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Meet a Revver: Captioner and Mother of Two in Kansas


RevBlogRevver FeaturesMeet a Revver: Captioner and Mother of Two in Kansas

Name: Emily
From: Olathe, KS
Time With Rev: Since 2019
Service Line: Transcription & Captioning

Emily: (00:03)
My name is Emily. I live in Olathe, Kansas. I started staying at home with my now three-year-old soon after he was born. We don’t have family in town, and daycare is expensive, so it just made more sense financially for me to stay at home. I started doing transcription and got into captioning maybe a couple of months later, and it was really nice to find something that I could do at home, but make money. And I can’t tell you how many times that I Googled “legitimate work from home jobs” to find, you can take surveys. They’ll pay a few cents here and there.

Emily: (00:38)
And then one day, I think an acquaintance had said, “I do transcription for” And that’s when I looked into it and realized that’s not only something that could make me some money, but something that I would enjoy, too. I love the flexibility of Rev, especially being a parent of toddlers. It’s great to be able to un-claim a job if I have to, or it’s going to be able to take a break if I have to tend to my child. I don’t have to do a certain number of hours or a certain number of jobs. I can take a break when I need to and come back, so I think that’s really awesome.

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