The Best Webinar Transcription Services: How to Get a Webinar Transcript

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Webinars have grown in popularity in the last few years, along with the general growth of all types of video conferencing. A webinar is a live virtual event that takes place online, usually using video conferencing platforms and webinar software. 

They are usually educational and involve lots of dialogue between the presenter and the participants through chat boxes, Q&A features, and questions asked directly to the presenter.

If you host a webinar, it’s a good idea to get an accurate webinar transcript and send it to your attendees after the webinar concludes. This is great for people with hearing disabilities, and anyone who wants to search the raw text of the webinar to find and revisit sections of the webinar.

Pro tip: You can transcribe your webinar, and upload it to your website as a blog post. This provides you with content, indexable by search engines to help your SEO marketing efforts.

How to Get a Webinar Transcript

The first step in webinar transcribing is finding a good webinar transcription company. Rev is the world leader in transcription services, with a 99% accuracy guarantee and turnaround time of a single day (usually even less) for a 1 hour webinar. 

Here are the steps for ordering a webinar transcript:

1. Record Your Webinar

Almost all webinar software includes recording functionality. Rev takes almost all audio and video formats, so you can export a MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, AAC, or WAV to upload to Rev.

2. Upload Your Webinar or Paste Your Video URL

You can upload the video file of your recorded webinar here. You can also paste the webinar video URL if you already posted your webinar video online, on something like social media or YouTube. 

Transcribe Audio to Text Upload

3. Select Additional Transcription Options

Select any additional transcription options you might need. Some examples of additional features include:

Rush My Order: Get your transcript finished and delivered up to 5X faster for an extra $1 per minute.

Timestamping: Get your transcript synced with linkable timestamps in each paragraph (synced with video in Rev’s Transcript Editor) for an extra 25 cents per minute.

Verbatim: Get every single word transcribed. Words like “um”, “uh”, “ah”, etc. for an additional 25 cents per minute.

Instant First Draft: Get an instant transcript of your webinar, which is run by Rev’s machine generated transcription service (the most accurate speech to text engine in the world).

4. Checkout and Your Will be Emailed to You Within a Day

Rev’s network of 50,000+ professional transcribers will start working on your transcript, and we will email you as soon as it’s finished!

Rev provides transcripts for a wide range of audio or video files, including interview transcripts, business transcription, legal transcripts, transcripts for video editing, market research transcripts, and thousands more.

Pro tip: Rev also provides a live captioning service for webinars. Contact us today to find out how to integrate with Rev’s AI service.

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