GET /templates

Summary Get list of available legal templates
URL /api/v1/templates
Detailed Description

In order to place an order for a Ready to Certify transcript, you must provide the template that you would like to use.

Your Rev Customer Success representative will work with you to create a set of custom Ready to Certify tempates. You can also choose from one of Rev's standard templates.

Note: Placing Legal Transcription orders requires some additional set up by the Rev team. Please contact us at legalsupport@rev.com for support.
Request Headers
  • Authorization - contains client/user API keys
Request Parameters

Calling the /templates endpoint without any query parameters will return a list of all templates you have access to, both organization-specific templates and Rev standard templates.

  • proceeding_type
    Limit templates to a particular proceeeding type. Supported proceeding types include:

    • deposition
    • hearing
    • statement_on_record
    • examination_under_oath
    • other

  • jurisdiction
    Limit templates to a particular jurisdiction.

  • rev_standard
    Limit templates to either Rev standard or custom non-standard templates. When not provided, the list of templates will include both Rev standard and your custom templates.

    • true - show only Rev Standard templates
    • false - show only your custom templates

Response On success, 200 OK.
On error, 400 Bad Request.
If the user is not a legal transcription customer, 403 Forbidden
Response Body On success, an <templates/> entity with a list of templates. On error, will contain an <error/> entity with more details.
Annotated sample response
    "templates": [
                The template id you will use in your order request
            "id": 21904476,
                The type of proceeding this template is for
            "proceeding_type": "deposition",
                The name of the template
            "name": "Rev Standard Deposition NY",
                The jurisdiction this template is for
            "jurisdiction": "NY",
                Whether this template is a Rev standard template
            "rev_standard": true,
                A sample document that shows the format of the template
            "sample_url": "https://www.rev.com/sample-template-url"
            "id": 527310255,
            "proceeding_type": "hearing",
            "name": "My Hearing Template GA",
            "jurisdiction": "GA",
            "rev_standard": false,
            "sample_url": "https://www.rev.com/sample-template-url"