The Best Transcript Generator Software You Have Been Missing Out On

Accuracy, turnaround time, and price used to be the main factors for choosing automatic transcription software. Rev offers them all, plus human transcription services with even higher correctness and options for handling difficult audio and video files.


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Allocating a solid transcription budget or making even a few spontaneous orders may become a challenging task. It is a matter of convenience to have one vendor for both speedy rough drafts and accurate text copies. Rev’s transcript generator options help you to stop looking for speech-to-text services.

Best Human Transcription Option

From market and academic researchers to video editors, professionals often have to handle difficult audio or video files. Transcription complexity arises mainly due to the background noises and heavy accents of the speakers. 

Thus, it is important to have access to a big pool of native English-speakers. Besides, you need experts from all possible industries to transcribe audio with a specific vocabulary. 

Rev has secured support from tens of thousand US-based freelance transcriptionists that have a broad skill set. In addition to that, at least one reviewer goes through the result before the customer receives it. All transcriptionists have signed an NDA. 

Revvers enable us to offer 24/7 transcription services with 99% accuracy and a turnaround time of 12 hours. Urgent orders with up to 30 minutes of audio and video length are finished in only four hours.

Accuracy and speed are important factors in choosing a vendor. But there is another one: the price. With Rev, each transcribed minute will cost you only $1.25

Best Transcript Software

Sometimes four hours may still be too long a time to wait. If your audio or video files have high quality, then automatic transcription is a good option. With $0.25 per minute, 80% accuracy, and five minutes waiting time, it became a must for fast-paced industries.

Indeed, Rev’s automatic transcript generator does the same as human professionals do. It transcribes audio and performs speaker identification. Our transcription software works perfectly, when the voices are clear, and accents are not so strongly present. If you need just quick notes, let AI do the job. It does not even matter at all if you have an audio file or video file. Rev’s automatic transcription can deal with both. 

Moreover, our transcription software has undergone multiple accuracy tests. According to their results, it has left behind such giant providers as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and many others.

What Makes the Best Transcript Generator?

With Rev, you do not have to choose between human and automatic transcription. You can use any of them depending on the situation.

It saves you a lot of time you’d spent selecting a second vendor and managing two accounts. You have a single Rev login for submitting your orders. Therefore, you can better leverage your resource and needs.

Our platform keeps all your transcripts and original files in one place, no matter which transcription method you used. The results are added to the same library, where you can easily search for any keywords. 

Rev never fails its customers. Consequently, PCMag declared it to be the #1 transcription service provider

Other Reasons to Choose Rev Transcription Software

Easy Orders

You do not need to make any phone calls and wait for confirmation of your order. As soon as you upload your audio or video files, the order is accepted. After a few hours, the transcript is ready.

A Lot of Input and Output Formats

Rev can handle a wide variety of audio and video formats. Thus, you won’t need to involve any file conversions before you can start with placing your order. In the end, you can download results in any of the popular text formats.

Data Security

Apart from the NDAs, we implemented other measures to secure your audio and video files, as well as transcripts. Rev uses protected AWS servers to store all data. The information comes and goes wrapped into TLS 1.2. encryption which is one of the highest standards used by banks. 

Free Version and Always Free Editor

Regardless of the transcription method, you can create a free test order up to 45 minutes long. Furthermore, results always appear in the free transcript editor, where you can finalize the piece. The editor has a minimalistic design but possesses powerful features, for instance, a playback speed switch. 

If you have an exciting project to work on, Rev will take care of the technical obstacles.