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Best Cameras For YouTube Video Production

Best Cameras For YouTube Video Production

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With more than 3 billion searches on YouTube every month,  video content is fast becoming the future of digital marketing. YouTube is a larger search engine than Yahoo, Bing, and AOL. (Forbes) The video platform is second only to Google as the most popular search engine. 

Why is that important? Because people are watching more than cat videos on YouTube.  According to a research report by Hubspot, 45% of people watch at least one hour of video per day.

  • Vlogs: Travel vloggers, cooking, and other lifestyle videos sharing their experiences 
  • Tutorials: Learn from makeup tutorials, how to change a flat tire, and other how-to videos.
  • Product demos, reviews, and unboxing videos
  • Live Streams: Digital marketing content and instructional courses
  • Interviews, presentations, and testimonials

With more than 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, you must have a high-quality video to stand out. 

Cameras for Recording YouTube Videos

Before you spend any money or start browsing the internet for a new video camera to make Youtube videos, ask yourself these important questions:

What type of videos are you making? It is important to consider how you will be using the camera and which features you need most.  Are you a travel or adventure vlogger who will be filming outdoors or even underwater? Do you need a durable camera that can withstand lots of bumps and bruises?

What are the lighting conditions? Lighting will affect the quality of your video. Will you be making videos outdoors with plenty of natural light or will you be filming indoors, in your home office or in a studio with low lighting?  

What other features are important to you? Do you need/want slow motion, facial recognition, WiFi, external microphones, or extra lenses?

Best All-around Video Cameras for YouTubers

Most people start making YouTube videos using a mobile phone. The video cameras on an iPhone and Android have lots of easy to use features and are good enough for beginners. When you decide to turn a hobby into a business and become a pro-YouTuber, you will need a camera with more features and one that produces higher quality videos.

Whether you are using your smartphone or upgrade to a video camera, a gimbal or tripod like the Joby GorillaPod will steady your camera and help you make better videos.

Here are a few 4K cameras to consider when you want to buy a new video camera. 

Key features:

  • Facial recognition to keep the camera in focus is great for selfie-style videos.
  • Slow-motion video recording
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to transfer still images or video clips to your smartphone or tablet, and upload directly to YouTube.

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 IV or higher

Sony Cyber-Shot RX100

This compact point and shoot camera is a great way to transition from using a mobile phone to make videos. The flip-up LCD viewfinder screen make it perfect for vloggers who shoot selfie videos. It records high-quality video in slow motion and at 4k resolution.  And with one-touch NFC (Near Field Communication) you can transfer photos and videos directly to your mobile device.  

  • 4K resolution
  • 3.0-inch tilt-angle touchscreen
  • Size, weight: 105.5 x 60.9 x 41.4mm, 304g

MSRP: $1000 – $1300 for the M-IV (as low as $839 on Amazon and other online outlets)

Sony α6300 

Sony α6300

The Sony a6300 is a mirrorless camera with DSLR image quality. It is perfect for live streaming and making instructional videos. The 4K video resolution and fast duel pixel eye autofocus will produce high-quality videos  even in low-light situations.

  • 4K UHD 2160p video resolution
  • 3x optical zoom
  • Size, weight: 6.2 x 5.7 x 5.2 in, 1.75 lbs

MSRP: $1150 (as low as $1099 on Amazon and other online outlets)

Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D

With fast on-sensor autofocus, a forward-facing touch screen, and long battery life, the new Canon 80D is  great video camera for making high-quality videos. Built-in Wifi and NFC makes it easy to download your videos directly to YouTube and other social media sites.  Mic and headphone jacks allow you to use an external microphone.

  • FHD 1080p  video resolution
  • Image Stabilization
  • Size, weight: 7 x 9.6 x 5.3 in, 4.5 lbs

MSRP: $1350  (as low as $1200 on Amazon and other online outlets)

Best Video Cameras for Live Streaming and Action Vloggers

Travel, fashion, cooking, and other lifestyle vloggers are always on the go. These compact, lightweight cameras, with long battery life are perfect for busy YouTubers and vloggers.

Key features:

  • Slow-motion video recording
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NSF
  • Facial recognition keeps the camera in focus is great for selfie-style videos.
  • Optical image stabilization helps to reduce the ‘shakes’ when you film while walking.
  • Autofocus 
  • Microphone input

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

A super compact camera with full HD and 4k video recording, a responsive flip-up touchscreen and 5-axis image stabilization. The mic port gives you more audio options for an external microphone. Best of all, you can live stream video directly from the camera to YouTube. The G7 is one of the cameras used by popular YouTuber, Casey Neistat

  • 4K 30p / FHD 120p Video
  • 3 in.  LCD touchscreen tilts up to 180°
  • Size, weight: 4.1 x 2.4 x 1.6 in./ 2 lbs.

MSRP: $799  (as low as $697 on Amazon and other online outlets)

Panasonic Lumix G90/G95

Panasonic Lumix G90/G95

This travel-friendly 4K video camera with a V-LogL profile is packed full of features that YouTubers will love.  Starting with the electronic optical stabilization and super smooth live cropping that lets you pan and zoom without needing special kit.  Microphone and headphone ports support external mic use.

  • 4K V-logL video/4K 24/30p video capture
  • 4: 2: 2 HDMI output
  • Size, weight:  9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 in., 1 lb.

MSRP: $1199  (as low as $1199 on Amazon for the G95, with 12-60 mm Lens VideoMic Go Bundle)

GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPro Hero7 Black

The durable GoPro Hero7 Black is a 4K video and 12MP photo camera that is waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters) without its housing. With image stabilization,  a flip-up touch screen and the ability to shoot in both video, single burst and time-lapse photo modes, the Hero7 is an incredibly versatile camera. You can even live stream using the use the GoPro’s mobile app.

  • Video stabilization
  • Voice control
  • Timewarp video capture
  • Size, weight: 1.8 x 2.4 x 1.3 in., 4.2 oz.

MSRP: $399.99  (as low as $328 on Amazon and other online outlets)

Video cameras come in all sizes, with a dizzying array of features and prices.  Find one that works best for you and gives you all the features you need to make the best YouTube videos.

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