Oct 27, 2020

Donald Trump Rally Speech Transcript Lansing, Michigan October 27

Donald Trump Rally Speech Transcript Lansing, Michigan October 27
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Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Lansing, Michigan on October 27. Read the transcript of his speech here.

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Donald Trump: (04:15)
Wow. Thank you very much. Thank you. I feel so guilty you’re waiting out here in the rain. They gave me a hat. I said, “You know, they’ve been waiting out here for hours. I shouldn’t put on a hat,” right? They even said, “Sir, we have the car, it’s going to take you from the beautiful Air Force One,” isn’t that a beauty? But, “They’re going to take you from Air Force One.” I said, “I got to walk it.” I mean, these people are tough. They’re from Lansing, they’re from Michigan, I got to walk it. I got to walk it. Don’t give me the umbrella, I’m soaking wet already.

Donald Trump: (04:55)
But hello Lansing. Hello, Michigan. This was the scene of a great victory. Remember that? Four years ago, “Donald Trump has won the state of Michigan.” That was big. It hadn’t been done in decades, but I don’t know if you saw the poll that just came out, we’re up three in Michigan. I think we’re up a lot more, you know, they give you the fake polls. I think we’re up a lot more. We’re going to have a great red wave people that want to go out and vote. They want to go out and they want to touch. They want to vote. It’s a great red wave. It’s happening in Florida. We’re up in Florida, up four, up four.

Donald Trump: (05:44)
I’m watching these guys, they way talk, “The poll, oh,” they’re down 25 in Michigan. I said, “No, we’re going to win Michigan.” No. No, I kid when I say 25, but they put numbers, they’re called suppression, suppression polls. They make you like, feel badly, so you said to your wife, or you said your husband, “Darling, let’s go out to dinner and then we’ll come back. We love our president, but you know, the polls say he can win.” Well, right now we’re leading in almost everywhere. The real … We’re leading almost everywhere

Donald Trump: (06:20)
Now I’ve got to say, I’m working my ass off here. Sleepy, Joe, the guy goes to his basement. He’s got another lid. He goes to the basement, the lid, right? That’s the garbage can, they put a lid on you. No, yesterday we had three big ones, really big. In Pennsylvania was incredible. The crowds were incredible, like this, they’re all packed. They got people outside, I see people in the streets. It’s crazy.

Donald Trump: (06:52)
I always say to my people, “Why don’t you just get a bigger airport? Get a bigger …” Well, these are better than the arenas because our rallies are bigger than they’ve ever been, and the arenas, even if it’s 18,000 people, we’ve had 40, 45 50. You can’t hold them. And you know what’s nice? You get out of the plane, you say a few words, you go back to the plane, you say, “Bye-bye. Vote for me.” But that’s actually what Democrats do. They say, “Vote for me,” and they’re lovely to you for a few months before the election, and after the election, it’s … They’re gone.

Donald Trump: (07:27)
Nobody’s done for Michigan what I have, you have car plants being built all over, and you didn’t have a plan built in 42 years. You have them all over. I tell Japan, I tell Germany, “No, we’re not interested, go and build plants,” and I always suggest to Michigan because I have to tell you, I think of cars, I think of Michigan.

Donald Trump: (07:47)
When I got the Man of the Year, I got Man of the Year at Michigan, a long time ago, like 12 years ago, nothing to do with politics. They wrote, “Man of the Year.” I came here and I gave a big lecture on the fact, I said, “Mexico is stealing your plants. They’re going to Canada, they going to …” you lost 32% of your car production. I said, “What the hell is going on?” It turned out to be quite a controversial acceptance, but I felt that, it’s probably the number one reason that I’m standing here because of trade and have we turned that around.

Donald Trump: (08:19)
Seven days from now, we’re going to win the great state of Michigan, and we’re going to win four more years in the White House. By the way, there has never been a campaign …

Donald Trump: (08:47)
There has never been a campaign, in the history of this country … First of all, there’s never been a movement like this, there’s never been. But there’s been a campaign, and we had the record. You know, the record was four years ago that has had more enthusiasm or bigger crowds than there’s ever been. Don’t forget, they may have a crowd that’s a big crowd the night before an election, you know? But not really. There’s never been. This is … Thank you. Thank you, that’s really nice.

Donald Trump: (09:24)
A phrase, I really, I say, I don’t think they’ll find it because look at all of them back there. Look at them. Look, oh! Hello, John Roberts. He’s been very nice to us. John Roberts has been very nice to us. Thank you John. But John has never been a phrase, “We love you,” in the history of politics. I don’t care where you go and it happens, and I love you too. I do. I love you too. That’s why we’re here.

Donald Trump: (09:56)
But there’s never been anything like this in terms of enthusiasm, in terms of crowds. I saw Obama this morning. He had a couple of cars, they’re honking their horn, and then I saw sleepy Joe, so he came out yesterday, right? And you’re going to see this. He came out yesterday and he made a speech and then they had a rip of off the stage because he had lost it because he’s gone.

Donald Trump: (10:19)
Once again, Michigan is going to answer the call of history and show the world that sleepy Joe Biden, his dark money donors and his corrupt special interests, and by the way, there’s never been anything like this. He goes into a country and the family walks out with billions of dollars, millions and millions of dollars.

Donald Trump: (10:43)
Then the press isn’t allowed to report. The press doesn’t report it. They don’t cover it. The New York Times, The Washington Post, they don’t cover it. CNN …

Donald Trump: (10:54)
You know, I introduced the great justice of the Supreme court last night, right? They say, it’s the most important thing a president can do. I say maybe military, but regardless, we’ve rebuilt our military like nobody would ever believe. But you know what? It’s one of the most important … Especially because this turns the court, they had a whole thing, the most important thing in 50 years, and CNN and MSDNC didn’t cover, they didn’t cover it. They wouldn’t cover. They just couldn’t. Even though their ratings go through the roof. 60 Minutes had very good ratings the other night, a fake report, but the ratings go through the roof.

Donald Trump: (11:35)
But they didn’t cover my introduction. Can you believe that? My introduction of a woman that’s going to be there hopefully for 50 years, as far as I’m concerned. And last night we did, we made history and we confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court, and Justice Barrett will defend our rights, will defend our liberties and our God given freedom. She’s going to be fantastic and she’s a terrific person.

Donald Trump: (12:08)
Joe Biden, Kamala, do you like Kamala? Do you like her to be your vice-president? I don’t know. If he gets elected, three weeks into his presidency, they’ll say, “Kamala, you’re ready? Let’s go.” That’s why they’re talking about the … That’s why they’re talking about the 25th amendment, right? Three weeks. Three weeks in, Joe’s shot, “Let’s go Kamala, are you get ready?” Most liberal person in the Senate.

