Spanish Audio & Video Transcription: Transcribe Spanish Speech to Text

Did you know approximately 7.6% of the global population speaks Spanish? That’s 580 million people. Spanish also has one of the largest populations of native speakers around the world (second only to Chinese).


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That’s a whole lot of people that your brand isn’t reaching if you aren’t thinking about accessible communication in Spanish.

Now, think about if you had access to that audience of 580 million. That’s what Spanish transcription can help you do.

That’s why Rev will soon be offering both automated and human Spanish transcription services to transcribe Spanish audio. With our Spanish transcription, you’ll get the accuracy and reliability you know from our current services, but in Spanish as well. This way, you can get all your transcription needs in one place.

Can’t wait to get best-in-class Spanish speech recognition transcription? You don’t have to. Our global voice recognition API is already available and automatically transcribes Spanish audio to text.

Why You Should Get Transcription in Spanish

For one, Spanish transcription can help your company reach a broad audience of Spanish-speakers. But that’s not all. There are several other reasons why businesses should get Spanish transcription.

Make Your Spanish Content More Accessible

Spanish closed captions make your Spanish video content more accessible to folks who are deaf or hard of hearing and read Spanish. Just as you’d convert your English audio, it’s good practice to also convert your Spanish audio.

Accurate Records

It’s always a good idea to keep records of your meetings and interviews – and Spanish conversations are no different. With an automatic transcription software that transcribes your audio and video files, you can easily refer to the transcript and find specific points in the conversation.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO – one of those growing must-haves to gain organic traffic. Aside from ranking for English keywords, you can also rank for Spanish keywords. 

One hack to improving your keyword search ranking? Creating transcriptions for your Spanish video and audio content.

Videos in general can be great tools to increase your organic search traffic, but adding a transcript is even better. The transcript makes it easier for Google and other search engines to pull out specific keywords from the audio. This way, the search engine can quickly know what the video is about and make it available to the right audience by appearing in relevant search results.


If you want to get fully bilingual, you can order transcripts in both Spanish and English. By having options in both English and Spanish, you can make your content work overtime for you because it can now reach both audiences.

The Final Takeaway

Regardless of your medium, if you’re creating Spanish content for audio and video, Spanish transcription is a must. With our Spanish transcription services, you’ll be able to upload your audio or video and can get quick, accurate, and affordable Spanish transcription.