Apr 17, 2023

Donald Trump Addresses NRA Meeting in Indianapolis Transcript

Donald Trump Addresses NRA Meeting in Indianapolis Transcript
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Former president Donald Trump delivers a speech at an NRA meeting in Indianapolis. Read the transcript here.

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Donald Trump (02:29):

Well, thank you very much and-

Crowd (02:30):


Donald Trump (02:41):

Well, thank you very much and I’m thrilled to be back with the hardworking, God-fearing, card-carrying patriots of the NRA. Thank you very much, everybody. As a candidate in 2016, I promised you that I would save your Second Amendment from absolute oblation, that’s where it was going, and as your president, that’s exactly what I did. We saved our Second Amendment and we’re going to save it for a long time to come. It’s under siege, but we’re going to save it for a long time to come. Forever, as far as I’m concerned, forever, and thank you very much. I was proud to be the most pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment president you’ve ever had in the White House, I think that’s been acknowledged, and with your support in 2024, I will be your loyal friend and fearless champion once again as the 47th president of the United States. We have to remember in 2016, we won, we won the first time, and we did better the second time, got a lot more votes. A lot of bad things happened, though, didn’t they, huh? A lot of bad things happened.

I want to thank Wayne LaPierre and Charles Cotton for their leadership, as well as all of the people that work with them, the NRA members who make up this incredible organization. It’s really a tremendous force for freedom, that’s what it is, and I’m very proud to be here. Thanks as well to Congressman Jim Jordan and his incredible wife, Polly. Where is Jim? He’s around here someplace. Where’s Jim? Also, with them came along Isaac. Do you know Isaac is a wrestler, four-time All-American? If anybody’s into sports, even a little bit, four-time All-American’s good. Jim was a great wrestler, a lot of people don’t know that. His daughter-in-law, Brooke, she’s about to have a baby. I said, “When is the baby coming?” She said, “It could be today or tomorrow.” I said, “What are you doing here?” But he’s a spectacular congressman, politician, and person, and so I just want to thank Jim and the whole family, and Polly, thank you very much for being here.

Somebody that I believe is going to be and a friend of Jim, and it’s going to be your next senator from the great state of Indiana, which I love so much, Jim Banks. Where’s Jim Banks? Jim Banks? Jim. Hi, Jim. He’s so popular now, he’s unopposed. We like it that way, don’t we? Thank you very much, Jim. You’re doing fantastically well. Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Suzanne, where is Suzanne? Suzanne, thank you very much. Also, Attorney General Todd Rokita. Todd, where is Todd? He’s someplace here, I saw him. It’s a big crowd, Todd, that’s a big crowd. Thank you very much. Great job, Todd, doing a great job. For seven years, all of us here today have been engaged in an epic struggle against the corrupt forces and communist maniacs, and they’re all over the place, that are absolutely trying to destroy our country. They want to take away your guns while throwing open the jailhouse doors and releasing bloodthirsty criminals into your communities. They want to abolish your borders and impoverish your families while spending your money on endless and very, very stupid foreign wars.

They want to demonize patriots and persecute Christians while pushing the transgender cult on your children, children who turn 25 and they say, “Who did this to me? Who did this to me? How did you let this happen?” They want to weaponize and interfere with our elections through the use of the DOJ, the FBI, and local attorney generals and district attorneys. That’s happening to me, but we’re doing very well, thank you. It’s actually called election interference, that’s all they want to do. I’ll tell you what, if I weren’t running, which isn’t going to happen, or if I was doing badly in the polls, and we’re not going to let that happen either, we’re killing them in the polls, are you seeing the numbers? They wouldn’t be doing anything. They’d be after somebody else. They wouldn’t be talking. But we’re going to show you some of the polls in a little while, you’re going to be amazed. We really made a lot of progress over the last month.

We put it into high gear, like we did for four years when this country had no problems, and then COVID came in and we got it back. When you think about it, it was amazing. We actually left it with a stock market that was higher than just pre-COVID coming in. It was an amazing job that we did. We built it twice, but there was nothing like it. There was nothing like it. What we did in those four years were really monumental, rebuilt our military, largest tax cuts in history, largest regulation cuts in history, the creation of Space Force, that was a big deal, that was a big deal, and so many other things. Even right to try, I hope nobody needs it, right to try, where you can use this advanced medical treatments that won’t be approved for five or six years by the FDA, but we got them to move a lot faster, I will tell you, on everything, but won’t be approved by the FDA for years, and we’ve saved thousands and thousands of lives with right to try. But we did a lot, we did a lot.

