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Rev Live Captioning for Zoom: Beta Program

Rev Zoom Integration

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Live Captioning Overview

Thank you for participating in our Beta Program! We’re excited to continue improving our Live Captions for Zoom. Your feedback is critical to our success. 

What is Rev Live Captions for Zoom?

Rev Live Captions automatically captions your Zoom meetings to make remote education and work more effective. Rev Live Captions is built on top of Rev’s industry-leading live streaming English speech-to-text engine, and within seconds, improves in-meeting accessibility, engagement, and understanding.

Getting Started with Zoom Live Closed Captions

These links will get you up and running with our integration as soon as you’d like:

  1. Beta App Installation URL: your Zoom account admin with Marketplace role access must install our app.
  2. Setup overview graphic: one-pager covering the steps to install and use our app.
  3. Setup demo video: short video covering the steps to install and use our app.
  4. Zoom Account Admin/Meeting Host FAQs: answers to questions meeting hosts may have about enabling/disabling our live captions.
  5. Meeting Attendee FAQs: answers to questions meeting attendees may have about interacting with our live captions.

Live Caption Beta Program: What to Expect

Expectations of Rev

Rev’s motivation for maintaining this Beta Program is twofold: (1) to improve our Live Captions for Zoom service, and (2) to learn about how we can better serve our customers as a whole.

As a Beta Program participant, you can expect Rev to:

  1. Communicate frequently. As we continue improving Rev Live Captions, we will proactively communicate changes that may affect your workflow as far in advance as we can. Your feedback is critical to us, and we will also be proactive in seeking your opinions about existing features and potential improvements. You can expect Rev to reach out at least weekly.
  2. Respond quickly. Communication is a two-way street, and we will strive to respond quickly to your questions and suggestions. As we scale the Beta Program, we may improve or expand our communication channels to ensure we maintain responsiveness, but when in doubt, please feel free to email anytime. 
  3. Be transparent. We will share as much as we can about our plans for Rev Live Captions. While there is a limit to how much we can responsibly share, we will be transparent about our plans to improve this service so that you can better understand how this service may (or may not) meet your current and future needs.

Expectations of Participants

We are excited for Beta Program participants to test, provide feedback about, and get immediate value from Rev Live Captions.

As a Beta Program participant, you are expected to:

  1. Provide frequent and candid feedback. Your proactive feedback throughout the Beta Program will help us improve our product as fast as possible. We want to learn from everyone we can: your Zoom admins, your end-users (internal and external to your organization), your leadership teams, etc. All feedback from any source is welcome. 
  2. Maintain confidentiality. Throughout the Beta Program, you may have access to information that we would otherwise not broadcast publicly. We ask that you keep information you learn throughout the Beta Program confidential.


Beta App: What to Expect

Rev Live Captions for Zoom is one of Rev’s newest offerings, and we are constantly making improvements to better meet your needs. We recognize that the road to success is often a curved and winding path, not a straight line, and we appreciate your patience and candid feedback as we continue improving. 

Specific areas we’re keeping a close eye on include:

  1. Live caption lag/latency. How quickly Rev Live Captions can display text in Zoom Meetings depends both on: (1) Rev’s ability to process audio and return text through our speech-to-text engine, (2) Zoom’s ability to stream audio to Rev and its ability to display that text in a given meeting. We are continuing to scale our own processing, and advocating for Zoom to do the same.
  2. Live caption accuracy. All live streaming Speech-to-Text engines need to make some level of tradeoffs between speed and accuracy. Ours is no different, and we’re continuing to refine this balance to maintain industry-leading accuracy and readability. 
  3. Zoom admin functionality. As Zoom admins, it’s important to have control over your account. While Rev Live Captions are limited by the admin functionality provided by Zoom in your Zoom account, we plan to ensure you have as much control and visibility as possible and helpful. 
  4. Live caption formatting and placement. Live Captions are only helpful if they can be read. Zoom provides options to change caption font sizes, and we’re continuing to advocate for more options to ensure live captions meet your needs. 


Beta Program access:

Rev reserves the right to remove your access to the app at any time. We will give you 24 hours notice before this happens so that you can communicate and coordinate with your end-users. 



Your privacy is important to us. All data sent through our system to live caption your meetings will be deleted immediately and is never stored on our servers.



We will continue evolving our Beta Program to better serve your and Rev’s needs. 

For questions or feedback, please email