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Partnership Announcement: Rev and Dropbox are Joining Forces


Jan 26, 2021


RevBlogRev SpotlightPartnership Announcement: Rev and Dropbox are Joining Forces

We’re thrilled to announce that Rev is partnering with Dropbox (perhaps you’ve heard of them?) to make it easier for users to order transcripts and captions for their audio and video files.

Dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform that’s transforming the way people and teams work together. Rev is the world’s leading speech-to-text provider. And we share thousands of mutual customers across multiple industries like media, entertainment, education, and more.

So, if you think about it, it only makes sense that we should join forces to help streamline workflows for the countless professionals who need their audio and video turned into text.

And you really should be supplementing your audio or video content with transcripts, captions, and subtitles — it’s an easy, cost-effective way to maximize that content’s reach and find new audiences across the world. 

To that end, users can now download the Rev extension in the Dropbox App Center to order 99% accurate Rev transcripts, captions, and subtitles directly from within Dropbox. This integration is designed to maximize workflow efficiency and help make teams more productive and successful. Spend less time combing through Dropbox files to upload to Rev, and more time producing the best, most engaging content you can.

What a glorious way to start the new year! How does it work?

Setting it up will only take a minute, and there are two different paths depending on if you’re already a Dropbox user. Already a Dropbox user? Great! Go here to download the Rev extension

If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, no worries. Here’s what to do:

  1. In the Dropbox App Center, navigate to Rev’s app page and click the “Learn More” button.
  2. That button will direct you to Rev’s Help Center article for installing the app.
  3. You will need to create a Rev account or log into your existing account.
  4. Navigate to Rev Account Settings and select “My Integrations.”
  5. Click “Link New Account” and select Dropbox from the dropdown menu.
  6. Create a new Dropbox account or sign into your existing account.
  7. Allow to connect to your Dropbox account.

Once your Rev and Dropbox accounts are connected, you’re ready to order transcripts, captions, or subtitles!

In Dropbox, click the “Open” menu next to each file you want to send to Rev. A new tab will open on, where you can select which Rev service you’d like to order — transcripts, captions, subtitles, or all three. After selecting your service line, proceed through the checkout process as usual. Plus, you can save your add-on preferences and payment information for even faster, easier ordering in the future. Glorious indeed.

Want to learn even more about the Rev + Dropbox integration and hear from a customer who is currently enjoying its benefits? Register for our Fireside Chat at 12 p.m. CST on Feb. 24, 2021. We’ll sit down with Andy Wilson, Director of Media at Dropbox, and Adam Nielson, Creative Director of Branded Experience at Kaleidoscope Pictures, for the full scoop!

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