2024 is the year that we will defeat these nation-wrecking globalists, Marxists, RINOs, and tyrants once and for all. The RINOs are in there. In many ways, the RINOs are worse because you don’t know where they’re coming from. You say, “Oh, that’s a RINO, we don’t like that one.” At least with the Democrats, you know where they’re coming from and that’s not a good place, is it? If you put me back in the White House, their reign is over and America will be a free nation once again. I promise you this, with me at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, no one will lay a finger on your firearms, just as took place for four years when I was your president, I will uphold those glorious words, “Shall not be infringed.” Do you know those words? I think you know those words. You know those words?

Every pledge I made to you as a candidate in 2016, I fulfilled as your president. I appointed nearly 300 federal judges to fill the bench with pro- Constitution warriors who interpret the law as written. We have great judges, a lot of great justices, almost 300, a record. I faced down vile attacks from the radical left to confirm three great Supreme Court justices, you know who they are, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, all outstanding people. They don’t help me much, I’ve got to tell you that, they vote against me too much, but one of those little things in life, right? But they are outstanding people and great scholars, brilliant, and they’ve done a very good job. I always say, “Except for me, they’ve done a very good job.” Standing before you like, “Show your tax returns,” that wasn’t supposed to happen, right? “Show you tax returns,” I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen. By the way, I showed them, and you know what happened? Nothing. They said, “This guy made a lot of money.” Standing before you at the NRA Leadership Forum in 2019, I revoked America’s signature from the globalist United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which was a disaster. I never surrendered to the globalist left. I always put our term America First, very simple, America First. I canceled Barack Hussein Obama’s corrupt use of Social Security data to deny Americans their gun rights without due process of law. You know that very well in this auditorium, I fought Obama’s unconstitutional effort to ban 3D-printed guns. I stood up for our hunters, fishers, and sportsmen like no other president has ever done before, opening up millions acres of federal land and rolling back Obama’s assaults on hunting, fishing, trapping, and on ammunition itself. When the radical left Democrats tried to use COVID to shut down gun sales during the China virus pandemic, I proudly designated gun and ammunition retailers as critical infrastructure. Do you remember that? Little things like that. It saved all of them, a lot of them are in the room with us today.

My administration also petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn New York City’s unconstitutional, so many unconstitutional things are taking place in these Democrat-run cities, but it was an unconstitutional ban on transporting handguns outside of the home, and in a landmark case last June, the court affirmed that the right to self-defense does not end when you step outside the front door of your house. We did all of this and we did so much more working now and going to finish everything that we started. We finished a lot it already in the four years, but we have things to do and we have things to finish and we’re going to get that done. We’re going to have a big, big, successful election coming up. We’re going to take back that beautiful, gorgeous White House.

In year one of my new term, I will stop Joe Biden’s war on lawful gun owners. It’s a war, what they’re doing is crazy, so many things are crazy. Let’s say no borders, high taxes, everything they do. I made a speech recently and I used this term, and I didn’t even know we were using it, but I used it, “Every day is like April Fool’s Day.” We want no borders. No, no, no, you’ve got to have borders. We want

Donald Trump (14:00):

… want no walls. No, no, you got to have walls. Everything is like the opposite. This is April Fools, right? We want high taxes. No, no, we want to keep our taxes low. We want no guns. No, no, we want people to be able to protect themselves and also enjoy it as entertainment and go out and hunt and do the things that you want to do. It’s almost like April Fools. Everything that they do is like, “We want to have a weak military. We want our military to be woke.”. We rebuilt the entire US military. We had planes that were 48 years old. We built brand new, beautiful jets. We had planes where the grandfathers were flying the same plane as the grandson, but we rebuilt our entire military. I hate to say this, we gave $85 billion of it to the Taliban in Afghanistan, in probably the most embarrassing, single moment in the history of our country, which I believe led to Russia going in. They would’ve never done that with us, but I believe it led to that and led to a lot of bad things.

