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10 Reasons To Take Meeting Minutes With A Voice Recorder App

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From finance to marketing, no matter what industry you work in, one of the most crucial skills to have is attention to detail when taking notes. It’s a great way to impress your boss, fellow co-workers, and clients when you can follow-up with a precise recollection of what was said. Attention to detail doesn’t mean that your meeting notes have to be perfect, but it does mean that everything needs to be correct. Careful attention to the details that matter is what’s important.

It’s important to show that you have what it takes to focus on those key details when jotting down the meeting minutes. One way you can show this by taking super detailed notes and referencing information from key meetings. Another way is to quickly follow up with accurate meeting notes. A great tool to utilize is a voice recording app. Not only will a recording app allow you to be present and focus on the conversation at hand, but you’ll be able to review the meeting as many times as necessary.

What else can a voice recording app do for you?

Why You Should Use A Voice Recorder App During Your Work Meetings

We all know the downfall of taking handwritten notes at work. You scramble to write down everything as fast as you can which leads to messy handwriting you can’t decipher. Key details and thoughts often get overlooked as no one can write as fast as people talk.

So what’s the solution? A voice recorder app, of course.

By recording work meetings, you’re able to listen to the conversation as many times as you need in order to grasp important concepts at a later time. Plus, you can even listen to the recording before your next meeting allowing you to show up super prepared. A voice recorder app is especially important to use when complex topics are being discussed that you aren’t super familiar with.

What are some other great reasons to start using a voice recording app?

#1: Super-Detailed Notes

We’ve all been in meetings where debate takes place. Of course, with any heated discussion, many key details can be lost. Using a voice recorder app allows you to play back the conversation. It gives you time to type up super detailed notes that you can then share with others who were also in that meeting. Even providing the actual recording so everyone can revisit it will leave everyone (including your boss) impressed.

#2: Provide Exact Quotes from a Meeting

Meetings can be hours long, and ideas/action items that were discussed at the beginning can quickly be forgotten about by the end of a two-hour meeting. It can also be especially painful when you’re told to do a task a certain way in a meeting, only to have to re-do the task 1-2 more times because you forgot the initial directions. With the use of a recording app, you can quickly search for a specific topic and even pull specific quotes to ensure that everyone stays on the same page long after the meeting is done. Trust us, your boss will think that you nailed it.

#3: Fully Grasp New Projects

It’s always exciting to start a new project or launch a new product line, but oftentimes we allow ourselves to get caught up in our excitement. This can lead to a lack of detailed note taking which can then lead to poor execution. A voice recorder app is a worry-free way for you to take detailed notes while still being excited and actively engaged in the conversation. Plus, this recording allows you to listen back, again and again, to ensure you’ve included all the necessary details in this new project.

#4: Quickly Cite Statistics Mentioned in Your Last Meeting

Working with numbers and complicated equations can be tricky. Especially when you’re trying to come up with a formula to lower your cost and increase your revenue.

During these financial meetings, oftentimes, certain statics and numbers are mentioned. However, if you’re paying too close attention to note taking, you could miss a key number or even write it down wrong. A recording app can be your saving grace, especially if you’ve worked on a new cost analysis for hours and your boss tells you the numbers aren’t adding up. Plus, you can even re-listen to the recording before your next financial meeting to cite a specific stat or you can even cue up the recording to that stat. Basically, using a voice recorder app can allow everyone to stay accurate.

#5: Review Project Due Dates and Timelines

Imagine you come away from a meeting and have 5 tasks to complete. You sit down at your computer and respond to a few emails you missed during that meeting. Now, you start one task but you can’t remember when it’s due. You remember talking about one date but you thought that they decided on another due date. Afraid your boss might accuse you of not listening, you don’t want to ask them. So, what do you do?

Use a voice recording app in all meetings so you can come back from any meeting and form a timeline for yourself for all tasks that were assigned to you. Plus, in doing so you can stay organized and even complete assignments before the due date which will more than impress your boss.

