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  • Simple, Smart Solutions

    Rev uses highly professional and skillfully trained transcriptionists on every project. We partner with leading media agencies to fulfill a variety of media transcription needs. Our transcriptionists are knowledgeable in the media industry and will accurately provide a high-quality transcription in a timely fashion. We assign multiple transcriptionists to your projects to ensure they are done quickly, efficiently and consistently. Cumbersome projects can now be tackled with just a few clicks of the mouse!

  • Accurate and Articulate

    There are many factors that can interfere with the clarity of your video or audio files. Background noise, dialects and even poor audio/video systems can have an impact on your files, but Rev always has a solution. Our talented team is trained to handle any type of audio imperfection, and we have transcriptionists on hand to decode any dialect, accent or other communication or technology challenge. Plus, we boast a 99% accuracy rating for all of our transcriptions, ensuring that we consistently provide you with quality results.

  • Common-Sense Searchability

    As a media producer, you want to be found online. Having verbatim text that supports your productions, both audio and video, is essential in helping search engines point consumers to your work. Don't be invisible. The quicker you pair your audiovisuals with relevant text, the quicker people will find you.

  • Cost-Effective and Customized

    Rev is a cost-effective solution to your media needs. Your team can have interviews, videos, podcasts, or post-production scripts transcribed quickly—and it won't bust your budget. Our flat pricing structure - $1.25 per minute of audio or video—ensures you'll be able to budget accordingly. It doesn't matter if you send us 30 seconds of a podcast or hours of a recorded interview, you will always know how much you're spending up front with no hidden fees. Plus, if you want a verbatim transcription or timestamps, it's just 25 cents more per audio minute for each option. This simple and straightforward pricing facilitates launching large projects and ensures that small, independent production companies have access to support transcription services.

    Because we understand the needs of business, we allow for two different billing paths: (1) online payments with a major credit card or PayPal, or (2) monthly invoicing to address the accounting processes of medium and large corporations.

Academic Research Transcription Services

As a leader in transcription services, Rev is well-equipped to provide you with on-demand, high-volume transcriptions of academic research captured via interviews, lectures, or focus groups. Our team takes pride in converting audio files collected in the field into full-text transcripts, ready for analysis.

Rev's academic transcription services include:

  • Focus group transcriptions
  • One-on-one interview transcriptions
  • Social research transcriptions
  • Research interview transcriptions
  • Seminar transcriptions
  • Sociology sample transcriptions
  • Psychiatric interview transcriptions

"Our research team is involved in a national study of excellence in physical therapist education. Our methods are predominantly qualitative using observations, individual and focus group interviews. We have used Rev since we started last fall for all of our transcription needs. The service is high quality, efficient and timely. We are very pleased."

Gail M. Jensen,
PhD,PT, FAPTA, Dean, Graduate School and University College/Summer Sessions
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Privacy Promise

At Rev, we know how important the confidentiality of your project can be. We understand the importance of keeping your transcriptions and projects on lockdown to effectively protect your marketing strategy and prevent media leaks. We take every necessary step to ensure the privacy of our clients and their audio or video files. Each of our transcriptionists signs a non-disclosure agreement. Your files will be secured and transmitted using TLS 1.2 encryption. Plus, we will never store your credit card or bank information, and we will never share your files with anyone outside of our trusted Rev transcriptionists.


Can Rev handle field research with heavy background noise?
Rev's academic research transcriptionists have ample experience isolating voices based on relevance. Even when background noise is present, we are able to provide a quick turnaround and almost 100% accuracy.
What about scientific or lecture-setting voice recordings with field-specific terminology?
Our professional academic transcriptionists have a long track record of handling complex projects in a variety of fields, from social science to engineering to medicine.
What kind of turnaround can I expect from Rev?
Most academic transcription files have a turnaround of 72 hours or less. Very large audio files may take slightly longer. Projects consisting of multiple small recordings will have a quick turnaround, because we will distribute the task among team members instead of assigning a single transcriptionist.