Notifications (Webhooks)

If a callback URL is specified in the order request submitted to POST /orders APIs (Transcription or Caption), then notifications will be sent to the provided URL when the state of the order changes. Currently, we support notifications for Transcription and Caption orders. The level parameter in the order_request controls when notifications are sent. The possible values are:

Level parameter value Notification Trigger
FinalOnly When the order is in the Completed status and attachments are available to download
Detailed Whenever the order status changes (such as going from being transcribed to in review) or comments are added to the order

The update is sent by making a POST request to the specified URL. The post contains data in application/x-www-form-urlencoded format with the following parameters:

  • order_number – the rev-assigned number of the order
  • client_ref – the client reference number for the order, if any
  • status – the current status of the order
  • comment – the most recent comment associated with the update, if any
An example submission looks like this:


Currently, the notification is sent in a "fire and forget" manner. We ignore the response code, and will not retry the POST if the request is not successful.