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How to Repurpose Corporate Training Recordings

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Training sessions are often not the most anticipated events run by Human Resources, but usually they are required and important to keep the business moving. Sometimes the entire company needs to be involved, but often training requirements vary based on departments, roles, or even company longevity. 

As any good corporate trainer knows everyone learns at a different pace and often through different methods. Though webinars continue to dominate the business landscape, not everyone wants to just watch a video if they can’t attend the live session. That’s where the option to repurpose training recordings comes in. 

Video Editing to the Rescue

Corporate training sessions cover a wide range of topics from security and expense accounts to mental health and sexual harassment. The majority of these training sessions take the form of a presentation that is invariably filmed. It’s great to get in-person training or even host a live stream, but we’re living in a world of distributed as well as remote workforces so the old model doesn’t always apply.

Once you have the training recordings completed, you’re not limited to simply uploading a full-length video. Video editing tools now allow you to not only create video clips but also recreate the training to suit different learning styles. Video content can range from talking heads to animation and voiceover work. Without the energy of a live trainer, it’s time to get creative.

Online Courses of All Shapes and Sizes

The options to repurpose training recordings aren’t limited to video content, or at least, not in its original form. Once you have the video file you need to make it available to different viewers. Particularly, what if you have bilingual or d/Deaf employees that need the training? Adding captions or subtitles is an easy and effective way to make the training accessible to as many people as possible.

Additionally, there are a few options when it comes to closed captions. Closed captioning allows viewers to choose whether to see captions. Open captioning means the caption is part of the video. Captions are both a best practice and a legal necessity for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Closed captioning isn’t hard or complicated. 

Now for larger companies, subtitles come into play when you need to train across language barriers, and the text is in a language other than spoken English (ie. Spanish, Mandarin, French, etc.). In fact, the option to read along with the subtitles, while muting the speaker, could even help an employee that’s trying to learn another language–how cool!

Repurpose Training Recordings, Simply

We’ve gone over video editing, high-quality caption, and subtitle options…now what about other forms of content creation? Like we said earlier, endless video learning isn’t for everyone. Or maybe they’ve just watched too many videos that day. Whatever the case, this is where transcription comes in handy. Especially if legal training requirements are involved, you want the text to be as accurate as possible, even more so than with just captions.

One way to repurpose training recordings is to create a transcription and then use that text for additional content. Think blog posts, infographics, and even progress quizzes! While this content may have started out designed for non-video learners, you can utilize it across the company. And who doesn’t love getting more bang for their buck? 

To best repurpose your webinar as a transcription, you’ll want a service like Rev. Using live transcriptionists gets you 99% accuracy. This way you’re ensured that every specific point and nuance of your training message is communicated properly. As a follow-along guide, you can start with an automated transcription, the accuracy will just be lower.

Designing, hosting, and editing a training session is difficult enough so be sure you’re getting the most out of your efforts. Whether you repurpose training recordings as a video clip series, add subtitles or create a transcription for readers, there are numerous possibilities. Corporate training isn’t going anywhere but our understanding of how people learn is continuously evolving. Make sure you can support your employees as they strive to deliver the best value.

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