How to Transcribe Audio Notes in Evernote Accurately With No Errors

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Professionals and students love Evernote’s note-taking software, which helps memorialize information, document ideas, and get organized. One of Evernote’s most useful features is its ability to record audio. This feature allows users to speak into their devices and create voice notes to save for later. These recordings can save time and capture thoughts that may otherwise be lost. Unfortunately, Evernote does not offer the ability to transcribe these recordings. 

Luckily, there is a solution. Transcription services from turns your recordings into great text notes, at an affordable cost. 

How to Transcribe Audio Notes in Evernote

It’s fast and easy to record voice notes in Evernote, but they can be hard to manage. There are three general options for transcribing these note in Evernote.

  1. A human-powered transcription (most accurate).
  2. An automated transcription (somewhat accurate).
  3. Your device’s speech to text feature (least accurate).

The Most Accurate Way to Transcribe Evernote Audio Notes

Need a really accurate solution for transcribing audio in Evernote? has a professional solution that is only $1.25 per audio minute and guarantees 99% accuracy. Here’s how to use Rev with Evernote:

  1. Create a new note or open an existing note in Evernote.
  2. Start recording. This is an easy process, but it’s different depending on which device you have. Evernote has clear instructions.
  3. Save the audio to your note or as a new file.
  4. On your computer or mobile device, go to’s transcription page and click Get Started. 
  5. Upload your audio file or drag and drop it and follow the prompts.
  6. Transcriptions are finished and emailed to you within 12 hours! 


The Best Automated Transcription Solution with Evernote

If your audio is clear, without background noise, crosstalk, or accents, you may choose our automated transcription service instead. It’s a faster, less expensive, but also less accurate option to transcribe your voice notes. Here’s how to use the service. 

  • Follow steps 1 through 3 above. 
  • On your computer or mobile device, go to’s automated transcription page and click Try Free Now.
  • Confirm that your audio is clear, upload your audio file or drag and drop it, and follow the prompts.

Transcriptions are usually finished and emailed to you in about 5 minutes. You can also download your transcription in either of two caption file formats: SubRip Text (.srt) and WebVTT (.vtt).

Once you start transcribing your voice notes, you’ll find you get much more out of them. The reason you use Evernote is to manage information and save time, right? Transcription is a fast, effortless way to help organize and get the most out of your recordings.  

The Importance of Good Quality Transcriptions

Note-taking apps like Evernote exist to make your life easier. They help you process larger amounts of information and keep it at your fingertips for convenient access. Recording an audio note is a quick, convenient way to save thoughts and ideas, or to add comments to an existing note. A transcription filled with errors takes more effort and concentration to read. Misspelled or misunderstood words make your notes less searchable and harder to categorize. By contrast, a good, clean accurate transcription is a better, more satisfying tool. 

You can record and accurately transcribe audio recorded in Evernote using’s transcription service. It’s super easy to use and affordable – just $1.25 per minute of audio. That’s far less than other transcription apps or services. Best of all, we guarantee 99% accuracy from our human-powered transcription. We also offer the choice of an automated transcription that costs just .25 cents per minute. Though the machine is not as accurate as our team of transcribers, it is the most accurate machine-generated speech to text solution in the world.

Why Transcription of Voice Notes is Essential

Without a transcription of your voice note, you can’t search for a key phrase or word within your note. You also don’t have the ability to create and maintain a written record of your note. This means you may not be able to use it on another platform or in a text-based project. It can be frustrating to have to listen to an entire audio recording to find what you’re looking for. In addition, let’s face it, some of us just can’t stand to listen to recordings of our own voice.

Text notes are simply more versatile than audio notes. It’s easier to search within them, and it’s easier to keep them organized right next to your existing notes.     

Evernote’s Help and Learning section provides instructions for how to use your device’s speech to text function. This will transcribe a voice memo, but as anyone who’s received a dictated text message knows, it may be embarrassingly inaccurate. Further, the different steps for each operating system can be hard to remember. You may find you need to keep notes in Evernote about how to transcribe notes in Evernote!

Some Evernote users have found their speech to text not working. This is generally not a problem with Evernote, but rather a symptom of their device’s imperfect transcribing app. It’s important to remember that Evernote does not transcribe audio to text itself. Instead, it relies on outside technology. That’s why the transcription tech you use matters so much.