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Rev Chosen as Official Captions Provider of 2021 Sundance Film Festival

Rev Chosen as Official Captions Provider for Sundance Film Festival

RevBlogRevver FeaturesRev Chosen as Official Captions Provider of 2021 Sundance Film Festival

Rev is absolutely delighted to announce that we are the official captioning provider for the 2021 edition of the Sundance Film Festival

Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions on live events, this year’s Sundance Film Festival will be held predominantly online, with a select number of in-person engagements at arthouse cinemas and pop-ups across the country.

While we may not get to see as celebrities rocking incredible winter coats, the move to online programming presents the opportunity for the most accessible Sundance Film Festival ever.

For the 2021 Festival, the Sundance Institute has required all Festival filmmakers and partners to caption their films and programming. And that’s where Rev comes in — using Rev’s speech-to-text services, the Festival will caption more than 6,780 minutes of video. All of the Sundance Institute’s programming, from discussions and Q&A sessions to films and award ceremonies, will be more accessible and inclusive than ever thanks to Rev captions.

“Inclusion and accessibility are drivers of institutional excellence and among Sundance Institute’s core values,” said Karim Ahmad, Director of Outreach & Inclusion at the Sundance Institute in a statement. “This year, amidst all the tumult the Pandemic has wrought, we also have the potential for the most accessible version of our Festival in its history. But that promise of accessibility requires support – of our artist community, and of critical partners like Rev, our sole provider of captioning services. We are so grateful to be on this journey together.” 

As part of our Festival activities, we’re also hosting our daily Lip-Reading Challenge over on our sponsor page in Festival Village. We’ve picked a selection of Festival favorites from years past and added some… shall we say… distractions… to put your lip-reading skills to the test. Winners will be selected every day of the festival and receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

“We are thrilled to be a part of the 2021 Sundance Film Festival,” said Rev Founder and CEO Jason Chicola. “In today’s environment, access and the opportunity to enjoy some of the best films, documentaries, and discussions with captions creates a more inclusive experience and allows more people to be a part of the Festival.”

For more than 40 years, the Sundance Film Festival has been an indelible pillar for filmmakers, actors, producers, fans, and so many more. Rev is proud to help bring this year’s historic edition of the Festival to people across the globe. And we’re also excited to don our best winter coats, even if we’re watching films from our living rooms.

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