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  December 3, 2019  
Jason L.
Super fast and accurate
  December 2, 2019  
D K.
Excellent service. Quality work.
  November 30, 2019  
Impressive service happens when something is fixed before you know there is a problem -Rev redid a transcript without being asked and I was won👏
  November 29, 2019  
Ryan C.
It was a very long dication. I had about an hour or two of cleanup once it was transcribed. Some would have been unavoidable--however I do think a better job could have been done.
  November 29, 2019  
Gracia J.
I was very satisfied with the transcriptionists work. Thank you.
  November 29, 2019  
You decided that my audio was difficult to be understood and gave me back a refund. I lost four days. No problem. I know I can do it by myself. Rgrds. G.luca Storti, el. eng..
  November 28, 2019  
Unfortunately, the latest transcript isn't very accurate so I will have to spend a lot of time correcting it. Previous transcripts were much better.
  November 27, 2019  
Jenny H.
For the amount of time I recorded an interview (2 hours), said it would take 6 hours, so I thought that when the receipt on Sat, Nov 16, said "We'll start working on it right away," that meant it should be done about 6 hours later. It was not. Didn't arrive until November 18 at 12:25 a.m. I tried to call on Saturday when my receipt said the estimated time said it would be Monday but no one answered and did not return my call. I really don't care about your staffing problems. I tried to get the order stopped but they now tell me they can't shut off a transcription, which means it was all automated. Bad business practice. I've been told I'm getting a $30 discount because the work was performed but again, they should have stopped the work. Not my fault, not my problem. I expect a 100% refund.
  November 27, 2019  
Emir S.
Fast and accurate
  November 25, 2019  
Vilmarie P.
This transcript was like the basic cheap one. I spend $80.00 and I asking for my money back. I spend hours clearing the transcripts that suppose to be accurate. I need my money back.
  November 24, 2019  
Great job, precise and done quickly too!
  November 24, 2019  
reema a.
The transcripts were acuret and I recivede them in good time
  November 23, 2019  
Konstantin I.
Great application
  November 21, 2019  
Nowell V.
Great job! Would recommend and will be using again. :)
  November 21, 2019  
Mike G.
I love’s transcription service. I use it frequently. It is fast, accurate, and reasonably priced.
  November 21, 2019  
Kevin R.
Great service. Accurate, economical and fast. Really appreciate the attention to detail particularly when the voice isn't the clearest.
  November 21, 2019  
J Y.
Most of the time transcripts are great and accurate. A/B rating. Sometimes, I think the transcriber is transcribing too quickly and not only misses what's being said but also mistypes some words. I had to compare the original audio against the transcript this time in order to ensure accuracy. Sometimes just a word can change the meaning of the whole sentence. So this time, I'd give the effort a C.
  November 21, 2019  
Bethany L.
Well worth the expense...only needed some refining to make completely accurate. Saved me hours of time! Thanks.
  November 21, 2019  
Australian u.
Rev is reliable, consistently delivering transcripts in a timely manner. Great to use from an Australian base, as uploading audio at the end of our day often gets the transcripts back in my inbox by the time i arrive to work the next day.
  November 20, 2019  
Turn around time was fast and accurate