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#Robotched: The Marvelous Misfires of Artificial Intelligence


RevBlogTranscription Blog#Robotched: The Marvelous Misfires of Artificial Intelligence

Because sometimes it feels good to point and laugh at the robots.

Robots. They’re driving cars. They’re performing surgeries. They’re feeding us plump tomatoes while we run. Whether you love a sun-ripened Roma plopped in your maw while you jog or not, they’re pretty good at making life better for us. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re without blemish. Check up on your bot counterparts every now and then, and you’ll see they’re flawed, too. Just like us. 

Even the crème de la crème, mystifyingly accurate robots like, say, Rev’s speech engine have been known to tomayto-tomahto the ol’ English language. 

Now, we know what you’re asking.

“Does that mean THE Rev speech engine is flawed?! Isn’t that the speech engine that beat Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in accuracy?” you ask. “The one that’s trusted by 750,000+ users, has a stunning editor, and delivers quality at sound barrier-breaking speeds?!” 

Yes, even the most seemingly perfect bots among us let out the occasional bleep instead of bloop and bloop instead of bleep. That includes you, Temi.

And on this new stage of mechanical fridge-magnet poets, there’s no need to throw a big, juicy beefsteak just yet. After all, we’re all learning here. Clearly. 

So in that spirit, we’re here to rally you, queens, in an inspired call to action, driven by only the purest desire to giggle.

How can you join in on this virtual pointing-and-laughing? We’re so glad you asked:

  1. Be vigilant in reviewing all AI-produced content (think automated speech-to-text transcripts, YouTube-generated captions, voicemail transcriptions etc.). The more embarrassing/strange/awkward, the better.
  2. Take screenshots of said robot errors.
  3. Post to Twitter, mocking bot with hashtag #robotched (don’t worry, AIs don’t have feelings).
  4. Once posted, we’ll enter you in a monthly drawing for $100 toward a or service of your choice. 
  5. Sit back, relax, and watch our Twitter #Robotched Wall of Shame.
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