#6: Share Job Interviews With Your Team

Let’s say that you’re in the process of hiring a new person in your department. After interviewing several candidates, you and your management team sit down to discuss the best candidate for the position. By using a recording app, you can capture the entire discussion and remember the pros and cons of each candidate. You can then revisit this conversation with other departments. And you can even share certain snippets with others about why you selected a certain candidate. Being part of the discussion (even if it’s heard through a recording) will make everyone in your department feel like they are valued and have a stake in the hiring process.

#7: Improve Your Presentation Skills

Were you recently hired into a new role only to find out that you have to run monthly internal meetings? While you don’t have a huge problem with that, you secretly hate speaking in public. But don’t fret. First, your co-workers will be cheering you on. And secondly, recording your meetings allows you to play it back so you can take note on what to improve.

For example, in the recording, did you accidentally interrupt a co-worker’s question just because you were eager to move on to the next topic? Take note of that and in your next meeting make sure to wait a few seconds after your co-worker finishes talking to ensure they are actually finished with their question or thought.

With using a recording app, we know that in no time, you’ll be a professional meeting runner.

#8: Revisit a Meeting With Coworkers

Do you have a co-worker who speaks quietly? What about one who speaks super fast? Maybe you have a diverse group of people from all over the world making some accents hard to understand. Instead of prolonging the meeting and asking that person to repeat themselves (which can be both annoying for them and frustration for others), you can use a voice recorder app. That way you can repeat the conversation as many times as you need. You can even take it one step farther and transcribe the meeting and send follow-up notes complete with action items. Talk about an impressive move!

#9: Record of that Complicated Company Gathering

If you work for a clothing company and you’re getting ready for a spring launch. The first step is to get rid of the winter clothes in order to make room for the new summer collection. You’ve been tasked with sending out an email promotion to your top customers and a website sale. You and your boss think 15% off is enough to entice them, but the CEO thinks it should be at least 25% off. After an hour-long intense debate, the meeting is over with, but wait, was there ever a decision on the exact percent to use for the promo?

That’s why a recording app is your best friend. When your boss and the CEO ask for clarification on the promo, you can confidently say you all decided on 20% off.

#10: Get on Top of All Your Upcoming Tasks

Back-to-back meetings? One 8-hour long sales meeting? 3-day work conference? Whichever your situation may be, we know that if you’ve taken handwritten notes, both your hand and brain are tired. Relieve that hand cramp and download a voice recorder app so you can virtually take notes. This allows you to engage more in the meeting and to not be so drained. Plus, we bet you might even have the energy to complete 1 or 2 assignments that stemmed from yesterday’s meeting showing your boss that you’re 100% on top of it.

How to Choose the Best Voice Recorder App For Work

Now, you know how to impress your boss, let’s talk about why you need to invest in a high-quality voice recording app. For starters, a high-quality one will guarantee that your recordings are clear, easy to share, and even easier to edit. What other qualities should you look for in a voice recorder app? How do you find the best voice recorder app and what qualities do you need to look for?

#1: Recording Audio

Being able to seamlessly record conversations, meetings, and interviews are the most important elements of a great voice recorder app. It’s important to make sure the app sounds great along with it being super easy to navigate and edit.

#2: Sharing Audio Files

The recording app should also have the ability to quickly send recordings to people via text, email, or a chat app (such as Slack), or to sync to common apps such as Dropbox. This ensures that you have a backup of the recording somewhere and it makes it super convenient to share the file with the appropriate people in your company.

#3: Transcribing Audio Recordings

If you want to be able to access your recordings in written form, being able to transcribe them quickly is a must. Select a voice recorder app that lets you order a transcription right from your phone. Not only that but make sure that the recording app offers a short turnaround time for transcriptions, and uses human, native English speakers for guaranteed accuracy.

Get Started With A Voice Recorder App

Looking to impress your boss? That’s incredibly easy with a recording app. Not only do voice recorders allow you to showcase keen attention to detail by letting you replay meetings but they also allow you to capture important information during client conversations. Just remember when choosing a voice recorder, it’s important to choose the right one. Be sure to choose Rev for an advanced, super seamless voice recording experience. Contact them today to learn all about their voice recorder app.

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