That was the most embarrassing period of time, I think in our nation’s history. Not only that, the soldiers killed, 13 killed, many just horribly, horribly wounded, hurt, no arms, no legs, faces were just so badly hurt and we left a lot of people there too. And then we gave up Bagram Airbase, a big airbase, one hour from where China makes its nuclear weapons. You should have never given that up, and I call it a surrender. We actually surrendered. We were in great shape. If you look back on that history, you’re going to see something that was interesting. I dealt with Abdul. Abdul was the leader of the Taliban, and I took a lot of heat from all of those fake news people back there, and they said, “Why do you call Abdul? Abdul is the leader of the Taliban. They’re the ones that we’re fighting and fighting hard.”.

And I related to Jesse James. I say, “Well, Jesse James, the great bank robber, great outlaw.”. They say, “Why do you always rob banks, Jesse?”. He said, “Because that’s where the money is.”. So when I dealt with Abdul, he’s the one that was shooting our young soldiers and others with snipers and lots of other things, and I said, “Abdul, you can’t do that. You can’t do that.”, over the phone. “You do that, you’re going to suffer like nobody’s ever suffered. Your whole community is going to be terrible. We’ll hit you harder than anybody’s ever been hit.”. He said, “Your excellency, why, but why do you send me a picture of my home?”. I said, “Abdul, you’re going to have to figure that one out for yourself.”.

But you know what? We didn’t lose one soldier in 18 months. Now think of it, not one soldier was even shot at. They were at bay and we were going to get out with pride and with dignity. We were going to take all of our equipment out. I told the generals, I want every screw. I want every bolt. I want every tank. I want every plane. I want every helicopter. I want everything out. “Sir, can we leave the hangers?”, you know those big canvas, covered hangers? “Nope. They come out general.”. “Sir, I think it would be a lot easier to leave the equipment behind.”. This was Milley. That’s when I realized he’s a fool. I said, “So you mean to tell me, General, that if we have a hundred million dollar airplane sitting there, you want to leave that and you think that’s a good thing?”. Leave the airplane, leave the helicopters, which they did leave all of this very expensive…

We could just fill it up with a little jet fuel and fly it to Pakistan or fly it home. “Yes, sir. I think it would be a good idea to leave it.”. That’s where these ideas came from. Can you imagine? We left $85 billion worth of equipment in Afghanistan and I just read a report the other day that they are about the second-largest seller of arms in the whole world. We sell more than they do, a little bit, but they’re the second largest. Can you imagine that they’re… Because they don’t need 700,000 rifles? We left behind, talking about guns, NRA, 700,000 guns and rifles, some of them the finest in the world. Some of them, even are people right up here that are so wealthy, I know them. They wish they could afford guns like we left behind for the Taliban. Think of it, 700,000, 70,000 vehicles. Many of them armor plated, costing millions of dollars apiece. We left it all behind like a bunch of fools. We’re led by stupid people, and let me tell you, we’ve never been in such danger in our life.

I believe it’s the most dangerous time in the history of our country, because of the power of weaponry and I’m not talking about rifles now. You know what I’m talking about. The N word. Can’t use the N word. Two N words you can’t use. You can’t use the nuclear word. The power of these weapons is so… And I would never talk about it. I didn’t talk about it, and now it’s talked about every single day, including by Putin. He goes, “You know we’re a great nuclear power.”. He says that publicly now. He never said that when I was here, because you don’t talk about it. It’s too destructive. You don’t talk about it. Now, they’re talking about it all the time and we have somebody that has no idea what it is. We’ve never been in such danger. Because of our leadership, we’ve never been in such danger as we are right now.

I will take Biden’s executive order directing the federal government to target the firearms industry, and I will rip it up and throw it out on day one. That’ll be the first thing I do. I’ll also get energy started. We are energy independent, soon to be energy dominant. I’ll get that going quickly. You’ll see. You’ll see your gasoline and your heating bills and your cooling bills and every other bill, you’ll see them plummet and you’ll see inflation start to go away. I will eliminate the Biden ATFs ridiculous pistol brace rule, which orders law-abiding citizens to register or surrender guns with stabilizing braces. Right? Does everybody like that or should I forget about it?

