Apr 12, 2023

DA Alvin Bragg sues Rep. Jim Jordan Transcript

DA Alvin Bragg sues Rep. Jim Jordan Transcript
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Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg filed a federal lawsuit against GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, accusing him of seeking to interfere in his office’s prosecution and investigation of former President Donald Trump. Read the transcript here.

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Maurice DuBois (00:00):

Tonight the battle is intensified between the Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, and House Republicans. Bragg is now suing Congressman Jim Jordan, who’s conducting an inquiry into Bragg’s investigation of Donald Trump. CBS2 political reporter, Marcia Kramer, here now to explain. Marcia.

Marcia Kramer (00:16):

Well, Maurice and Kristine, call this punch and counter punch. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg went to federal court today to stop the House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan from forcing a former top prosecutor in his office from testifying before the committee.

The committee wants to hear from former Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz, who left the office in early 2022 after Alvin Bragg initially stopped the grand jury investigation of Mr. Trump, launched by his predecessor, Cy Vance. Jordan apparently wants to ask Pomerantz about his experiences investigating Mr. Trump and if Bragg expressed any misgivings about bringing charges against the former president. Bragg said, “No way,” and he wants a judge to stop the Judiciary Committee subpoena.

“Chairman Jordan’s subpoena is an unconstitutional attempt to undermine an ongoing New York felony criminal prosecution and investigation,” Bragg said, claiming the subpoena “is an unprecedented illegitimate interference by Congress that lacks any legal merit and defies basic principles of federalism. The Manhattan DA’s office focuses on the law and the evidence, not political gamesmanship or threats.”

In court papers, the DA contended the committee lack the authority to conduct its own investigation, one already handled by a grand jury. “Chairman Jordan and the committee have, in essence, appointed Congress as a super grand jury that can flex its subpoena power to second guess the judgment of New York citizens and interfere with the state criminal justice process,” the suit charged.

But Jordan is not giving up. While a court decides whether Mark Pomerantz has to testify, Jordan and his committee are heading to New York next week to put Bragg under the microscope and discuss his crime fighting policies. I’ll have more on that coming up at 6:00. Live in the newsroom, I’m Marcia Kramer, CBS2 News.

Speaker 3 (02:03):

All right, Marcia, thank you.

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