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4.5 star rating from 5,926 reviews
4.5 star rating from 5,926 reviews
Caption Value
Rev's closed captioning service enables you to get more value from your existing video content by appealing to a wider audience.
By adding closed captions to your videos, you allow more viewers to enjoy your content—even with the sound turned off.
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By adding closed captions to your videos, you allow more viewers to enjoy your content—even with the sound turned off.
Closed captions, also referred to as English subtitles, appear as text on the bottom of your screen, and typically represent the speech between characters on your television or computer.
Adding closed captions to your video is an essential component of production, especially if your goal is to get your video content in front of a larger audience. Closed captions not only help videos rank higher in search results, but they also increase accessibility, boost engagement, and improve the overall viewer experience.
To help video creators get the most out of their content, we offer accurate, quality closed captions for any video.

How It Works

Upload Videos

Upload files, paste URLs, or pull from YouTube or Vimeo. Secure and confidential.

Rev Professionals Go to Work

Our 60,000+ professionals caption your videos 24/7 with 99% accuracy, 100% guaranteed.

Receive And Publish Captions

We email you the file. View and edit with our tools, then publish anywhere.
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Our team of professional captioners are ready to get to work as soon as you submit your order.
You can upload any video, pull one from YouTube or Vimeo, or simply paste a URL to the video you need closed captions for. We offer quick turnaround on closed captions any day of the week. Our video caption experts are available 24/7 to accurately add captions to your videos.

With Rev Pro, access Premium Service Captions

Customize your preferences

Set your own unique preferences across speaker labeling, caption positioning, atmospherics, profanity, special terminology, style guides, and more.

Increase productivity

Maximize your distribution workflow - pilot participants saw up to an 90% decrease in time spent on quality control.

Brand protection

Have peace of mind knowing your Premium Service Captions are automatically surfaced to the top 5% of expert captioners who will follow your unique caption guidelines.

Trusted by 170,000+ customers
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Media and entertainment companies use Rev to caption videos, films, and TV shows
Schools and online educators use Rev to caption webinars, lectures, and trainings
Marketing departments use Rev to caption ads, webinars, and promotional content
Many others use Rev to caption original content, religious sermons, and short form videos
See what caption customers have said after we help them add closed captions to their video content. Ready to join thousands of successful organizations who use our closed caption services?
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Caption Industry
Video creators across all industries rely on Rev's caption services.
Upload the video captions on any video platform. Rev's closed captions are FCC and ADA compliant, so you don't have to worry about using two companies. Get everything you need for your video captions in one place.
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Upload the video captions on any video platform. Rev's closed captions are FCC and ADA compliant, so you don't have to worry about using two companies. Get everything you need for your video captions in one place.

Edit Your Caption

Rev's Free Closed Caption Editor lets you edit your caption file online in minutes.
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Customize Your Captions

Choose from more than a dozen closed caption formats or receive your video back with the captions burned in so you can easily share or publish it across platforms.

Make Easy Edits

Fix typos, adjust timing, change names, and clean up small issues.

Share With Teammates

Allow others to view, edit, and download files without a Rev account.
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Our closed captions are delivered in our interactive captions editor.
We guarantee 99%+ accuracy on all video captions, but sometimes you need to change the names of speakers on the video or adjust the timing depending on the audience. We allow you to do that directly in the file once it arrives in your inbox. You can also share the closed captions file with teammates or colleagues as often as you want. We don't force anyone to create another Rev account in order to download, edit or view the video captions files.
"Khan Academy uses Rev to caption all of our English video content."
Jake Goldwasser Khan
Jake Goldwasser
Product Manager
"Rev is a great service! They have a friendly staff and a price that can't be beat!"
Briana Byrd Buzzfeed
Briana Byrd
Post Production Coordinator
"We’ve been amazed with the quality of Rev's captions. Fast and easy."
David Petersen U Of U
David Petersen
Platform Architect


Enterprise Support

Rev offers monthly invoicing and consolidated billing for multiple accounts.

100% Guarantee

We want to provide the best service the fastest with the best results. Problems with your file? We'll make it right.


Save time and money by placing orders directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Captions in any Format

Convert your caption file formats - for free! We'll send them to your email. We offer fully customizable burned-in captions for your videos, as well.


Build Rev into your internal systems using our API.


Your files are private and protected from unauthorized access. All of our professionals have signed NDAs and strict confidentiality agreements.
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Need captions burned into your video?
Burned-in, or open captions, make videos accessible wherever viewers are watching. With our burned-in video captions add-on, you can customize the font styling and background color of your captions.

Need your captions translated to multiple languages?
Enable your videos to reach a global audience by adding subtitles in multiple languages to your content. With Rev, it's simple to translate your video from English into the foreign languages you need for a flat and affordable rate. In 24 hours, you can expand the reach of your content well beyond the boundaries of English-speaking countries.

Learn more about our subtitle translator service

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Need your caption file in another language?
Rev can now subtitle your videos in a variety of languages. For a low, flat price, we make your video accessible to a much larger audience.
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