I don’t know. They wanted me to put that in. I guess some people are happy with it. I don’t know. To restore our Second Amendment, we will pass legislation protecting the absolute right to self-defense with federal penalties for prosecutorial abuse, like we saw just recently in Texas. You saw that? Where a man was trying to defend himself and they want to put him in jail for the rest of his life, and I will ask Congress to send a bill to my desk delivering national concealed carry reciprocity.

You want protection. Just like your driver’s license or your marriage license, your Second Amendment must apply across state lines. It will. We’ll get it done pretty quickly too. The Biden gun control agenda is part and parcel of the left wing crusade to organize government against law-abiding citizens, while letting criminals roam free. They’re all over the place. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’re afraid to walk through one of these democrat cities. You go out for a loaf of bread, you end up getting shot. As president, I will end the weaponization of our government, including the ATF, the FBI, and the DOJ. They’ve weaponized our country.

I will dismantle and destroy the deep state. We made a big progress, and that includes the gun grabbing bureaucrats who are persecuting gun owners and manufacturers every single day. You people are getting persecuted by these left wing maniacs. No longer will government target the left’s political enemies. Instead, we will once again target violent criminals. I want to go after the criminals. These are mentally deranged or bad people, and we have to go after them and stop worrying about somebody that will never hurt anybody with a gun, just wants the gun for protection or whatever. We will get them behind bars and we will keep them behind bars. They don’t even… Now in New York, we have a district attorney. You can kill somebody and you don’t even have to put up bail. They’re out the next hour, two hours. It’s insane and that’s true with many different cities.

I don’t even know. You talk about April Fools Day. I don’t even know who could think… Who would think that this is good? Murderers, killers, violent animals are released onto the streets immediately. They don’t even spend time in jail. The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. As an example, when you see these gangs of hundreds of young, usually young people, go and attack an apartment store, department store in San Francisco and Los Angeles and Chicago, and they’re running by the hundreds and they’re running out carrying refrigerators and carrying air conditioners and big stuff, big, little, everything, fur coats, non-fur coat, everything they’re carrying. They empty out the stores and we… Our police are incredible, but they’re not allowed to do their job. They want to do their job so badly. They’re standing there, they’re shaking. They want to do their job, be so easy to do, but they’re not allowed to do their job, because of these radical lunatics we have thinking they’re doing the right thing. I don’t even think they do think they’re doing the right thing.

The politically incorrect truth, that no one on the left wants to admit, is that violent crime is rarely committed by legal gun owners. It is committed by a brutal class of hardened repeat criminals. That’s who’s doing it. In San Francisco, and who would’ve thought San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In San Francisco, murder suspects have an average of 13.9 prior arrests and 9.2 felony arrests. Think of that one. In Portland shooting Suspects have an average of eight prior arrests and nine criminal charges. In Washington D.C., a place that I’m very familiar with, four years. When I saw tents going up, I had them take them down immediately. Immediately. You can’t do that on these incredible parks and these incredible monuments. They were putting tents up and I take them down immediately, because you can do that much easier than when you have hundreds and even thousands. You have to see what’s happened to Washington D.C. since I’ve left. It’s horrible. Beautiful lawns with tents all over. No respect for our country, no respect for anything.

But in Washington D.C., an estimated 70% of all violent crime, and there’s a lot of it involving guns, is concentrated among a group of just 500 chronic law-breakers. Think of that. With most suspects arrested 11 times, at least, before being involved in a murder. They ultimately end up in a murder and then they end up getting like a year and sometimes less, and sometimes they’re not even prosecuted. The only one they want to prosecute is Donald Trump. Let’s get Trump. Let’s get that son of a bitch. Let’s get him. It’s unbelievable, actually. These people are sick. They are lunatics. This career criminal class cares nothing about gun laws in Chicago. Just 3% of prison inmates, who used a gun, bought it at a store.