Donald Trump: (12:36)
She makes Bernie Sanders look like a serious conservative. This will not be … We can’t let it happen. This will not be the first woman president. You can have a woman president, but this will not be the first woman president. That’s a lot of cameras back there. That’s right.

Donald Trump: (13:06)
They’re all screaming, Ivanka. You know, Ivanka? You know, she’s great. She just loves to … She’s out campaigning today, doing really well. But she could be very happy, her husband’s here, Jared Kushner, he’s making peace in the middle East. He’s here. Where’s Jared? Where’s Jared? We got to find him. He’s never around too much. He doesn’t want any accolades, but he’s done something nobody else has done, he’s leading peace in the middle East without blood. Find Jared. He doesn’t want to be outside, he’s Mr. Inside, but he’s smart.

Donald Trump: (13:45)
But Ivanka she’d be very happy just being a home with the kids and we got her working, and you know who’s making a speech today? The first lady, she’s out in Pennsylvania. People love our first lady. Our first lady is doing a great job. I mean, she got the plague from China. So did I. So did Barron. Barron recovered in about 12 minutes. “How are you feeling Barron?” “Okay.” “What was the problem Barron?” “I don’t know, I didn’t think I had a problem.”

Donald Trump: (14:17)
The doctor told me, “Sir, your son has tested positive.” I see him like 12 seconds later, “Doctor, how’s he doing?” “He’s he’s all better.” Doctor did you give him one of those miracle cures?” ” No, sir. He just recovered.” Hey, young kids have a very strong immune system. Nobody even knew it. Get your children back to school, get them back to school.

Donald Trump: (14:45)
I mean your governor’s a disaster. They got to open up this state, and she’s got to keep her husband away from sailing and fishing. The only one that’s free in your state is her husband. No, it’s no good. That’s no good. You can’t do it. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris. Of course, she has it the reverse. She’s got the, “In the Harris …” And he actually said it didn’t he? “In the Harris-Biden.”

Donald Trump: (15:17)
You know, I have a great vice president and we all do. I want to give him tremendous credit, but I will never say, “In the Pence-Trump administration,” I will never say that. But he says it. That’s because he doesn’t have any clue where he is. You saw that and the radical Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court with far left Justices who won’t shred our constitution, abolish the second amendment, terminate religious liberty, shield violent criminals, and regulate your economy into oblivion. You will have a depression.

Donald Trump: (15:52)
If he gets in, he’s going to raise your taxes at a level that nobody’s ever seen. He is the first candidate I’ve ever seen who is running on a promise that, “I will raise your taxes.” I’ve never heard that one. I’ve been involved in followed and studied politics for a long time. He’ll be the first one. “I will raise your taxes massively.” It’s going to be the biggest tax increase in history. I’ve never heard of that one before, I like running against that guy.

Donald Trump: (16:22)
This election is a matter of economic survival for Michigan. Look what I’ve done, we’ve all done together for this state. This state, you’re building cars again, and if your union leaders weren’t in the pockets of the Democrats, because we get the vote, but they got these guys that just … They come to the White House., They’re so nice to me, nice to me, but they go for the Democrats every time for a certain reason. Someday, we’ll talk about it. But the people, the workers, are for us. So the workers for me.

Donald Trump: (16:56)
Biden’s plan to abolish the entire us oil industry, you saw that? Will cripple our nation and send us into an absolute deep depression. You see what he did with fracking? “There will be no fracking. There will be no …” No, he doesn’t say it that way. He goes, “There will be no fracking. There will be no fracking.” But he said it for like a year, and then he got to Pennsylvania where we’re leading, but we’re going to put it … See that big, beautiful screen. We’ll have it up there. It saves me a lot of words, that screen is great. It costs a fortune. We only bring it to very important location like Michigan.

Donald Trump: (17:37)
But then you can hear it in his own words. You don’t say, “Oh, the president’s exaggerating.” No, he said, “No fracking, no fracking. No fracking.” Then he goes to Pennsylvania, a million jobs, fracking. It’s a big part of their economy. A big part of your economy from the standpoint of energy, right? And gas. How do you like the gasoline prices at $2, right? It’s amazing.

Donald Trump: (17:59)
As they go up, you produce fewer and fewer cars. Well, I got you down to the lowest level, you are so lucky I’m President. I’m going to give another major tax cut after already having passed the largest tax cut in the history of our country. We were giving a very big middle income tax cut.

Donald Trump: (18:18)
Joe Biden spent the last 47 years outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless ridiculous foreign wars in countries you’ve never even heard of for the most part. They’re all coming back. You know that? They’ve been coming back, but our soldiers are all coming back.

Donald Trump: (18:39)
We’re all over the place. We’re all over that. We’re in places that even the top people in the country have never heard of these places. Biden was a cheerleader for NAFTA. You got killed by NAFTA. A catastrophe for the auto industry and for your state. Following NAFTA, one third of the auto jobs left and they went to Mexico and Canada, but they went to Mexico.

Donald Trump: (19:06)
Biden, enthusiastically voted for China’s entry into the World Trade Organization fueling the rise of China on the backs of Michigan workers. What China has done, there has been nothing, nothing, nobody, no country, there has been no country that has ripped us off for 25 years, 30 years like China. Hundreds of billions of dollars a year flows into China and I put big fat, beautiful tariffs on China. We took in tens of billions of dollars. Nobody else did it.

Donald Trump: (19:44)
And when they targeted our farmers, I told the farmers, “Don’t worry about it,” and we gave him 28 billion, which is the amount they were targeted. We don’t have too many farmers in this crowd. We gave him $28 billion, our farmers, everybody’s happy with that. You got about three farmers here, but you got a lot of manufacturers. Remember when …

Donald Trump: (20:03)
… But you got a lot of manufacturers. Remember when Obama said there’ll be no more manufacturing? You’d need a magic wand? Well, we had 700,000 manufacturing jobs. You’d need a magic wand. Altogether, half of all auto manufacturing jobs in Michigan were wiped out, think of that. After the Biden-backed NAFTA and China disasters, China became powerful because of the World Trade Organization. It became powerful, a terrible, terrible thing for our country. And then Biden goes around saying, well, no, China’s good for us. No, no, no. They haven’t been.

