GET /workspaces

Summary Get list of workspaces for user
URL /api/v1/workspaces
Detailed Description

Use this method to retrieve the list of workspaces for a user. The data will be returned as JSON. See below for an annotated example of a response entity.

Workspaces are shared file libraries within an organization's account. Workspaces are a Rev Pro only feature and will return an error if the user is not designated as Rev Pro.

Request Parameters None
Request Headers
  • Authorization - contains client/user API keys
Response On success, 200 OK.
If the user is not a Rev Pro customer, 404 Not Found
Response Headers None
Response Body On success, an <workspaces/> entity with a list of workspaces for the user. On error, will contain an <error/> entity with more details.
Error Codes
  • 0 NoWorkspacesFound - if the user is not Rev Pro and no workspaces are found
Annotated sample response
    "workspaces": [
            /* workspace id */
            "id": 123456789,
            /* workspace name */
            "name": "Workspace 1"
        /* the rest of the workspaces in the list */