So all of the gun owners in this room, a lot of them… Who’s a gun owner? Who’s a gun owner, first of all? Let’s go differently. Is there anybody in the room who doesn’t own a gun? Raise your hand if you have the courage. Okay, and how many people own gun stores and sell guns? How many people in the room? Okay, good, good. That’s all good, good, good business. That’s good. But let’s be very clear, the issue is not too many guns. The issue is too many thugs, hoodlums and savage criminals on our street. That’s really what the issue is. Instead of getting these dangerous killers into jail, we have radical DAs and attorney generals, prosecutors all across this country, subverting the law to attack conservative people and religious people, evangelicals, Christians. The very same raging, radical left, lunatic attorney general that is coming after me in New York State is also waging war on the NRA, shamefully trying to destroy this legendary organization that’s been an American institution since 1871.

You know when the NRA endorsed me in 2016, for the 2016 campaign, it was fairly early, and I do have two sons who are really good shots. I don’t know if you know. Eric and Don. If they were golfers, they’d be scratch. Maybe better than scratch, actually. But they’re really good. They’ve been a member of the NRA for a long time, and I think maybe that helped, but they endorsed me. That was considered one of the greatest things to do.

Donald Trump (28:00):

That it was like getting into the Wharton School of Finance or getting into Harvard or getting into a great college. That was a great thing. And they endorsed me very early and it was a great honor. We did a great job. And they better endorse me again, or they’re going to have some explaining to do. They’ll have some explaining to today. No, I do believe we’re in pretty good shape, but when you see the polls in a little while, you can understand that we’re in pretty good shape.

I’ve never seen such spirit as there is right now. And part of that, sadly, is because they are doing such a horrible job of running our country, which is really destroying our country, and I think it makes us even more popular to be honest with you. They’re doing such a horrible job. What they’re doing is destroying our great country. I want to congratulate you for fighting it so bravely, all of the things that have been happening to you. The racist in reverse, ran for office on the promise, ” I will get Trump.” You ever see the commercial? “I will get Trump. I’m going to get him.” Didn’t know anything about me, she’s running for office. I said, “Who is that maniac?” But I’m watching her campaign and a lot of people in the race and get a few people that vote, very few people actually it takes to get in. But she proclaimed, “I look forward to going into the Office of Attorney General every single day suing him and then going home, being very happy.” I said, “Oh gee, I hope she gets in. I hope she wins.” But she announced, “What is fueling my soul right now is Trump, getting Trump.” And she knows nothing about me.

So it’s not an investigation, you’re going through the same thing, it’s a persecution. Just like her attacks on the NRA and just like the witch hunts against us by the Manhattan DA, the Marxist DA in Atlanta, and the guy I have watching, this guy’s central casting, the guy from Washington special prosecutor. They say special counsel, I call it a prosecutor, it’s much better. They’re looking at the boxes hoax. Biden has 1,850 boxes that are unaccounted for. He had many boxes in Chinatown, classified information, many boxes. They got them out of there, but they got caught. It’s called obstruction. And they sent them up to Boston and they sit up in Boston and then it was revealed that he got millions of dollars from the Chinese. He got millions of dollars. But he has boxes in Chinatown, boxes all over the place. They don’t care about that, they only care about Trump.

But they’re trying to arrest their political opposition, it’s really very much like the old Soviet Union. They called Soviet style with elections and with the interference. They’re interfering with the election, that’s what they’re doing. It’s going to be hard for them to get away with the kind of corruption they did when they had COVID because COVID made a lot of things bad for a lot of people, but they cheated and going to be hard. So now I really believe they’re going the prosecutorial way, that’s the route. Where they use prosecutors to…

Don’t forget if you’re a… With me, it’s sort of interesting because my numbers have gone way up, you explain this to me. My numbers have gone way up. But other people, because you know me, the truth is the American public knows me well and they know that’s my deal, but they don’t know a lot of people running for office. So if you have a young good Republican running for office gets a subpoena and then they leak it out to the papers, it’s impossible for this guy to win a race. But the good news is we’ve gone way up. So we’ve done something that I don’t believe has ever done before, and we’re going to stay there and we’re going to go even higher if we can. I’m not sure you can go higher, but we’re going to go even higher if you can because we have to save our country. They’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you and I’m just sort of in the way. I’m in of these people.

