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Meet a Revver: Pastor and Transcriptionist in Illinois


Feb 1, 2021


RevBlogRevver FeaturesMeet a Revver: Pastor and Transcriptionist in Illinois

Name: Susan
From: Mendota, Illinois
Time With Rev: Since 2018
Service Line: Transcription

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Susan and I currently live in Mendota, Illinois. I’m in my second or third
career as a pastor here in rural Illinois. First career, I owned a medical transcription
business. And then my second career, I was a healthcare journalist.

How did you find out about Rev?

My brother began his battle with leukemia about two and a half years ago and a
friend of ours told me about Rev. I was looking for ways to get a little extra money
to help him out. So she told me about Rev and I started doing a little extra work just
to help him out. My brother has since gone on to heaven, but I keep Revving
because I enjoy the work, and the extra money helps support all my ridiculous craft

What are some of your personal highlights of being a Revver? What do you like about it?

I Rev anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours daily. What I like best
about Rev, I don’t know if it’s best, but one of the best, is the flexibility. No matter
what’s going on in my life, I can schedule it around whatever else I’m doing. But I
also, like I said, I enjoy sermons. I don’t care what tradition it is, what religion. I’ll
type a Pentecostal sermon, I’ll type a Catholic service, I’ll type a Muslim’s talk on the
Koran. Anything that broadens my horizons regarding faith issues is good.

How do you see your Rev work factoring into your life going forward?

I see Rev as one of those hobbies that I can’t let go of. I keep doing it even though I
don’t have to technically. And I so support and respect those people that do this as
their only means of income. But I enjoy the flexibility of being able to do it just an
hour here and an hour there when I can.
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