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  July 23, 2020  
Always prompt delivery and accurate captions.
  July 22, 2020  
We typically use to save us time in generating a written script from a recorded demo. Rev's turnaround time is incredible, accuracy is scary good, and online editing tools are great. Great value.
  July 22, 2020  
Shannon W.
Very quick return and through.
  July 22, 2020  
Douglas B.
The transcription was mostly spot-on, though the timing seemed off in many places. For example (birds chirping) was on screen for 15 seconds, throwing the timing of the next dialog off by 5 seconds. Beyond that, very satisfied.
  July 21, 2020  
It's hard to fully describe a Company that is so professional and efficient. All I can say, this Business knows their business.
  July 21, 2020  
jonny m - o.
Amazing service. Quick turnaround. Sometimes medical references not quite right but majority of the time they are. Some times speaker names are the wrong way around (happened twice in last 10 orders) Highly recommend though.
  July 20, 2020  
Nenita M.
Great turn around on the transcription- thank you!!
  July 18, 2020  
Excellent service.
  July 17, 2020  
Chuck F.
Am continually amazed at how well the Rev team transcribers do. Accurate even with some less-than-perfect audio.
  July 16, 2020  
Mililani W.
I recommend this app. Make you go to their website. I give it 5 Stars!
  July 16, 2020  
william t.
Good stuff!!!!!!!!!
  July 15, 2020  
Lise R.
Rev's transcriptionists did a great job with several recordings of interviews. The quality of the transcripts was excellent and the turnaround was surprisingly quick. I also appreciated how easy it was to use the website.
  July 14, 2020  
Momoh S.
Super Fast and prompt delivery.
  July 14, 2020  
Good service
  July 14, 2020  
Loved the service - Quicker than I ever expected, accurate and very reasonably priced.. What's there not to love??
  July 14, 2020  
Edward M.
I will use your service again
  July 13, 2020  
Pallabi B.
I got the human transcription done for one interview. Pretty good service! Received the transcription in an hour or so. Quite accurately done except for a minor mistakes here and there. Overall, I am impressed with the service.
  July 11, 2020  
donnie b.
Great service
  July 10, 2020  
Carla D.
Transcriptionist was fast and very accurate. I appreciated the timeliness.
  July 9, 2020  
Vanessa C.
Super fast turn around and excellent service! Repeat customer here!