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  • Market Research Transcription

    Responsive marketing demands agile engagement. The speed at which customer's perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes toward a product or service change requires smart qualitative research, which is vital for business. Market research transcriptions, if delivered with quick turnaround and superior accuracy, provide marketing organizations with the flexibility to scale up quickly without compromising quality.

  • Affordable, Accessible & Accurate Transcriptions

    Rev's straightforward pricing for transcription services facilitates budgeting. Our audio to text transcription is $1.25 per audio minute regardless of the number of speakers. If your market research project benefits from the capture of verbatim non-verbal notations and transitional words just add $0.25 per audio minute. Most market research transcriptions have a 48-hour turnaround with 98% accuracy. Our fully online transcription platform is able to handle most audio file formats regardless of size with a simple submission process. Additionally, we can work with you should you require a long-term engagement or monthly invoicing. For one-off projects we accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

  • Reliable, Scalable & Usable Market Research Transcriptions

    Accurate market research transcriptions ensure qualitative data can be sorted and organized, allowing market researchers to identify patterns, conduct keyword searches and identify problems & opportunities that impact their product development and sales processes. By trusting the cumbersome work of transcribing multi-voice market research to us you can now focus on formulating effective data-driven marketing strategy.

Focus Group Transcription Service

Rev understands your needs and is able to handle all types of focus groups transcriptions. Our professional transcription team has experience with:

  • Two way focus group transcription
  • Dual moderator focus group transcription
  • Respondent moderated focus group transcription
  • Teleconference focus group transcriptions

"Rev's transcription service is great! I trust them with all of our transcription needs."

Richard Ervais,
Admin & Ops, SeriesC

Other Types of Market
Research Transcriptions

The professionals at Rev constantly adapt to new qualitative market research methodology and can handle market research projects of all sizes. Our scope of services include:

  • Telephone Survey Transcription
  • Small Group Transcription
  • Competitor Analysis Transcription
  • Avertising Impact Transcription
  • One-to-one Interviews Transcription
  • Opinion Poll Transcription
  • Mystery Shop Transcription
  • Risk Analysis Sessions Transcription
  • Condition Report Transcription
  • Consumer Forum Transcription
  • Product Research Interviews Transcription
  • Usability Session Transcription
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What types of audio files can we submit for transcription?
Rev market research transcription services can handle WAV, MP3, MP4, WWA, DVD, DVF, MSV, AIFF/AIF, Webex, QuickTime, MOV, AVI, MP2, WMV, AMR, CAF and URLs that point us directly to your audio or multimedia content.
How do you ensure transcription accuracy for marketing research projects?
All transcriptions handled by Rev's professional transcriptionists are subject to an editing process of at least two persons.
What is the maximum size of a file?
Rev can transcribe audio and video files of any size.
What about privacy associated to marketing discoveries?
Rev adheres to the highest standards when it comes to protecting the privacy of your business and personal documents. Our transcriptionists are subject to a non-disclosure agreement and we continually reinforce a culture of respect that highlights confidentiality of the documents and data entrusted to our team for transcription.
What if our marketing firm has a very large transcription requisition?
Rev's business model is designed to serve customers of all sizes without the hindrance of advanced notice. We will engage as many market research professional transcriptionists as needed to meet your immediate business need.
Are there extra charges for regional English accents?
Rev does not charge extra for regional accents. Rev's transcriptions are always one dollar per sound minute with a flat premium of 25 extra cents for verbatim.