How to Convert Audio Files to Text Documents

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Audio to text converters offer a new way of keeping track of important information. In the past, one person would be designated to take furious notes, trying to capture everything that was said in a discussion. It prevented them from participating and it also created a distraction in the room — particularly if that person was a loud typer.

With an audio to text converter, you don’t have to worry about distractions holding back your meetings, lectures or interviews. You can simply record the audio and receive an accurate account of everything that was said in a text file — no extra effort required.

Audio to Text Converter Options

If you’re looking to invest in or start using an audio to text transcription software, it’s important to pick the one that fits your working style. Here are some of your top options, no matter what you’re looking for.


InqScribe is a good tool. InqScribe is known for its accuracy, but not necessarily its flexibility. It’s mostly used on the computer and wouldn’t be a great option for those who need it for mobile devices.

Native Voice Recorders

Native voice recorders are the apps on your smartphone or other devices that allow you to convert audio to text. They’re in your notes app, your texting app and possibly others. These are great options because they don’t require any extra investment, they can move with you wherever you go and their accuracy is reliable. The only drawback is you are limited to the space available on your smartphone. For longer audio clips, your phone might quit recording and converting in the middle of an important topic. Consider the way you’ll use your audio to text converter before you rely solely on your native phone apps.

My Voice 2 Text

Another excellent contender for converting an audio file to a text file is My Voice 2 Text. This is a free online resource that doesn’t require installation. As with InqScribe, there are limitations with mobile capabilities if you use My Voice 2 Text, but it is a good resource for fast audio to text conversions.

Rev’s Automatic and Professional Transcription Services

Rev also offers a few different options for anyone wondering how to convert audio files to text files. Our professional team of transcriptionists convert your audio files with 99% accuracy and can turn around your files in as little as an hour. You can upload from anywhere and download your files whenever you’re ready.

Rev offers audio transcription options for several audio file formats including converting mp3 to text, as well as MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, AAC, and WAV.

Rev’s pricing structure keeps the audio to text conversion costs very low. For those looking for fast turnaround time, we also offer automated transcriptions that can convert your audio files in real-time. You get the same convenience of all Rev’s services, plus the added bonus of speed.

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