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Announcing a New Documentation Website for Rev AI Developers

Announcing RevAi's amazing new documentation

RevBlogRev SpotlightAnnouncing a New Documentation Website for Rev AI Developers

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new documentation website at, designed specifically for the Rev AI developer community.

Our goal in creating this website was to make it easy for Rev AI developers to find the technical information and resources they need to build powerful applications with our world-leading ASR APIs.

Our documentation website includes these new features:

  • Improved search: All our documentation is now indexed and searchable…including API operations, endpoints and parameters. Enter a word (or two) in the search bar and you’ll see a list of matching pages; click to be transferred to the relevant page and section immediately.
  • Improved new developer experience: Regardless of which API or SDK you use, we know that making your first request and parsing the response can be time-consuming, especially when you’re on a deadline. With that in mind, we’ve created starter guides for each API (example) and SDK (example) to help you get over the initial hiccups faster.
  • API test console: Each REST API endpoint now includes a “Try it” console, which lets you test the API without leaving the documentation (example). Request payloads and content types are fully customizable, and “live” API responses will be displayed directly in your browser window. This is a great tool for exploring the API or debugging requests and responses — and all you need to get started is an access token.
  • More code samples: Our REST API documentation now includes auto-generated code samples for each endpoint in multiple programming languages, so you can get started with your favorite language faster. Code samples are available for Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, C#, Go and Ruby (example). Users of our Node.js, Python and Java SDKs can also benefit from a curated and tested set of code samples for common use cases.
  • Developer FAQ: We’ve looked through our support tickets, chat logs and feedback emails to identify the most common questions from developers and compiled an FAQ with answers. If you have a question that’s not included in this list, please let us know.
  • Developer tutorials: We’ve added a new section for developer tutorials, and we’ve started it off with a guide on best practices to follow when working with our ASR APIs. We will be adding more tutorials shortly, and we’re excited to hear from you about the topics you’d like us to cover.
  • Improved changelog: You can now see a changelog for only the API or SDK you use most frequently (example) or catch up with an aggregated summary of changes across all our products and services (example).
  • Various quality-of-life improvements: We’ve reorganized our documentation to be faster and easier to use, with contextual links in-page and multiple navigation routes to help you find information more efficiently. Longer pages have an inline sidebar so you can easily skip to the section you’re interested in, and you can now “click to copy” any code snippet directly into your IDE.

We will be continually updating and improving our new documentation website over the coming weeks and months. We’re excited to hear what you think – please let us know at

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