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How to Record Sales Calls and Demos to Close More Deals

Salesperson recording a sales call.

RevBlogTranscription BlogHow to Record Sales Calls and Demos to Close More Deals

Companies benefit when sales leaders, managers, and reps study their own sales calls and demos. 

This instant feedback can help improve sales conversations, note-taking, listening skills, and can help uncover hidden gems from prospects. Sales call recording also provides opportunities for sales managers to improve sales training, sales coaching, and customer service across the company.  

Ultimately, listening to, and learning from recorded calls and demos can lead to closing more deals. 

If recording calls and demos is so effective, why don’t more companies do it?

Simply, some leaders are afraid of technology and legality. 

So, this begs the question, is recording sales calls illegal?

Well, the answer is, it depends. 

Telephone recording laws vary by state. Your safest bet is to train your sales team to tell the other people on the phone call that they are recording the call. This is important on all calls, including cold sales calls. Use language like “this call is recording for training purposes” helps break down barriers for people hesitant to allow recordings. 

Some sales managers worry about the time, technology, and organization required to record and analyze calls. Without the right sales enablement team, many fear they don’t have time to facilitate and organize recorded calls.

Call Recording Software

New technology makes most sales call recording software easy to use and affordable.

While some of these apps cost money to record your calls, Rev Call Recorder is free to use for recording and extremely user-friendly. 

Rev Call Recorder App

It’s easy to record a call with the Rev Call Recorder App. Download the Rev Call Recorder app in the Apple App Store to get started.  

You can now do mobile phone call recording with your iPhone. 

And, you can share, transcribe, share, store, or delete recorded calls. Learn more about how to use the Rev Call Recorder App in our help center.

How to transcribe sales calls and demo recordings

To transcribe a call recording with Rev, simply upload an audio or video file from your computer, share a public URL, or automate uploads through Rev’s API or Zapier. 

Rev can transcribe files with industry-specific vocabulary, multiple speakers, various accents, and difficult audio. To help improve efficiencies, share glossaries and speaker names from each file so they’re captured correctly. 

Sales call transcription through Rev is fast. Rev’s team of over 60,000 professional transcribers works 24/7 to ensure your call transcription gets delivered back to you fast. It’s also affordable. At $1.50 per audio minute, Rev frees up you and your team to tackle more urgent tasks. Rev call transcription services are also guaranteed to be 99% accurate.

Improve closing deals with recordings and transcripts with insights

While listening to sales call transcripts is great, being able to analyze transcripts can provide even deeper insights for sales training. 

With transcripts, sales reps and managers are able to dive into details from conversations with prospects. Sales call transcripts are used to uncover customer pain points, identify key moments during the sales conversation that influenced the customer’s decision, and celebrate wins. 

Instead of requiring teams to listen to entire calls, sales call transcripts can be used to share unique insights and learnings with the entire team. Sales reps also have something tangible that they can revisit time and time again to continue improving their skills and deliver perfect sales demos. 

Many sales managers and sales trainers have found value from using various call transcription analysis programs to gain better insights. Leaders use call recording and transcription services from Rev to analyze filler words, keywords from clients, and uncover hidden gems in conversations that can help teams close more deals.

Affordable, fast transcription. 100% Guaranteed.