And as everybody knows, it’s all because we’re leading so big in the polls, not only against Republicans, but also against Joe Biden. And if you take a look this week’s morning consult poll I led the field by 33 points with Trump 56 DeSanctis 23, Pence 5. I hope you gave Pence a good warm approval because he is a nice man, if you want to really know the truth. He is, he’s a good man. And I heard it was very rough. It’s a big news story. You’ve made news today. I don’t know what you did, but you made news today with the introduction you gave. Nikki Haley, that’s another, that’s a beauty, she’s at 4 and Abbott’s at 1. I don’t think Abbott’s going to run, Governor of Texas. In a two-way poll of Florida last week it was Trump 47 and DeSanctis 32%. And there was another poll in Florida where Trump was at 80 and DeSanctis was at 50, and that’s a Florida poll. In Texas it’s Trump, 52% DeSanctis 20, Pence 5, Haley 4.

The only way we can lose is if we go prevent defense. Do you agree? Do you know what that means? In football where they’re holding the team to no score and then they go prevent the last two minutes and they lose the game. We will never go prevent. But you can take a look on the screen and you’ll see some of these things posted and they’re really big polls. Massachusetts were leading by I think like 45, almost 50 points. In New Hampshire we’re leading by a lot. In Iowa the farmers can never vote for me. I got China to pay the farmers $28 billion for the damage that they caused. I said, “You got to pay.” And so you see some of these, I just thought you’d put them up. Remember in the old days, I used to always announce polls only if they were good, I wouldn’t announce them if they weren’t good. If I had a bad one, I would. But when they were good I used to drive the opposition crazy.

But we’re leading Biden now by a lot, 7 points, 9 points and a 10 point, but seven points in the last Rasmussen poll. And I am the one that they don’t want to run against, that’s why they’re coming after me like this. If they wanted me to run, they’d say, “Oh no. He is the most perfect human being we’ve ever seen.” Instead, they put these monsters in there, they put these radical left crazy people in. They’re the party of disinformation, remember that. What they say, you can usually go the opposite. They say, “Oh yeah, we want to run against Trump.” In the meantime, they got 5,000 prosecutors after my ass. “We want to run against him so bad, we’re going to run against him. That’s the guy we want Trump. By the way, please take him out of politics. Please get him out as fast as you can.” Nah, they’re the party of disinformation or misinformation, nobody knows the difference but they’re pretty close.

It’s no wonder that the far left crazies are engaging in election interference on a historic scale. Nobody outside of this country, nobody has ever seen anything like what’s happening now with the prosecutors, these Marxist prosecutors, who release rapists and murderers while persecuting conservatives. On day one of my new administration I will direct the DOJ with a very strong leader, not like Barr, not like Bill Barr. What a disaster he was. He was a rhino. He was afraid of being impeached. “Please, I don’t want to be impeached.” So how do you not get impeached? Don’t do anything. You don’t do anything. Remember they were going to impeach him and then all of a sudden he actually said, no, he didn’t see any wrongdoing in the election. My young son, very young, saw a lot of wrongdoing in the election every. Did anybody in this room can they say they didn’t see any wrong? That was the worst horror show, I think one of the greatest criminal acts ever, the election of 2020. But we will turn that around and it’ll be even bigger. You know what? It’ll be even bigger. If you think about it, it’ll be even bigger. Be much bigger than having one. We’ll be able to do things we could have never done because they have shown so bad. In other words, they want to show us. Well, they showed us. We have no energy. We have massive crime. Our military doesn’t work. Nobody respects us in the whole world. I mean, there’s not a leader that respects our leader. We will show them through this horrible four years that we’re going through. The problem is we can’t take any more of it because we’re not going to have a country left. But we will show them that we can do things and we’ll be able to do things on crime and other elements of society we’ll be able to do things that you probably wouldn’t have been able to do if you just carried it forward. So I think it’s actually much bigger, this could be much bigger than if we went the more traditional route.

I will direct the DOJ to investigate every radical DA and attorney general and American for their illegal race in reverse based enforcement of the law. I will then appoint a team of warrior US attorneys, and I know know some great ones including from this area, who will be the polar opposite of the DeSoro’s district attorneys. These guys, I mean, what they’re thinking? Who can believe… I mean, they’re not stupid people. They’re not stupid people. There’s two things. They’re either stupid or they hate our country, and I don’t think they’re stupid because anybody that can cheat so well in election, they’re not stupid. That means they hate our country and I believe they hate our country. They will be the 100 most ferocious crime fighters in American history and I will task them with demolishing every gang, street crew and criminal network they can find piece by piece until public safety is fully restored, and that means in Democrat run cities.

