? I think so. I hear we’re going to win. And Michigan GOP co-chair, Terry Bowman. Terry? Thank you. Thank you, Terry. Good job. We could have picked a little better day.

Donald Trump: (52:31)
For 47 years, Joe Biden viciously attacked African Americans. We know that. He shipped away your jobs, decimated the black middle-class, and flooded your cities with foreign labor, gangs, and drugs. He opened and he openly called… And I think everyone knows this. He openly called young black men “super predators.” In 1994, the Crime Bill, he devastated black families in places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit. I reversed that injustice with a landmark criminal justice reform. And I’ll tell you, nobody else could have gotten it but me. We had a lot of help. Nobody else could have gotten… Obama never even tried. Nobody tried. Biden said that if black Americans don’t vote for him, you ain’t black, which is a famous, famous thing. But that’s not nearly as bad as other things he did. So, I have a message for every African-American voter in Michigan and across America. Tuesday is your chance to show Joe… And you know that, right? Tuesday is our big deal as a country. Show Joe Biden and the Democrat party what you think of their decades of betrayal and abuse.

Audience: (53:52)

Donald Trump: (54:03)
Tuesday is your chance to show Joe Biden what you think of his decision to mistreat abuse and wrongly imprison So many African-Americans, and that’s what he did. That Crime Bill was a disgrace, and you know that’s what’s happening in Florida? So, we’re doing well with African-American… We’re doing very well, but a lot of them just aren’t showing up because they don’t want to vote for this guy. Typically, they vote Democrat. It’s changing a lot. It’s changing really fast.

Donald Trump: (54:33)
And by the way, John James is a very good guy. I hope you’re going to be voting for him. John James, a very good guy. And he’s running against the guy… Nobody even knows who he is, Peters. I was there three years. I said, “Who’s Peters?” “Oh, he’s a Senator. He’s a Senator from Michigan.” Nobody knows who Peters is. He does nothing. He’s a puppet for Schumer. No, you should vote John James. He’s a great young guy. The great young man, West Point, a great military background, did well in business, and he wants to do this, and he’s doing us a favor. I think he could be a star. And I hope Michigan goes for John James.

Donald Trump: (55:20)
To every black American, I’m asking you for your vote. I’m asking you to send a message to the corrupt Democrat establishment, that it is corrupt. We welcome you to the Republican party. By the way, it happens to be the party of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, right? Can’t do better than that. Under our platinum plan, you heard about that, we’ll create three million new jobs for black Americans, increase access to capital, and deliver school choice to every family [inaudible 00:55:50]. We invested $2.5 trillion in the US military. We also passed VA Choice and VA Accountability, which is incredible for our great veterans. We had a 91% approval factor rating the other day from the veterans, highest ever.

Donald Trump: (56:11)
We killed the leader of ISIS. You that who that is? Al-Baghdadi. They’ve been looking for him for long time. We took out the mass murder of US troops, and many other troops, and many other people, Soleimani is dead also. I withdrew from the last administration’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal. I recognized the capital of Israel and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem. I also recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. 52 years, they worked on that. I got it done in two hours. And instead of endless war in the Middle East, peace is breaking out. Countries are lined up. They’re all lined up. We’re signing them one by one. Biden will plunge America-

Speaker 6: (57:06)
[inaudible 00:57:06].

Donald Trump: (57:06)

Speaker 6: (57:06)
[inaudible 00:57:08].

Donald Trump: (57:13)
Oh. That’s very good. Let me see that. Good. Thank you. Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you. Biden will plunge America and the world into one ridiculous war after another. He thinks he’s a tough guy. Remember what he said a year ago? “I’d like to take him behind the bar.” You know what? Boom. I didn’t even have to close. I just, ding, he’s gone. He’s a tough guy, right? With his sunglasses. His new deal is his sunglasses. His new deal are those sunglasses. He was very agitated, right? See him just [inaudible 00:57:49]. And then, you’d have two cars honks. Honk, honk. We have more in the 10 feet of the front row than he had yesterday. And I hate to say it, Obama doesn’t draw any better. They went as a two-some, and they had less people.

Donald Trump: (58:12)
A vote for me and the Republican party is a vote for the American dream. And in conclusion, over the next four years, we will make America… It’s getting warmer now. Do you notice? Let’s stay here longer. I don’t want to… I came here for the worst… Now, it’s getting good, and I’m supposed to leave. I’m not leaving. Over the next four years, we will make America into the manufacturing superpower of the world. And we will end our reliance on China. That’s already happening. We will hire more police, increase penalties for assault on law enforcement, and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities.

Donald Trump: (59:05)
We will defend the right to life, religious liberty, free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms. We will maintain America’s unrivaled military might, and we will ensure peace through strength. We will end surprise medical billing, require price transparency. January 1st it starts. It’s going to be incredible. Lower drug prices even more. We’re going favored nations. You’ll get them down 70%, 80%, and 90%. We go from the highest to the lowest in the world. Protect social security and Medicare, and we will always protect patients with preexisting conditions.

