POST /attachments/{id}/share

Summary Retrieve a link to the Rev Editor for the attachment with a given attachment id
URL /api/v1/attachments/{id}/share
Detailed Description Returns a shareable link to the Rev Editor for attachment id. Use this method to retrieve a URL that can be shared with others to access a transcript/caption associated with the provided attachment id. The link returned by this endpoint does not expire and anyone with the returned link can access the editor.
Valid Attachments Kinds: Media, Transcription, Captions (including subtitles).
Request Parameters
  • id - Attachment Id of the attachment to be retrieved and shared
Request Headers
  • Authorization - contains client/user API keys
Request Body
  • access_level (Optional)- Permissions for editing the document found at the shareable link.
    Values - ReadOnly, Full.
Response On success, 201 Created.
If attachment is not of a supported type or access_level provided for non-transcript attachments, 400 Bad Request.
if no attachment is found for attachment id provided, 404 Not Found.
Response Headers Location - URI used to access the editor with the provided permission level. This URI does not expire and can be shared with others.
Response Body Empty
Error Codes None
Annotated sample request
    "access_level": "Full"
        ReadOnly; Full