Donald Trump: (20:37)
How have they been? No, I don’t think so good. And then the plague on top of everything else, we got the plague sent in. He repeatedly tried to slash Medicare and Social Security. People didn’t even know. Decade after decade, Biden has twisted his knife into the back of Michigan workers, and workers all over the United States. You don’t have to take my word for it. We have Joe on tape. Please roll the tape.

Joe Biden: (21:08)
My problem is I voted for NAFTA. I’m supporting NAFTA because I think it is a positive thing to do, and I do not pretend to be an expert on international trade matters.

Bernie Sanders: (21:20)
Trade agreements like NAFTA and permanent normal trade relations with China, which forced American workers to compete against people who are making pennies an hour has resulted in the loss of 160,000 jobs.

John King: (21:32)
The president is absolutely right when he says that China has been cheating for 25 years and that Bill Clinton dune didn’t do enough about it, George W. Bush didn’t do enough about it, Barack Obama didn’t do enough about.

Joe Biden: (21:42)
A rising China is an incredibly positive development for not only China, but the United States and the rest of the world. A rising China is a positive, positive development. It is in our self-interest that China continue to prosper. We want to see China rise. China’s a great nation and we should hope for the continued expansion. China is not our enemy. We talk about China as our competitor, we should be helping. The idea that China is going to eat our lunch is bizarre. The idea they are our competition, they’re going to beat us is bizarre. They’re not bad folks, folks.

Joe Biden: (22:23)
China’s not a problem.

Speaker 1: (22:25)
Allowing China into the World Trade Organization, which you supported, extending most favored nation status to China, which you supported, those steps allowed China to take advantage of the United States by using our own open trade deals against us.

Joe Biden: (22:45)

Speaker 1: (22:45)
Do you think in retrospect that you were naive about China?

Joe Biden: (22:48)

Speaker 1: (22:49)
Doesn’t he deserve some credit for that? It’s better. The USMCA is better than NAFTA.

Joe Biden: (22:53)
It is better than NAFTA.

Joe Biden: (22:57)
I have never said I oppose fracking.

Donald Trump: (23:01)
You said it on tape.

Joe Biden: (23:02)
I did … Show the tape, put it on your website.

Donald Trump: (23:05)
I’ll put it on.

Joe Biden: (23:05)
Put it on the website.

Dana Bash: (23:08)
Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a Biden administration?

Joe Biden: (23:15)
No, we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated. I guaranteed we’re going to end fossil fuel. No more, no new fracking. I’d gradually move away from fracking.

Kamala Harris: (23:28)
And I think it’s critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public lands.

Speaker 2: (23:35)
What about states stopping fracking and stopping pipeline infrastructure?

Joe Biden: (23:39)
Yeah. New pipeline, exactly.

Kamala Harris: (23:41)
There’s no question I’m in favor of banning fracking.

Speaker 3: (23:44)
I have one final question ..,

Donald Trump: (23:45)
Would he close down the oil industry? Would you close down the oil industry?

Joe Biden: (23:49)
I’ll have a transition from their oil industry, yes. I will transition.

Donald Trump: (23:53)
That’s a big statement.

Joe Biden: (23:53)
That is a big statement.

Donald Trump: (23:54)
In terms of business, that’s the biggest statement because …

Speaker 3: (23:58)
Okay. We have one final question.

Donald Trump: (23:58)
… Basically what he is going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania, Oklahoma?

Speaker 3: (24:05)
Vice president.

Bernie Sanders: (24:10)
Well, may I ask you a question, Joe?

Joe Biden: (24:12)

Bernie Sanders: (24:12)
You’re right here with me.

Joe Biden: (24:13)

Bernie Sanders: (24:13)
Have you been on the floor of the Senate? You were in the Senate for a few years.

Joe Biden: (24:17)

Bernie Sanders: (24:18)
Time and time again talking about the necessity with pride about cutting Social Security, cutting Medicare, cutting veterans programs?

Joe Biden: (24:27)

Bernie Sanders: (24:27)
You never said that?

Joe Biden: (24:28)

Joe Biden: (24:29)
When I argued that we should freeze federal spending, I meant Social Security as well. I meant Medicare and Medicaid. I meant veterans. I meant every single solitary thing in the government.

Joe Biden: (24:42)
Look, here’s the deal …

Bernie Sanders: (24:43)
You’re an artist. Why don’t you just tell the truth here? We all make mistakes.

Joe Biden: (24:46)
I am telling the truth.

Joe Biden: (24:46)
And I not only tried it once, I tried it twice, I tried it a third time and I tried it a fourth time.

Bernie Sanders: (24:52)
Joe, let me repeat it again. I want you just to be straight with the American people. I am saying that you have been on the floor of the Senate time and time again talking about the need to cut Social Security, Medicare and veterans programs. Is that true or is that not true?

Joe Biden: (25:13)
No, it’s not true.

Bernie Sanders: (25:13)
That is not true?

Joe Biden: (25:13)
That is not true.

Joe Biden: (25:14)
I meant veterans. I meant every single solitary thing in the government. Everything was on the table. I did not support any of those cuts in Social Security or in veterans.

Bernie Sanders: (25:24)
Whoa, Whoa. Everything was on the table. All right, you’re right. You just said it, including in your judgment cuts to Social Security and veterans.

Joe Biden: (25:33)
In order to get the kinds of changes we need on other things related …

Bernie Sanders: (25:38)
Joe, but you just …

Joe Biden: (25:39)
But we did not cut it. I did not vote for it.

Bernie Sanders: (25:40)
I know because people like me helped stop that. Although I would say to the American people go to YouTube, it’s all over the place. Joe said it many, many times. I’m surprised you can defend or change your mind on it, but you can’t deny the reality.

Laura Ingram: (25:57)
Now to be fair, maybe Biden’s not telling us because he’s forgotten his own plans. Watch Biden’s staff quickly swoop in to shuffle him along during a quickie escape the basement trip to Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden: (26:13)
Here’s the deal, one of the things that that is important is that keep in mind, although they’re going to vote on that, I think, today.

Laura Ingram: (26:32)
That was terrifying.

Joe Biden: (26:33)
What kind of country we’re going to be, four more years of George, George … Going to find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world.

Donald Trump: (26:54)
The whole thing is crazy. Is that crazy? Is that craziest race? There’s that craziest race. Our country cannot be put in that position. We have too much going, too much potential.

Crowd: (27:11)
Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years! Four more years!

