What Is Audio Transcription? Audio Transcription Definition

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At its core, audio transcription is the written account of any verbal communication. But it’s so much more than that when you start to use it correctly. Audio transcription transforms any video or audio file into an entire experience for your audience.

 For a small investment, you can bring your content to life with audio transcription. Rev’s transcription professionals make it simple for you to add captions or repurpose your content and share it with a global audience. And it only takes a few hours.

 What is Transcription? Definition

Audio Transcription Definition

Audio transcription & transcribing speech to text has a long and varied history. In years past, audio transcription would be defined as the written or notated record of a human’s voice. It included anything from public speeches to courtroom proceedings.  

Most recently, though, the definition of audio transcription includes digital recordings, as well. Now, an audio transcription could cover a webinar, a movie or an interview done by your phone’s recording app. No matter how the definition evolves, however, it will always be the written version of an auditory experience.

What is a Transcriber?

To create an audio transcription, there are a few different options to consider. You can choose a human with a comprehensive understanding of the language, including context, nuance and slang. You can also use an automated transcriber, which delivers computer-generated transcriptions. Obviously, it’s faster and less expensive to use an automatic speech recognition service, but you might lose some nuance. That adds an extra editing step for you and your team. Both options are useful, it comes down to how you’d like the process to go.

The Benefits of Transcription

No matter what your goals are, audio transcription can help you. Individuals find the affordable pricing, unbeatable accuracy and fast turnaround time to be a tremendous benefit of using Rev’s audio transcription services. Many people will send their interviews, research notes and more before they go to bed and wake up to a fully-transcribed document in their inbox.   

Companies big and small turn to audio transcriptions to make their content more accessible to a wider audience. A written version of their most popular videos can become email marketing content or an infographic to share on social media. A podcast episode can become an in-depth blog post or white paper in a matter of hours. The benefits are only limited to your imagination.

Case Studies

Rev’s audio transcription services are trusted by thousands of individuals and organizations across the world. Rev offers time coding, professional transcriptionists (human transcribers), audio or video file transcription, and automated speech recognition services.

Leaders in media, education, marketing and other industries use transcriptions every day. From The New York Times to The University of Michigan, Rev’s professionals have transcribed in-depth, complex and confidential content with precision and efficiency.   

Scott Stratten, President of Unmarketing, said, “Fast, accurate and a great price for transcription. We use them for everything!”

What are the Best Industries for Transcription?

Any industry that produces content of any kind will benefit from audio transcriptions. But particularly, media corporations, higher education institutions and legal offices all find them essential to being productive. By partnering with Rev, many companies in each of those industries have significantly improved their production time and accuracy. Learn more about our audio transcription options available to start using Rev’s services today.