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  March 4, 2020  
Quick and easy to do. Easy to upload sound file and project was completed very quickly.
  March 4, 2020  
Jennifer J.
Your turnaround time was literally like 5 minutes. Super impressed!!
  March 4, 2020  
Quick and easy, quality was great.
  March 4, 2020  
Suzie E.
Very quick turnaround. Some basic mistakes so had to go through and make corrections, but fantastic & easy-to-use software.
  March 3, 2020  
Alyssa E.
Thank you so much! You did a great job looking up the names and keeping the content streamlined by taking out ums and such.
  March 3, 2020  
Clover C.
Love your service.
  March 3, 2020  
Craig W.
Great job! Some tricky spelling with no revisions.
  March 3, 2020  
Larry C.
Accurate and quick.
  March 3, 2020  
Brian S.
Quick turn around and high quality and accuracy!
  March 3, 2020  
Rebecca C.
The quality of the full transcription was great and saved me invaluable time. This service is pretty pricey when used for longer, in depth interviews.
  March 3, 2020  
All in all I was very impressed with the turnaround time and the price.
  March 2, 2020  
Brandy H.
The quality was awful, and I had to retype the entire thing myself, even though I paid over $100 for transcription. It was reviewed internally after my complaint, and it was decided that I was correct, and I was given the offer of having it retyped; however, I'm on deadline, and that offer came a couple of days after I had to return the document.
  March 2, 2020  
John D.
I've got to say I was super-impressed by the speed of turnaround and accuracy of the transcript. Great job!
  March 2, 2020  
Alice W.
My file was from a source that was less than stable and I had difficulty uploading it BUT that didn't stop their amazing customer service from figuring it out.
  March 1, 2020  
I was very happy that most names of philosophers and other somewhat esoteric terms were captured correctly. A little disappointed that all inappropriate language was not omitted. A very good job was done overall!
  February 29, 2020  
Patricia C.
This is a great service. Incredibly fast, 95"% accuracy I would say (it missed the words in French which is acceptable) . And very reasonable prices. It was my first time using it and I loved that you could listen, watch, and follow along with the text at the same time. Brilliant.
  February 29, 2020  
Karen Y.
Great service you all provide. Professional, delivers quality material and price for service is reasonable.
  February 29, 2020  
Sarah M.
Wonderful experience !!! Will 100% use again!!! Completely accurate and fast then around . Wish I knew about this service sooner !
  February 28, 2020  
Dayton U.
Quick, Good, and Cheap. Normally you have to pick two, but REV somehow hits all the points of the triangle.
  February 28, 2020  
Very fast and professional.