Jun 5, 2022

Authorities investigate killing of retired judge 6/04/22 Transcript

Authorities investigate killing of retired judge 6/04/22 Transcript
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Officials called it a “targeted act” and a possible case of domestic terrorism. The suspect had a hit list of high-profile politicians. Read the transcript here.

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Whit Johnson: (00:00)
Next tonight authorities are investigating the killing of a judge, calling it a targeted act in a possible case of domestic terrorism. The retired Wisconsin judge was found dead in his home zip tied to a chair. A suspect now in custody in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities identifying him late today saying they found him with a hit list of prominent politicians. Here’s ABC’s Phil Lipof.

Phil Lipof: (00:25)
Tonight, a former Wisconsin judge is dead, shot in his home and police say he was targeted. Six-thirty, Friday morning. The 911 call came in.

Speaker 3: (00:35)
States his neighbor’s son from across the street is banging on the door, stating someone murdered his father

Phil Lipof: (00:43)
Police rushing to the home of former circuit court Judge John Roemer.

Josh Kaul: (00:46)
The Juno County special tactics and response team entered the residence and located the homeowner, a 68 year old male, who was deceased. A 56 year old male was located in the basement with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Phil Lipof: (01:00)
Wisconsin officials identifying the suspect as Douglas Uhde. He is in critical condition. Law enforcement briefed on the investigation telling ABC News the judge was zip tied to a chair and fatally shot. According to those same law enforcement sources, Uhde had a hit list in a car found at the scene. On that list, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. A spokesperson for Governor Whitmer calling the news reports “deeply troubling” and saying she “will not be bullied or intimidated.”

Josh Kaul: (01:31)
We have been able to contact the people who we believe may have been targets and to notify them. The others, as far as we are aware, are safe at this point.

Phil Lipof: (01:41)
As for a motive, the attorney general only saying it has to do with a court case or cases. In 2020 New Jersey federal judge Esther Salas was targeted at her home by a disgruntled lawyer who shot her husband and killed her son. She spoke with our Robin Roberts.

Esther Salas: (01:57)
It had been months, if not a year, when he last appeared before me.

Robin Roberts: (02:03)
Had he ever threatened you in any kind of way?

Esther Salas: (02:07)
Nothing, there was nothing.

Phil Lipof: (02:09)
But he was able to get her home address. She is now joining the fight for federal legislation to prevent that.

Whit Johnson: (02:16)
Phil lip off back with this now, and Phil, we noted that authorities are looking at this as a possible case of domestic terrorism, but you’re learning about legislation pending to try to keep judges safe in the future?

Phil Lipof: (02:28)
Right. Many states are beginning to pass laws, that would do two things. First, enhance penalties against anyone who would threaten a judge and then to keep their personal information, things like addresses, spouses, children, not listed on any systems. Whit.

Whit Johnson: (02:45)
All right, Phil. Thank you.

George Stephanopoulos: (02:46)
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