Donald Trump: (27:23)
We cannot be put in that position, so you got to do what’s right. Because one thing we know President Xi of China is not like that. President Putin of Russia. There’s nobody been tougher than Russia. Nobody had been tougher than me to Russia. They want me to lose so badly. He’s not like that. Kim Jong Un. Remember, we’re going to be in a war with North Korea. What happened? What happened to the war? Kim Jong Un not like that. They’re top of the game. And most of the leaders, top of the game. We can’t have that. We can say, hey Xi, that’s wonderful.

Donald Trump: (27:56)
But we can’t have that. We can’t have that. We have too much potential. We’re going to have the greatest year ever next year. We had the greatest year we’ve ever had. We had to stop it. We learned about the disease. We saved two million lives. Remember, it was going to be 2.2 million people were going to die. That was the model. We saved two million lives. And now we understand we protect our seniors, but we can’t have that. In 2016, Michigan voted. That’s a lot of people. Look at it as far as. I’m hearing the sound. It sounds like it’s from 20 miles away.

Donald Trump: (28:38)
It almost is. Thank you. Thank you. In 2016, Michigan voted to fire this corrupt political establishment and you elected an outsider as president who is finally putting America first. We’re putting it first. And a lot of times, because I’d become friendly with many of the presidents and prime ministers, kings and queens, dictators, I must tell you, dictators. But I’ve become friendly with a lot of them. And they say two things, it’s incredible what you’ve done with the economy. They always say that. They always say it, no matter what.

Donald Trump: (29:19)
They say we have done the most incredible job and they always start off by congratulating me. The next question is they want to buy our military equipment because we make the best equipment anywhere in the world. And sadly, with many of these nations who are not that friendly, we have to say no. Does that make sense? Does that make sense? Anyway, I don’t sound like a politician because I’m not a politician. I never wanted to be a politician. I became a politician for one very specific reason because we’re doing a job in the history of our country in the first three and a half years, nobody has done what we, what we, and this administration has been able to do with regulations, with taxes, with rebuilding our military, with strengthening our borders.

Donald Trump: (30:09)
By the way, our border, the strongest it’s ever been. We’re building 10 miles a week. The wall is almost finished. They don’t want to talk about the wall. Remember that’s all they talked about was the wall. The wall is never going to get built. It’s never going to get built. Then I got it built. That’s almost completed. They don’t want to talk about it. And Mexico is paying for the wall. Remember that please. If I don’t always play by the rules of Washington and the Washington establishment, it’s because I was elected to fight for you and I fight harder than any president has ever fought before.

Donald Trump: (30:50)
One of the biggest issues for Michigan, as you know, is this race. And then this whole thing, it’s the race. It’s all the subject of refugees and what’s happening with refugees and where are they coming from. Biden as pledged, and you saw what happened the other day in France. Biden has pledged a 700% increase. This was done in the manifesto with Bernie Sanders. Crazy Bernie. He’s crazy. Is he crazy or what? But we love him because we got a big pile of his people last time with crooked Hillary. And they’re going to come again because we’re right on trade.

Donald Trump: (31:28)
One thing Bernie Sanders understood, our country was being ripped off on trade by our allies and our foes, okay, by everybody. And he got it. He couldn’t do anything about it, but his people came over, large percentages of people. People find that hard to believe, but they understood trade. Biden has pledged a 700% increase. This is in conjunction with crazy Bernie and AOC plus three, who knows less about this stuff than any human being on earth. But she does have a good line of crap. A 700% increase in refugees from the most dangerous terror hotspots on the planet, including Syria, Somalia.

Donald Trump: (32:12)
When I think of Somalia, I think of Omar, Omar, Ilhan, Ilhan Omar, who truly does not like our country. We are going to win Minnesota because of Omar, because of Omar. She likes telling us what we should do, how we should run our country. Isn’t that nice? Omar. No, we’re going to win. She hates our country and we’re going to win also because the national guard went in, should’ve been called a lot sooner. But the national guard went into Minneapolis and it was a beautiful sight. It took what? 22 minutes? It was over after a week and a half of destroying Minneapolis.

Donald Trump: (32:58)
So I think between Ilhan Omar, Ilhan Omar and really what happened with respect. We stopped it. They should’ve called us a week and a half early. We’re going to win Minnesota first time since, think of that, first time, I don’t want to guarantee. I don’t want to guarantee anything. I’m a little bit superstitious, but I want to tell you, they like us. They like us in Minnesota and how the hell she gets elected I cannot understand it. His policies will turn Michigan into a refugee camp. It’s true. She goes, I know. You’re right about that. Who said that?

Donald Trump: (33:38)
Right? She just said, I know. Everybody knows. He’s also vowed to terminate our national security travel bans. I got a travel ban. I said I want to ban. I took a lot of heat. You remember that right at the beginning. Because if it’s okay with you, I don’t want to have people that want to blow up our country. I don’t want to have people that want to kill our people. So we instituted a travel ban and it was rejected by the first court, rejected by the second court. Ultimately, it was approved by the US Supreme court. We have a travel ban.

Donald Trump: (34:09)
And now if we have countries that want to do harm to us, if we have people that want to do harm, we say stay the hell out. It’s very easy. We got a travel ban. And we’re not going to open the flood gates to radical Islamic terrorism. We’re not doing it. I’ve ended the influx of refugees from terrorists regions, you know that, and I’m keeping the jihadists and the violent extremist the hell out of our country, if that’s okay. Now maybe you want them, I don’t know. Maybe you want them. Maybe Michigan, let’s take a vote. Would anybody like them to come to the wonderful state of Michigan?

Crowd: (34:51)

Donald Trump: (34:51)
Okay. I thought I knew you pretty well. No, it’s not easy doing this stuff, and it’s very unpopular. People go after you, but you have to do it. You have to do … Ultimately, I do what’s right, and people understand it. People understand it. Together, we will continue to protect American families, fight for American workers, support our police, defend our second amendment, which has been under siege. If I were not your president, you wouldn’t have a second amendment right now. Secure our borders and ensure more products are proudly stamped with the beautiful phrase made in the USA.

Donald Trump: (35:40)
And by the way, do I look soaking wet? Because the media is going to get on me. They’re going to say, he looked like hell today. He didn’t look good. His hair was terrible. It was all horrible. He looked bad. He looked bad. He looked like he was sweating. Does he have a fever? No, it’s 32 degrees out here and it’s freezing and it’s raining, and I’m just trying to keep up with the tough people of Michigan. That’s all. See, I was going to ask you permission to put the hat on. No. Here, take it. That’s a good hat. It’ll be on eBay. It’ll be on eBay tonight. We will deliver record prosperity, epic job growth, and a safe vaccine that eradicates the virus and quickly ends the pandemic. And we’ve done things that nobody believed we could do. And the vaccines are coming right around the corner. And if I weren’t here, it would have taken two, three, four years before you had this stuff. It’s happening now, greatest companies in the world doing it. Normal life will fully resume, and that’s what we want. We want normal life, normal life. Take us back. Take us back seven months ago. We want normal life.

