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  February 20, 2019  
Lee J.
best service I've tried so far. High degree of accuracy in transcriptions and clear expectations and good turnaround time. (I didn't need to try the expedited version, the regular worked for me.)
  February 20, 2019  
Fast, accurate service!!
  February 19, 2019  
Transcription was on point. Quick turnaround time. Saved me a lot of time typing and I could really focus on the conversation with my interviewee.
  February 19, 2019  
Jenny B.
Great service!
  February 18, 2019  
Jim J.
Great service, fast and accurate and very cost effective
  February 15, 2019  
robert w.
As always....excellent work and incredibly fast even on the standard request for time. Price is very reasonable. What more could you want?
  February 15, 2019  
Kellie W.
I freaking love this service. Lifesavers!!
  February 15, 2019  
Tony Q.
My interview was not transcribed Word for Word which is what I paid for. The transcriber had various errors and missed certain words in the transcription.
  February 14, 2019  
Oliver W.
Awesome response time, content arrived incredibly quickly, very accurate with only a few [inaudible's]
  February 14, 2019  
Penny H.
Fast great service!
  February 13, 2019  
Nathan C B.
I really love this service. I get high-quality transcriptions that meet my needs and make me a faster content marketer. I can interview a guest in the morning and have a polished draft in a fraction of the time it used to take to transcribe. Now, I'm focussed on my content, not copying things I've already done.
  February 12, 2019  
Tenagne H.
Quick turnaround. I phoned with a question and responder was very helpful: got my panic and reassured me....NICE work
  February 12, 2019  
Zerina P.
It's the first time using Rev and I love it.
  February 12, 2019  
Quick, easy, and reliable. thanks!
  February 12, 2019  
John Greaves I.
Good value compared to paying a dedicated transcription service. Not as easy to use as other apps like Tape A Call Pro. Difficult to distinguish between Rev Call Recorder and Rev Recorder. Transcription services are good but sometimes have trouble with speakers who have pronounced accents. Definitely take the time to include unusual words or acronyms in your transcription order!
  February 11, 2019  
Debbra P.
Quick and accurate! So glad someone suggested this to me.
  February 11, 2019  
Tom P.
The website is easy to use, the turnaround is fast, and the quality of the transcripts is really good. I rarely have to make more than a couple of small corrections.
  February 11, 2019  
Kelly W.
Turnaround time was less than 24 hours. I would definitely use again!
  February 10, 2019  
Great job, fast turn around!
  February 10, 2019  
Jodie P.
Quick, accurate and such a time saver!