How to Edit Subtitles Online with Rev’s Subtitles Editor

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This article explains how video content professionals can add non-English subtitles to a video and edit them with Rev’s help. Every Rev subtitles order gives the user access to our subtitles editor, a simple and straightforward tool to ensure your subtitles’ quality.

Closed Captions vs. Subtitles

First, let’s just make sure you’re placing the correct order. Closed captions are a transcription of dialogue into written text, and they are always in the same language. Subtitles, on the other hand, are a translation of that dialogue into the written text of a different language. Read more about the difference between closed captions and subtitles here

How to Get Non-English Subtitles for Videos

Adding non-English subtitles to your videos doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, with Rev’s services, it’s quite simple. Rev offers accurate, affordable subtitle translation for more than 15 different languages.

Here’s the basic process you’ll follow for adding Rev subtitles to your videos:

  1. Upload your video file. You can paste a URL or pull from a video tool.
  2. Let Rev professionals generate subtitles for you. Over 1,000 professional Rev translators will create subtitle files for your video, which we’ll deliver to you in 24 hours in your preferred file format
  3. Publish subtitles to your video. Our team of highly skilled translators creates and delivers everything you need, so you can simply add the subtitle file to your video file.

How to Customize Rev Subtitles

Rev gives all of our customers the option to verify English captions even before they are sent to our professional team to be translated into non-English subtitles. This customer-verification feature allows you to be a part of the quality-control process during the early stages of production, so you can ensure that your English captions say exactly what you want before they’re translated.

However, even after verifying your English captions, you may still want to edit and customize the subtitles we create for you. You can customize your Rev Subtitles order with our easy-to-use online subtitle editor. 

In Rev’s subtitle editor, you can:

  • Change the font size
  • Switch between US and UK English
  • Check spelling
  • Switch between formal and informal language
  • Find and replace 
  • And more

You can find a step-by-step guide to using the subtitle editor here. Once you’re finished with your subtitle edit, you can download your file and add the subtitles to your online video. 

Burned-In Captions and Subtitles

Some social media platforms don’t support sidecar closed caption and subtitle files, so you may consider adding “burned-in” subtitles to your videos in these instances. To add burned-in subtitles to your videos through Rev, you can select the captions, add your video file, and select burned-in captions before completing the checkout process.