Donald Trump: (37:05)
We had the greatest economy in the history of our country. That’s what we want, normal life. Just think of it. That’s all we want. If we didn’t have the plague come in from China, it wasn’t even going to be like we had an election. The only bad part is I probably wouldn’t be standing out here in the freezing rain with you. I’d be home in the White House, doing whatever the hell I was doing. I wouldn’t be out here. And we’re going to do other great places after this. You know that, right? This is stop number one. I’ll get off the plane, at least you with the first stop.

Donald Trump: (37:38)
Because I’ll get off the plane, and they’ll say, he looks like hell. What happened to our president? Look at these people. What happened to our president? He looks terrible. This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery or a Biden depression. You’re going to have a depression, your 401(k)s down the tubes. Look how great our stock market, had a little blip yesterday because Nancy Pelosi will not approve stimulus. That’s all. But it’s a choice between a Trump boom or a Biden lockdown, but you’re already locked down. I mean, this state, we got to get her going.

Donald Trump: (38:21)
I don’t know. We got to get her going. I don’t think she likes me too much.

Crowd: (38:26)
Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!

Donald Trump: (38:41)
See, I don’t comment to that because every time if I make just even a little bit of a nod, they say the president led them on. Now I don’t have to leave you on. Even a little nod, they say the president said, right? They asked me that question are crazy 60 Minutes. Wasn’t she rude? She just kept asking me questions. And then they interviewed sleepy Joe, and it was like, everybody just fell asleep. And they got great ratings. That’s unfortunate. They got such good ratings that they’ll want to do it again and again.

Donald Trump: (39:14)
But no, wasn’t that terrible, the difference? One is anger, craziness, fire coming out of her eyes. I look, she sits down. She said, are you prepared for tough questions? I said, just be fair. Just be fair. No, no. I mean tough questions. And I … This is the way it starts. With Biden, it’s hello, Mr. Vice President. How about did you see the reporters out? He was walking around with ice cream. What flavor is it? I don’t know. I don’t know. No, he knew. He said he had vanilla and I said, I don’t get … See those killers back there. I don’t get soft questions like that, but I was being interviewed by somebody.

Donald Trump: (40:03)
I had a group of-

Donald Trump: (40:03)
But I was being interviewed by somebody. I had a group of terrible, terrible people. Sometimes I’ll do an interview just to see if it’s so bad, because I can do very good. I can answer the question. I take all the smiling, all the fun. I just boom, boom, boom. Nobody can do that. Boom, boom, gave him a perfect interview. And then I realized it’s hopeless with these people. And I looked at him, and we’re in the Oval Office. I say, “You know, you’re very unfair. You’re very dishonest. You’re corrupt people. But you know what? We’re in the Oval Office. I’m here, and you’re not.” I’m here, and you’re not. And I sent them on their way, and then I read the article the next day. It was terrible. It bore no relationship to what I told them, but these are minor details. It’s a shame. You know, if we had an honest media, this country would come together so fast. It’s true.

Donald Trump: (40:58)
We have, not all of them, but they’re some of the most corrupt people on earth. They are. And you see it, you see it with the Biden corruption. They don’t even want it. They won’t cover it. They won’t talk about it, and that includes Big Tech, section 230. Section 230. Does anybody know about Section [230 00:01:18]? It’s a choice between our plan to kill the virus or Biden’s plan to kill the American dream. That’s what he wants to do. He wants to lock you all up. Let’s stay locked up. So I caught it, but I said, “Hey, I mean, I was given options. I could’ve stayed in the basement of the White House for a year and a half, but I’m your president. I can’t do that. I can’t do that. I can’t stay in the basement of the White House. I can’t stay in a beautiful bedroom upstairs for a year and a half. I’m your president.” And I’d go to meetings, and there’d be a lot of people at those meetings.

Donald Trump: (41:53)
And they’d say, “This perhaps is dangerous. I don’t know, this perhaps…” And then one day, “Sir, our great White House physician, White House doctor, he’s here today.” Sean, where’s Sean? Is he around? He’s become more famous than I am, White House doctor. I saw so many doctors when I was in that bed. I said, “Doctor, I don’t feel good.” I had more great doctors, more talent than you’ve ever seen. They were lying around that. I told this story, they’re lying. 12, 12 doctors, Johns Hopkins, all of them. Walter Reed is so incredible. The medical military hospital, the doctors, they really are great, but there were a lot of them. I said, “I don’t feel great, Doc. I got to be honest with you. It’s been a long time, but I don’t feel great.” And they grabbed me, every one of them. They grabbed different parts of my body, and they all were specialists.

Donald Trump: (42:43)
They were specialists. And the bottom line is I took something… Regeneron, which we’ll make it available to everybody that needs it, free. And Eli Lilly makes something very similar, and we have things that we didn’t even know about. Think about six months ago. And I don’t know if it was the strength of me. I’d like to give me full credit. I don’t want to give the drug… I was telling somebody the other day, “I don’t want to give the drug any credit.” I want to say, “Because I am a very young person that’s in perfect physical shape, I took that virus and I woke up the next morning and I felt like Superman.” It’s true.

Donald Trump: (43:28)
I wanted to get out of there. I said, “Doctors, get me the hell out of there. Get me out.” But it’s true. No, great doctors. But we know things that we didn’t know. We didn’t know. We had no idea about much of this stuff. And you see mortality rate, you see where that is now. And people go in, you get better. They say you have immunity, that you can go in. I could jump… See this crowd right here? I could jump right in. I could give every woman and every man… I’d even kiss the men. I could give every woman and every man right here a kiss, and I wouldn’t catch it. I have immunity. And until I came along, you used to hear, “You have immunity for life,” right?

Donald Trump: (44:06)
As soon as I had it and got better, they were not too happy about that. And they said, “The speed… This guy got better.” But you know what? As soon as I had it, I got better. I said I had immunity. It was supposed to be for life. When it was me, they said it’s only good for four months. Okay. Anybody else, it’s for life. With Trump, they said it was four months. So they brought it down now, immunity, from life to four months. And you know now with them, you can’t watch anything else. You turn on… COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID. Well, we have a spike in cases. You ever notice, they don’t use the word death. They use the word cases, cases. Like, “Barron Trump is a case.” He has sniffles. He was sniffling. One Kleenex, that’s all he needed. One, and he was better. But he’s a case.

