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How to Get Czech Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

How to Get Czech Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

RevBlogSubtitlesHow to Get Czech Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

Currently, it is believed that there are more than 13 million people that speak the Czech language. It should be no wonder why the need for Czech subtitles should be something to consider. By simply opting to cater to their needs through the use of subtitles, you can gain a large, dedicated following.

In the Czech Republic alone there are 9.31 million internet users. Out of these, 5.7 million use social media, and this rate is growing. Furthermore, the language is spoken outside of the borders of the country. Recognized Czech minorities exist in European countries such as Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Slovakia, and, even the U.S.A. Besides this, it’s worth considering that the nearly 5 million Slovak speakers are also able to understand Czech.

How to easily order Czech subtitles that meet quality demands

Now that we have established just why it’s important to consider addressing the Czech market, it’s important to look at the best way to add Czech subtitles to your videos. The task may be simpler than you might expect. All that you need to do is work with noted industry professionals. 

While there are millions of Czech speakers around the world, movies with Czech subtitles are not an industry standard. In fact, in the case of many streaming platforms, they need to be requested.

Working with Rev helps you solve the issue swiftly and efficiently. The thousands of well-versed Rev freelancers are able to provide you with an accurate translation of the video in a swift manner. The company guarantees 99% accuracy and delivery of the document within 24 hours. 

There is, also, no learning curve you need to worry about. Once you have ordered the subtitles, a document with the translation will be provided. You will easily be able to integrate the file within your video. 

Knowing the difference between open, burned-in subtitles and captions

When setting up your strategy to include movies with Czech subtitles, it is important to acquire some knowledge about your options. While the terms “captions” and “subtitles” are often used interchangeably in online discussions, those refer to different things. 

Captions represent the text that is placed on the screen when the words spoken in the video belong to a language other than that with which the larger audience may be familiar. Subtitles, on the other hand, are a translation into a different language of the words being spoken. 

The last thing we need to tell you about is the difference between open and burned-in subtitles. The closed subtitles are ones that the user is able to toggle on and off. The burned-in captions are the ones that cannot be turned off. The second option is especially popular for helping people who may suffer from hearing impairment although this is far from their only use. 

Rev can assist in offering these types of burned-in subtitles. This small addition to your video can dramatically increase the chance of your video reaching a sizable audience.     

Creating the right type of video content and reaching your target audience

There has never been a better time to attempt to spread your message through online video content. Whatever you are looking to promote, judging by the statistics, your best bet is to use this tool. 

The vast majority of marketers use video content to boost sales of their product. A recent survey showed how 94% of marketers believe videos were able to increase the public’s understanding of their product. Also, 83% said that videos offer them a good return on their investment. And, videos are a great tool for SEO meaning that your product and content are likely to remain visible over time. 

Video content is also tremendously versatile. There’s a lot of room to be creative. Certainly, sites such as YouTube, or social media platforms such as Facebook have a great number of viewers. However, in the last year short-form videos, live streams, and newer social media apps have become major trends in the online world. 

Simply put, if you are not creating videos and adding subtitles to help reach a bigger audience, you are likely missing out on a great opportunity. 


The studies and statistics are clear about one thing. The world is eagerly waiting for new video content that addresses their needs. You have all the tools required to be among the ones that benefit from this trend.  

There are 13 million speakers of the Czech language. The vast majority of them use the internet and access video content. If you are a creator looking to take advantage of these figures, one of the best ways is to use subtitles to increase communication. Working with Rev guarantees that the task couldn’t be easier. 

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