Donald Trump: (59:55)
America will land the first woman on the moon, and the United States will be the first station to land an astronaut on Mars. We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our schools. We will teach our children to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great American flag. And we will live by the timeless words of our national motto, ” In God, we trust.”

Audience: (01:00:33)
In God, we trust.

Donald Trump: (01:00:36)
For years, you had a president who apologized for America. Now, you have a president who is standing up for America and standing up for the great people of Michigan. You didn’t see me leave, did you? I’m lucky. You better get out there and vote.

Audience: (01:00:59)
We love you. We love you. We love you. We love you. We love you. We love you. We love you. We love you. We love you.

Donald Trump: (01:00:59)
Thank you very much.

Audience: (01:00:59)
We love you.

Donald Trump: (01:01:15)
I love you too. I do. Two days from now, you have the power, with your vote, to save the American dream, to save our country from what could happen to it. You look at Venezuela, you look at so many other countries. 20 years ago, Venezuela was a strong country. It was one of the richest countries. Today, they have no water. They have no food. They have no medicine. They have nothing. This is the same ideology that you’re seeing, trying to come in. We can’t let it happen. This country, and I’ve said it many times, will never be a socialist country. This will never be.

Donald Trump: (01:01:55)
But you have to go out and vote on November 3rd. We must finish the job. Drain the swamp. The swamp is deeper, and stronger, and more vicious than ever, but we’ve done a hell of a job, and they cannot believe that we’re in this position. We’re now leading. Look, we’re leading in Florida. We’re leading in Georgia. We’re leading… Forget Texas. We’re leading. So, how about Texas? You go to Texas. This guy says, “Yeah, we’re against oil.” Right? “We’re against God. And we’re against guns.” We’re going to take away your guns. So, now, we’re in Texas. You can’t have any more oil, no more oil wells. Let’s take all the oil wells away. So, no oil, no God, no guns. And then they say, “It’s a very close race in Texas.” I don’t think so.

Donald Trump: (01:02:45)
They did that four years ago, and I won in a landslide, right? They said, “Texas is too close to call.” The doors close. Donald Trump has won Texas. What the hell happened? They said it with Utah. Remember? They said the guy came in, he came, this character. Nobody ever heard of him. He was supposed to be great. And they kept talking about him. And then, I won by, what, 22 points or something. In fact, crazy Hillary, crooked Hillary came and… Here we go. Watch. Here we go. They always blame me. Whenever that chant starts. All I do is I mention her name.

Audience: (01:03:21)
Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up.

Donald Trump: (01:03:28)
I didn’t do anything. Well, they said, with your governor, every time I mentioned her name, they say the same thing. And they say, “He is inciting.” I’m inciting. On Tuesday, Michigan is going to make history once again. You made history. And by the way, so I came here a lot, and we ended up winning it. It hadn’t been won for many, many years by a Republican. Are you happy with your choice? All right?

Audience: (01:03:57)

Donald Trump: (01:04:01)
All those plants that you have opened and opening, by the way, and you have plenty coming too. You wouldn’t have any of them if I weren’t your president. I can tell you that, and you have plenty more coming. For generations, America’s destiny was made, forged in one in places like Midland, Makena, Lansing, and Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids, that was where I made my last speech, right? I made my last speech. 32,000 people showed up at one o’clock in the morning. And I said, “We’re not losing.” We had a crowd. You wouldn’t believe it. One o’clock in the morning. It was now Election Day because it had gone over. One o’clock, 32,000 people, Grand Rapids. I’ll never forget it. And I said, “This doesn’t feel like I’m coming in second place.” And guess what? We didn’t.

Donald Trump: (01:04:51)
Battle Creek and Macomb County. Our American ancestors gave their blood, sweat, and tears to defend our country and our freedom. We stand on the shoulders of American heroes who crossed the oceans, settled the continent, tamed the wilderness, laid down the railroads, raised up the great skyscrapers, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism, and made America into the single greatest nation in the history of the world. And the best is yet to come.

Audience: (01:05:32)
Is yet to come.

Donald Trump: (01:05:32)
That’s true. That’s true. Proud citizens like you helped build this country. And together, we are taking back our country. We are returning power to you, the American people. With your help, your devotion, and your drive, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning.

Audience: (01:05:54)
Winning, winning, winning.

Donald Trump: (01:06:01)
We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And together, with the incredible people of Michigan, we have made America powerful again. Our military, our military, so powerful. We have made America wealthy again. Look at what’s happening. 401ks are doing very well. We have made America strong again. We have made America proud again. We have made America safe again. And we will make America great again.

Audience: (01:06:39)
Make American great again.

Donald Trump: (01:06:39)
Thank you very much, Michigan. Thank you. Look, it’s warm out here now.

Speaker 7: (01:06:40)
(singing) (silence)

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