And at the top of the list is Washington DC itself, which is absolutely plagued by numbers and crime that nobody’s ever seen before. We’ve never seen anything like what’s happening in Washington DC. Can you imagine these foreign leaders coming over from countries and they’re looking at this filth and squalor and crime in our capitol? And I think we have to take it over. We have to take over management of our capitol because the people that are running, including the mayor who did nothing about January 6th, he was the one, “No, we don’t need anybody. We don’t need any help.” Along with crazy Nancy Pelosi, they did nothing. They did absolutely nothing. They were supposed to. They’re in charge of it. But all of our Democrat run cities are being absolutely ruined and destroyed. As we sit here and talk, they’re being ruined. I will order the ATF to stop bullying gun store owners and wanting to shut them down for paperwork errors and instead go after drug dealers, human traffickers and criminal cartels, which is what they should be going after.

Under Biden other countries are emptying out their prisons insane asylums and mental institutions and sending them right here to the USA. Can you imagine? Prisons and mental are being emptied out? I read a story not long ago where a man who takes care of a large segment of people in a mental institution in a South American country, a doctor, sounded like a great man actually, he said he no longer has anything to do. He used to work 24 hour days. He said, “All of our patients have been released into the United States of America.” And this is what we have. This is what we’ve allowed to happen. And we can’t allow this to happen because we will not have a country any longer. We can’t allow it to happen.

Under my leadership, we will quickly restore the most secure border in US history. We had the strongest border in history, and now we have, I think, the worst border in the history of the world because no country, even a Third World country, would allow what’s happening right now to us to happen to them. The first reconciliation Bill I signed for a massive increase in border patrol. These Border Patrol and Brandon Judd and all of his people, they’re incredible, the job they do. Tom Homan as a man that knows it, you see him on television, I call him central casting. But these two guys and all of the people that work with him, they’re so good. They want to do their job. It’s going to be a colossal increase in the number of ICE and Border Patrol, deportation offices following the Eisenhower model. I don’t know if you know Dwight Eisenhower was very tough on the subject. We will use all necessary state, local, federal, and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history. And I will ask every state and federal agency to identify every known or suspected gang member in America. And every one of them that is here legally we will pick them up and we will send them back to the country from which they came as we restore safety to our streets. We have

Donald Trump (42:00):

… have no choice. As we restore safety to our streets, we must also restore it to our schools. Hardening places of lording, we have to harden our assets to protect our children against threats of any kind. Last month, our hearts were shattered by news of the monstrous attack on a Christian elementary school in Nashville that claimed the lives of three adults and three precious children. Today we wrapped those beautiful families in our love and we lift them up in our prayers. We also salute the law enforcement heroes who ran into danger and took out that killer with speed and skill that made us all very, very proud. That made us all very, very proud.

It’s a scandal and a tragedy that year after year Democrats in Washington continue to hold common sense school safety measures hostage to their radical gun control agenda, which in virtually all cases would do nothing to prevent attacks by demented and disturbed individuals, of which we have many and many are coming into our country, but we’re getting them out.

Our country has been chock-full of guns for centuries and there was no talk of massacres of school children until around the year 2000. That’s when it really started. They started talking about it. This is not a gun problem. This is a mental health problem. This is a social problem. This is a cultural problem. This is a spiritual problem.

Each and every one of these heinous attacks depend on the same cold-blooded calculation that the evil monster will have a window of time to act out their demonic fantasy unchallenged, they want to be unchallenged, they don’t want challenge. The only way to stop these wicked acts is to ensure that any sicko who would shoot up a school knows that, within seconds, not minutes, they will face certain death. They have to know that, then they won’t be doing it.

For this reason, I will ask Congress to repeal totally ineffective legislation that makes it harder to protect our schools and easier for criminals to face absolutely no opposition when they go in. I will also create a new tax credit to reimburse any teacher for the full cost of a concealed carry firearm and training from highly qualified experts who’s better.