Donald Trump: (44:55)
He’s a case, Barron Trump. Young people cases… And you know why we have so many cases? Because we test more, so we go around and they’re… By the way, we’re testing very young people, too. We’re testing people in school. We’re testing everybody. In many ways, I hate it. In many ways, I hate it. We test everybody, and because of that… Now, if I tested half… If I said, “We are going to cut our testing down in half,” they’d go crazy, because the cases would go down in approximately half. And then we’re going to cut it down in half once again. And there are other countries that don’t do testing, and they show very few cases. I mean, it’s a very simple thing, but overall it’s good to have the testing. We find out where it is, and there are a lot of things. But they use it to make us look bad, but here’s the story. It’s COVID, COVID, COVID. You can’t watch anything else. On November 4th, you won’t be hearing so much about it.

Donald Trump: (45:49)
November 4th. On November 4th, you’ll hear, “It’s getting better. It’s getting better.” You watch. No, no, they’re doing heavy COVID because they want to scare people, and people get it. I’ll tell you, they understand these people better than… You are smarter than most of the political people in this world. [inaudible 00:46:11] very smart. No, November 4th, you’ll see there’s a big difference. And I’ll tell you what. You know what else is going to happen on November 4th? Your governor, your governor at the urging of her husband who has abused our system very badly, the only man allowed in the state of Michigan, the only man allowed to go sailing is her husband. Now, your governor, I don’t think she likes me too much. Hey. Hey, hey, hey. I’m the one… It was our people that helped her out with her problem. I mean, we’ll have to see if it’s a problem. People are entitled to say, “Maybe it was a problem [inaudible 00:06:48].” It was our people, my people, our people, that helped her out, and then she blamed me for it. She blamed me, and it was our people that helped her. I don’t get it. How did you put her there? How did you put… How’s John James doing? Good? That’s good. Oh, he’s… I didn’t even know he was here. John. Wow, is that nice? Wow. I didn’t even know. See, I’m thinking about you and I don’t even know you’re here, John. I picked him out of a group of people they all had loaded up with money. John had money, he’s successful. Where he was really successful is in the military. He could pilot a helicopter better than anybody, I hear. And I said, “Who the hell is that guy?” It’s true. I saw John. I saw John. That’s in honor of John.

Donald Trump: (47:55)
No, no, no. Here’s what happened, real quick. I saw John. I saw four people, a different position… He’s running for a different thing. He did great, by the way, but I saw four rich guys. And I saw John and I said, “Go back.” The world’s greatest invention. Not television, TiVo, because without TiVo, television is useless. So I say, “Who is that?” I don’t know, I think his name’s John James. I said, “Do me a favor. Go back.” Now, the other guys had a lot of money. They were spending a lot of money. I think four guys, four guys… I said, “That guy… I’m pretty good at this stuff. That guy can be a star.”

Donald Trump: (48:38)
I called him. I spoke to him. I endorsed him. The four rich guys will never talk to me again, but that’s okay. They were [gonezo 00:08:48]. That was the end of them. And he ran a phenomenal race. And now I’m hearing, John, that you’re actually leading. He’s running against the guy, Peters. Think of it. John James is running against a Senator, US Senator, that nobody has ever heard of before, even in Washington. Peters. I said, “Who the hell is Peters?” He’s a Senator from Michigan. Nobody’s ever heard of him. I’ll tell you what. If one thing comes out of this small group of thousands of people, vote for John James.

Donald Trump: (49:25)
He’s a great guy, but I’m going to introduce him in a second. If Biden and the Democrat socialists are elected, they will dismantle your police departments, dissolve our borders, indoctrinate your children, and destroy the suburbs. You know, they were talking about suburban women don’t like Donald Trump. I said, “I think they do. I think they do.” I got rid of a regulation that will destroy the suburbs. I got rid of it. I said, “Ben Carson, let’s do it, Ben,” and we did it. Nobody else would do it. And if Biden ever got in, if he ever came in, it would come back and you could forget about the suburbs. And one thing I know about suburban women… Well, I was supposed to do badly with women the last time, remember? At the end, they called it that night. They said, “Donald Trump…” At the beginning, they said, “No, he won’t win because he doesn’t do well with women.”

Donald Trump: (50:19)
I said, “Really? Tell me about that.” And then… This guy goes, “only Rosie O’Donnell”. Who said that? You? What are you, a comedian or something? So they said, “Donald Trump, it will be a very short evening.” They were very happy about that, and then we started winning. We won Florida, we won Georgia. We won South Carolina and North Carolina. We ran all three. Then we won Michigan. We won Michigan. We won Wisconsin. You know, they were coming. We won Pennsylvania. Anyway, at the end of the evening, they were analyzing it. They said, “You know what? Donald Trump did great with women.” [inaudible 00:51:06]

Donald Trump: (51:06)
And that’s going to happen again, because women, suburban or otherwise, they want security. They want security. They want safety. They want law and order. They have to have law and order, and we’re going to do great. And I love women, and I can’t help it. They’re the greatest. I love them much more than the men, much more than the men. So I’m saving suburbia. I’m getting your kids back to school. Get your kids back to school. You know, we won that big Supreme Court case against your governor, so what the hell happened? Why isn’t it open? It’s still not open. You know, we sued. We won the case. What are they appealing? She’s appealing the case. Hey Governor, let your state open. Get your kids back to school, Governor. Not a good governor. And you know what else? I’m also getting your husbands… They want to get back to work. They want to get back to work. We’re getting your husbands back to work, and everybody wants it.

Donald Trump: (52:07)
And the cure can never be worse than the problem itself. And let me tell you, when she keeps everybody locked up like a prison, your drugs and alcohol and abuse and suicide, and so many things, so many bad things are happening. She’s got to get it back. And this goes for Pennsylvania. You have a Democrat. All Democrats… You have a Democrat governor. Goes for North Carolina. We’re doing great in both. We’re winning both of those states. You have a governor in each one, and you have a couple of others. Look at what’s going on in New York with Cuomo. It’s horrible. It’s like a ghost town, and the crime is way up. And California has to open up. California has to open up. I mean, what are you going to do? I see people today, store owners, they don’t know what to do. They’re going to be arrested if they open up their little small business. They can’t survive. It’s a horrible thing that’s going on. Get your states opened up. And this governor should get her state opened up.

