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  November 10, 2021  
Excellent transcription
  November 10, 2021  
Melissa M.
I was impressed with the speed at which my transcription was delivered.
  November 9, 2021  
Yolisma C.
I appreciate the promptness and how insanely easy this process is. Thanks!
  November 5, 2021  
michelle m.
Thanks a bunch, the turn around is great and you all are great, thanks a bunch.
  November 5, 2021  
Lisa L.
It absolutely didn't work.
  November 5, 2021  
Christina C.
Quick turnaround.
  November 4, 2021  
Fast response! My voice recording was over an hour long and completed it the next day.
  November 4, 2021  
Frontier A.
Love Rev! Great quality, speed, and accuracy. Love how easy the website is to navigate and how quick it is to receive your transcription!
  November 3, 2021  
Michael P.
I was apprehensive about using an online service to do the captions for an opera I had written. Sung dialogue can be tricky to understand, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I am very glad that I was able to submit the musical score as a PDF. The end result was incredible. Everything was accurate and the placements were intuitive, and even musical! While I probably could have left them as they were, the captions editing process was also very intuitive and simple. I really can’t overstate how happy I was with this service.
  November 3, 2021  
Christian B.
Spot on and perfect.
  November 3, 2021  
Eleanor G.
Love Great service. Super useful. Very fast.
  November 2, 2021  
Great transcription work done at a good price with a fast turnaround. Would definitely recommend
  November 1, 2021  
Alfred U.
Always great service. Keeps getting every time. Thank you.
  October 31, 2021  
V. M.
My recordings were returned promptly and in excellent condition. I will definitely use your service again.
  October 30, 2021  
You promised a 99% accuracy, but only about 70% of the text was correct. Your synchronization was lousy, perhaps 15% correct. Needed 3 hours to correct for a 21 minutes video.
  October 29, 2021  
Will T.
Overall, well done! 3 stars though because we had to listen to all of them again and make corrections because there were quite a few words that were incorrect, just sprinkled around throughout, and those wrong words completely changed the meaning the speakers were conveying. Some of the words were technical; they were understandable errors, so not really criticizing; it's very difficult when you're not intimately familiar with the subject matter.
  October 28, 2021  
Excellent service. Quick and accurate. They rarely make substantial mistakes. However, they fix things quickly when they do make a mistake.
  October 27, 2021  
Brilliant, only very minor tweaking required - Rev managed to get around some very difficult names and accents.
  October 26, 2021  
Susie O.
Pretty spot on captions! And fast turnaround. Much appreciated
  October 22, 2021  
Cesar C.
Great work and amazing turn around time! Had two short (under an hour) videos that required captions and both times Rev had them to me with minimal editing required in less time than they estimated!