If even 5% of teachers, people that are skilled with arms, we want that. 5% were voluntarily armed and trained to stop active shooters, we would achieve effective deterrents and the problem would cease to exist and that would be a lot of people, but these are all people that are trained and talented with firearms. For about $12 billion, we could fund arm security guards at the entrance every school in America and also arm every willing teacher. We want to arm some of these teachers that have to go through rigorous or some people say vigorous, I like vigorous better, I don’t like rigorous, they have to go through vigorous training, but they’re already there and they’ll do better than anybody you could put in. And they love our children. They really love our children. If we can send $120 billion to Ukraine, then we can afford one-tenth of that amount to protect American children in American schools.

We also need to drastically change our approach to mental health. Upon my inauguration, I will direct the FDA to convene, and it’s going to happen quickly, to convene an independent outside panel to investigate whether transgender hormone treatments and ideology increase the risk of extreme depression, aggression, and even violence. I think most of us already know the answer, don’t we? Furthermore, we have to look at whether common psychiatric drugs as well as genetically engineered cannabis and other narcotics are causing psychotic breaks, lot of problems. We’re having problems that we’ve never seen before and people sort of think they understand why. We must also be much better at detecting warning signs of evil disturbed young men, like the one who murdered colleagues in Louisville, we cannot rest until we get to the bottom of all of the sickness that we’re seeing in our country. I will fight to restore our safety and I will also fight to reclaim our freedom. We’re going to have freedom in our country. We’re going to be able to walk down the street and buy a loaf of bread and come back and not be shot. To defend our constitution and the rule of law, I will give you my word today that I will appoint rock solid constitutional conservatives to crush the communists from our federal bench. They’re communists, many of them. We did a great job. We set a record, but there’s more to go. Before election day 2024, I will once again release the full list of names from which I select my appointments to the United States Supreme Court so everyone can see who I’m. Thinking about putting there, I did that last time and a lot of people said it made a big difference. It will be an all star roster of young fearless originalists in the mold of Justice Antonin Scalia, great man and the great lion of American Liberty. Justice Clarence Thomas, by the way, they’re after him. Did you see it? They’re after him now.

They’re after Clarence now, but he can take care of himself very well. At the same time, conservatives can no longer sit by and wait for the courts to save America. Our country is being plundered and ransacked by radical left barbarians who are trying to burn down every right and every liberty that we hold so dear. The next time we have power, Congress has to step up and stop this Marxist revolution and it strikes. We have a Marxist revolution going on and I think you’re starting to see it. I think you’re starting to see it, and we have to stop it fast. This is what we must do to save our country.

With your vote and with a Republican house and a Republican Senate, and we have a really good chance at both, I will lead the great rebirth of American freedom. We will build a future where we’re free of crime and free of violence and free from fear, is fear, where we are free from dependence on foreign countries. We’re so dependent on so many foreign countries, in particular China, where we are free from the shackles of an unelected deep state from corrupt intelligence agencies, free from war, free from poverty, free to speak our minds, and last but certainly not least, free to keep and bear arms.

And in closing, I have to state, the USA is a mess. Our economy is crashing, inflation is out of control. Russia has joined with China, unthinkable. Saudi Arabia, great people, have joined with Iran. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea have formed together as a menacing and destructive coalition.

Our currency is crashing and will soon no longer be the world’s standard, which will be our greatest defeat in 200 years and was unthinkable just a few years ago. Unthinkable that that could happen, but it’s happening before your very eyes and we won’t let it happen. With me, not even a chance, just like Russia would’ve never invaded Ukraine, and China would not be having even a thought of raiding Taiwan. You didn’t hear about these things when I was president.

If you took the five worst presidents in the history of the United States and added them up, they would not have done near the destruction to our country as Joe Biden and the Biden administration have done. We are a failing nation. We are a nation in decline, and now these radical left lunatics want to interfere with our elections by using law enforcement and we can’t let that happen. But with all of this being said, and with a very dark cloud hanging over our country, I have no doubt that we will, together as a group, make America great again. I have no doubt. Thank you. Thank you very much. God bless you all. God bless you.

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