Best Audio Transcription Software

The best voice to text software for you and your organization largely depends on your work process and your goals. You have to decide if you want speed, accuracy or a combination of both. Think about the different ways you’ll use the transcription software & how you’re hoping it will make your workflow more efficient.

How to Transcribe Audio to Text

Choose Your Solution

If you want high quality & 99% accuracy for $1.25 per minute, try our human audio transcription service. If you want ~85% accurate software transcription, try automated audio transcription

Upload Your File


You can upload virtually any audio file format to be transcribed. You can also paste a URL if your audio is in a cloud drive or on the internet. Rev can transcribe audio and video files, and even video URL's.

Get Your Transcript


Rev has a turnaround time within a matter of minutes with our automated transcription solution. You'll be notified when your text file is ready for download.

Online Transcription Software Perks

Hand holds a phone where the browser is open to Rev’s transcription services.

Rev Beats the Competition

99% accuracy on human transcription services

Most accurate automatic transcription software service in the world

Excellent customer support

Why Use Online AI Software Transcription?

You don't have to download a program on your computer

You can get transcripts from anywhere: your mobile device, phone, computer, tablet, etc.

More transcription options than most transcription programs

FAQ's for Audio Transcription 

Rev Beats Google, Microsoft, and Amazon in Transcription Software Accuracy

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Why Rev?

Simple, Upfront Pricing

Transparent pricing so you know the cost before purchasing.

Secure Online Ordering

Your content is protected. Our vetted workforce only uses secure tools.

Speedy Delivery

Round-the-clock service to serve you best.

Guaranteed Top Quality

Professional freelance transcriptionists, captioners, and translators who are vetted for quality.

Powerful Technology

Our powerful software platform makes it easy to deliver high-quality results quickly.

Support and Customer Service

U.S.-based team available 24/7. Reach out to us at any time.

Rev is trusted by more than 170,000+ companies around the world.