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Rev Engineering by the Numbers

Rev Engineering by the Numbers

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Welcome to the new Rev engineering blog! This will be a place for us to share our technical thoughts, and a way for you to get a peek into life at Rev. We think documenting things here will help us formalize some of our values, and provide us a running history of challenges we’re facing and conversations we’re having. We hope that having these conversations in a more public forum will not just benefit Rev, but allow other engineers and their organizations to learn from our experiences.

Here are a few topics to expect from us:
  • How Rev does 10% time (and the role it played in the creation of this blog)
  • Rev’s engineering values
  • How we interview
  • Establishing our front-end build
  • Engineer profiles
  • How Rev supports remote engineers
  • How we approached migrating our files to TypeScript

Are there other topics you’d like to see us cover? Tell us in the comments.

That’s all coming soon, but to give you a quick introduction to engineering at Rev here’s Rev Engineering By the Numbers:

  • Engineers: 56
  • Teams: 13
  • Largest team: 7 engineers
  • Smallest team (4-way tie): 3 engineers
  • Offices: 2 (San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX)
  • Remote engineers: 15
  • Jira issues filed: 27,945
  • Jira issues closed: 24,898
  • Releases: 1004
  • Commits: 28,365
  • Branches: 184
  • Tests written: 53,923
  • Secondary repositories: 106

Sound like a place you’d like to work? Check out our careers page.

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