Donald Trump: (53:06)
The last administration nearly extinguished the US auto industry from the job… Killing it, almost. The job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, and I ended it. I stopped it. To their horrendous Korea trade deal, that was a Hillary Clinton special. Remember, she said, “We will produce 250,000 jobs if we sign this deal,” and she was right for South Korea. They produced the… They got them. You didn’t get them. To the outrageous fuel economy standards where they’re making it impossible to build a car in this country. It’s outrageous. We sued California. We sued a lot of people, because we can build a better car, a safer car, a more important car for a lot less money. Think of that. Better, better looking, safer, little heavier, for a little bit more fuel, a little bit more. You’re talking about a glass, a little bit more fuel. And that will take 10 and 15 and 20-year old versions off, you know, the gas guzzlers, out of the…

Donald Trump: (54:09)
Overall, environmentally, it’ll be so good. And we’re suing California. Think of it, a better car, a safer car, and you’ll save $3,500 a car. And we actually have a lawsuit on this. We’re going to build better, cheaper, safer, and we actually have a lawsuit. I mean, it’s not even believable. Over a little glass of… Because the difference between an engine that works and doesn’t work is a half a glass of fuel, and we have plenty, as we’ve proven. We’re the number one in the world. We have plenty of gasoline. We have plenty of gasoline, and it would be great for your car business. And frankly, your car business, they ought to get in gear, because they’re so afraid of the environmentalists. You know, they’re so afraid. Oh, I don’t know. I mean, they’re willing to spend thousands more to build a car.

Donald Trump: (54:59)
I say, fellas, are you sure? There are a couple of them that are very smart that like what I say. I’ll tell you who the smart ones are some day. I reversed each and every one of those Obama-Biden disasters, and now Biden wants to reinstate all of them. Everything that we’ve knocked out in terms of regulations that would take 20 years to build a highway, we have it down to 2 years. To get the approvals would take 20 years, even longer. We have it down to 2. I want to get it down to 1, and it may get rejected for environmental or safety reasons. I want to get it down to 1. But you have to see what we’ve done is a miracle, and that’s one of the reasons it’s been so successful. I also ended the NAFTA nightmare and replaced it with the brand new USMCA. And the USMCA is expected to create tens of thousands of auto jobs that include powerful productions to keep your auto lines going. Wait till you see what happens. It’s just kicking in right now, and one of the biggest beneficiaries will be a state named Michigan.

Donald Trump: (56:04)
And when General Motors went bankrupt, Biden and Obama threw the workers of the Delphi corporation to the wolves. Anybody from Delphi here? Because somebody, if you’re here, you got to like Trump, because we’re working on getting their pensions taken care of, because they were taken advantage of. You know about that. I signed an order to restore the pensions and healthcare benefits promise to workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. So they were treated very badly, and so were you. I will never let anyone rip off our great American worker. I will not do it. Joe Biden’s made a corrupt bargain exchange for his party’s nomination. He has handed control of his party over to the rage-filled socialists, Marxists, and left-wing extremists. If Biden wins, the flag-burning radicals on the streets will be running your government, like in Portland. The anarchists, the Antifa. Hey, Antifa…

Donald Trump: (57:05)
You ever notice, they never want to go after Antifa? Nobody wants to take on it. They all want to go after anybody, but they don’t want… And I keep saying, “Well, how are we doing with Antifa, the anarchists?” This Election Day, you must stop the anti-American radicals by delivering Joe Biden and the far left a thundering defeat. We have to make this… You have to get out there on Monday, Tuesday, Sunday, I don’t care, today. You have to get out there and vote. Most of you are going to vote because you believe in voting, like I do. I just left. I just voted two days ago. I voted. I went to a booth, and they actually asked me, “Sir, may I please have your identification?” But no, they’re right in doing it. I gave her a passport. “Sir, do you have additional identification?” [inaudible 00:57:53] Come on, what are you doing? You’re going to embarrass me here. This is crazy. No, she was great.

Donald Trump: (57:58)
I mean, I’ll tell you what. There’s no cheating with that. You go to a place, they want identification, they want this. You fill out your form, they walk you over to a machine, you put it in. I mean, these ballots, it’s turning out to be exactly what I said. You see what’s going on. Who’s sending them? Where are they going? Who’s sending them back? Who’s signing them? Now they want to have unverified signature. One of the governors wants to have no signature at all, just send it back. What a horrible thing, especially since I see so… You know, I watched it so closely this time when I voted. It was so professional. You go in, and most of these people, the Red Wave, generally speaking, you go… If not Tuesday, Monday, whatever, how many people are going to vote? How many people?

Donald Trump: (58:46)
How many people have already voted? All right, good. You’re sort of a late state. That’s good. That’s good. Pennsylvania’s a very… They all vote that last day, but they go. They want to go to a polling booth. You’re like that. Everybody, look. This is the most important election in the history of our country, or I wouldn’t be standing here like this. Everybody, you got to go out and vote. You got to go out and vote. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician. You’ve seen that. He wants to send your jobs to China while his family rakes in millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party and other places. If Biden wins, China wins. And by the way, China will own the United States. You saw that clip up there. They will own it. China’s wonderful. There has never been anyone or anything or any country that has ripped us off like China. We will win, you will win, Michigan will win, and America will win. You got to go and vote.

Donald Trump: (59:58)
So, we’re joined today by some great warriors. I introduced one, but I’ll introduce-

Donald Trump: (01:00:03)
… some great warriors. I introduced one, but I’ll introduce him again, because he’s so important, and that’s John, but representatives Jack Bergman, John Moolenaar, Tim Walberg. They’re incredible. I’ll tell you what, they have been with me right from the beginning, right fellas? They like you, they like you. Michigan House Speaker, Lee Chatfield. Lee. Young guy, Lee. A young guy. RNC Chairwoman, who by the way, ran my Michigan campaign four years ago, Ronna McDaniel. She ran it so good that when we won, I said, “I have the person, the head of the Republican Party,” I said, “I want to get somebody.” I said, “You know what I’ll do? Get me the woman that won Michigan. What the hell is her name?” Her name’s Ronna. Good. She would call me, I’d come. I’d make a speech, I’d leave. Call me the next day.

Donald Trump: (01:01:09)
“Sir, you have to come back. You have to come back. You have to come back.” I said, “Look, I’ll do it one more time.” Because Michigan, hadn’t been one in 36 years. I said, “Look, I’ll do it one more time. That’s it.” I came back. She said, “That’s it, sir. Don’t worry about it.” I left. Two days later, I get a one more phone call. “Sir, one more visit.” And we did. Do you know, Michigan was the last stop that I made. I made it in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was one o’clock in the morning. Crooked Hillary had come in with Barack Hussein Obama. And they came in together with Bill Clinton actually and all of them. And it was unscheduled. Meaning they found out they had a problem, right? It was unscheduled. They got here at seven o’clock. They had 500 people. I got here at one o’clock in the morning. Started speaking at one in the morning in Grand Rapids. We had 32,000 people. True.

