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Get Started with Rev AI using PHP

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RevBlogRev Product FeaturesGet Started with Rev AI using PHP

To help developers integrate our APIs into their applications, we offer SDKs for Node, Java and Python. However, because most of our APIs are REST APIs, it’s also easy to use them with other languages, such as PHP.

PHP is very popular for developing Web applications and services quickly. And one of the easiest ways to integrate our REST APIs with a PHP application is via Guzzle, a popular HTTP client with PSR-7 compatibility.

If you’re a PHP developer, check out our new tutorial on integrating Rev AI into your PHP application. This tutorial covers sending audio to, and receiving transcripts from, Rev AI’s Asynchronous Speech-to-Text API using PHP and Guzzle. 

Apart from asynchronous transcription, Rev AI’s APIs cover a variety of use cases, including language identification, sentiment analysis and topic extraction. The techniques and code samples in this article can easily be adapted to integrate your PHP application with our other APIs as well.

We hope you find this tutorial useful – write in and let us know what you think!

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