Sandbox Environment

We have made a sandbox environment available that allows you to test your API client code without incurring any charges. The Sandbox environment lives at
So, for instance, to create an order on the Sandbox rather than the live site, you would do an HTTP POST to

When you request API access, we will provide you with an Client API key for the sandbox as well as the live environment. In addition, we will create two customer accounts and provide you their User API keys. You can use these user accounts for testing the various API functions - such as creating orders, checking order status, and downloading transcripts.

There are a couple of other special properties of the sandbox environment:

  • Orders created on the sandbox are automatically transitioned through our workflow of being transcribed, reviewed and finally finished. They are transitioned to the next step in the workflow roughly every 5 minutes. When the order is finished, a sample transcript is attached to the order. This transcript will always contain the same text