Donald Trump: (01:02:09)
And remember, think of this, it was now election day. So it’s now election day. In fact, I got home, and our future first lady said to me, “Are you crazy?” You know, I get it. I got home at four in the morning, but Ronna did a fantastic job. Right? Congressmen are we doing okay? Are we winning here?. The great John James is going to win?

Donald Trump: (01:02:41)
Michigan GOP chair Laura Cox is terrific. Thank you. Thank you. How are we doing Laura? Are we up? They said two points. That’s not enough. We’ve got to get a little more than that. They said two points today. The great Ted Nugent. Ted. Ted. Great, Ted. He’s the only one really dressed properly. Thank you, Ted, very good. Great job. We appreciate it Ted. The president of the Police Officers Association of Michigan, Jim Tignanelli. Jim. He’s like central casting. Jim, central casting.

Donald Trump: (01:03:24)
Candidates for Congress. Some really good ones. Paul Young. Paul Young. Good, Paul. You’re doing well, I hear. Good, Paul. And the next US Senator, from the great state of Michigan, the legendary John Jay. I’ll tell you, he’s working so hard. Just keep working, John, keep working. We built the greatest economy in history, and now we are doing it again. We increased middle-class family income over $6,000 more than five times, again, think of this five times again, in all eight years under the last administration. African American unemployment, Hispanic American unemployment, and Asian American unemployment all reached their lowest levels, ever recorded. Think of that, what we had going and we had to close it up and now we’re opening it again to record.

Donald Trump: (01:04:26)
Since April, we created a record 11. 4 million jobs. For decades, our politicians spent trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign nations, fighting foreign wars and defending foreign borders. But now we are finally protecting our nation, rebuilding our cities and we are bringing our jobs, our factories, and our troops back home to the USA. Under my leadership, we achieved the most secure border in United States history. That’s what we’ve done. It’s an amazing thing what we’ve done. My opponent’s insane immigration plan would completely eliminate US borders. They don’t want to have borders. Without a border, you don’t have a country. By implementing a nationwide catch and release. You catch a criminal, murderer, rapist and you release them into our country. And then he’s supposed to come back for a trial in two years.

Donald Trump: (01:05:25)
And we had the argument during the debate. Did anybody see the debate the other night now? It was quite a debate. He would make every community into a sanctuary city for violent criminals. My administration is finding the illegal immigrant and the criminals gang members, the MS-13 killers, and we are either putting them in jail or sending them back home. And their home has to take them. They didn’t used to take them. We invested $2.5 trillion into the US military. Much of it’s spent in Michigan and we have the finest, greatest equipment anywhere in the world. We are the envy of the world. Russia, China, there’s no country. We are the envy of the world. The best equipment to the world, all made in the USA.

Donald Trump: (01:06:16)
We also pass VA choice and VA accountability. We killed the leader of ISIS al-Baghdadi and we took out the world’s top terrorist, Soleimani is dead. I withdrew from the last administration’s disastrous Iran nuclear deal, 150 billion, 1.8 billion in cash. What a stupid deal. And the first call I get, if we win, we got to win, first call I get will be from Iran. They’re going to want to make a deal so badly, because their economy is in tatters. I recognize the true capital of Israel and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem. And instead of never-ending wars, we are forging peace in the middle East. A vote for Republicans is a vote for the American dream. That’s what it is. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican.

Donald Trump: (01:07:20)
Over the next four years, we will make America into the manufacturing superpower of the world, this state right here. And we will end our reliance on China once and for all. We will hire more police, increase penalties for assaults on law enforcement, and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities. We will uphold religious liberty, free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. We will maintain America’s unrivaled. military might, and we will ensure peace through strength. Our military is now the strongest it’s ever been by far.

Donald Trump: (01:08:07)
When I first came in, they told me, “Sir, we have no ammunition.” That’s a true story. And no president should ever hear that again. We will end surprise medical billing, require price transparency, already signed January 1st, lower drug prices, even more, and we will always protect patients with pre- existing conditions. We will stop the radical indoctrination of our students and restore patriotic education to our school. We will teach our children to love our country, honor our history and always respect our great American flag. And we will live by the timeless words of our national motto, In God We Trust.

Donald Trump: (01:09:05)
For years, you had a president who apologized for America. Now you have a president who is standing up for America and standing up for the great people of Michigan. See, now Biden would do that, and he’d say for the great people of… How many times did he do that? Seven? Standing up for the great people of Iowa. “Sir, sir, it’s Michigan.” There’s no recovery from that, right? When you do that, you just walk off the stage, right? I always say the great Winston Churchill, he was a great orator, even if Winston Churchill did it, he would just walk off the stage. But he didn’t do that. But sleepy Joe does it a lot. So get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors, get your co-workers. Don’t let the radicals win. Get out and vote.

Donald Trump: (01:10:05)
Most important election, I believe. And I never thought I’d say this, because of what happened four years ago, this is the most important election in the history of our country. On November 3rd, we must finish the job and drain the swamp once and for all. We’ve got a long way, from Midland to Mackinaw, from Pontiac to Battle Creek, great things, and from Detroit to right here in Lansing, we stand on the shoulders of Michigan patriots, who gave their blood, sweat, and tears for this beloved nation. This is the state where Henry Ford invented the assembly line. Think of that. So much, so much has been done in Michigan. It’s the place where General Motors, Chrysler and Kellogg revolutionized entire industries. Think of that.

Donald Trump: (01:11:03)
Michigan gave us Motown, the Mustang and the unrivaled might of the American Midwest, the American Midwest. We got it all. I think I got every single vote in the America, I like the Midwest. We made America into the single greatest nation in the history of the world. And the best is yet to come. That’s true. Proud citizens like you helped build this country, and together we are taking back our country. We are returning power to you, the American people. With your help, your devotion and your drive, we are going to keep on working. We are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God. And together, with the incredible people of Michigan, we have made America powerful again, our military. We have made America wealthy again, 401ks, keep them nice and hot. I don’t want to see you throw them out. These things aren’t worth anything. Your 401ks are just about at an all-time high. We have made America strong again. We have made America proud again. We have made America safe again, and we will make America great again. Thank you Michigan, go out and vote. Go out and vote.

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