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  August 4, 2019  
Don G.
I had a 68 minute audio with at least 7 speakers (often speaking over each other) that needed transcription. did an outstanding job. The quality was as perfect as you might expect considering the poor audio and talking over each other, the turnaround was about 24 hours and the cost was dirt cheap (a buck a minute). This is the second time in five days I've used them and can easily see using them again.
  August 4, 2019  
Thea R.
The turnaround time was excellent. The transcription was incredibly accurate, even with some profession specific terminology. Not the cheapest but well worth it. The transcript was easy to edit after tr fact as well.
  August 3, 2019  
Good attempt but not accurate as i have an australian accent. Nice try though.
  August 3, 2019  
Hanna C.
Merging phone calls between Rev and the outgoing call is buggy - it failed more than 6 times when I tried using it.
  August 2, 2019  
You. Nailed. It. Listening to multiple speakers using technical jargon is hard enough...transcribing it??? Super difficult. And you nailed it. Thank you!
  August 2, 2019  
Mark H. has immensely improved my business life. It saves me hours, improves efficiency and increases the quality of my client meeting notes. They are fast and accurate
  August 1, 2019  
Maggie N.
I've been using for about a year now. Generally, they do a great job, and turnaround is usually within 24 hours (with real people transcribing). You can use real people or their auto-transcriber service. Just started using the auto-transcription service - it's okay if you have internal dictation to transcribe (letters, notes, etc.) and you have some time to clean them up/edit them. We recorded client interviews and the transcription is just for our internal use. The auto-transcriber does not always distinguish between 2 speakers (it often comes back all marked as Speaker 1, with speakers' sentences run together in one paragraph under Speaker 1). Can't imagine how it looks if you have more than 2 people talking! For this reason, I would only use the auto-transcriber when you've got just 1 person talking, or 2 at the most, and I gave Rev only 4 stars instead of 5 -- their auto-transcriber needs some work. If you don't mind that (you only need all the words that were said), it can work for you - turnaround in minutes, and you can't beat the low price. However, if you are transcribing something more important, for a client, or say, board meeting conversations, that needs to come back looking very polished, go with a real human transcriber - they can distinguish multiple voices better (if you give them the names of the speakers in advance, they'll label them) and they do a great job! I have only had minor issues a couple of times with real people, but 95% of the time, the real people transcribers get 4-5 stars. Pay more, and get much more! Rev is easy to use, and reliable! Great interface/tools for viewing and editing your transcriptions online, too - before you download them. I recommend if you need audio files transcribed fast!
  August 1, 2019  
N R.
Excellent turnaround on my transcription service. A few errors but all expected due to style and quality of my recordings - really impressed! The support team were also available to help whenever I needed it.
  July 31, 2019  
James M.
Started great but ended terribly. Rev puts their better transcriptionists to work on your first order and then doesn't maintain their quality standard. Out of 14 x 1-1.5 hour interviews I had transcribed, only 4 were close to the advertised 99% accuracy. Rev offered to re-do 5 or more of the poorer transcripts; even offering to re-do one that had already been done a second time. I've started using another company and it's like a breath of fresh air not to have to spend so much time listening back and correcting transcripts. I contacted Rev's customer service several times, and while I will say they were always very polite, they didn't improve their quality and weren't able to get close to their accuracy guarantee for the majority of transcripts.
  July 29, 2019  
Melanie B.
Super fast service and very accurate. I loved it!
  July 27, 2019  
Quick and surprisingly accurate. Beats Siri hands down.
  July 25, 2019  
Joseph K.
The transcripts were not allowed to be used in court for being in accurate and several transcripts were returned because of the failure of the company to actually get it done
  July 24, 2019  
Amy F.
The speed, accuracy and user interface are all amazing. Best recommendation we've gotten.
  July 24, 2019  
Drew O.
Rev was able to provide a clear transcript for my project. Plus, they turned it around quickly.
  July 24, 2019  
Daniel D.
The only issue is that I needed time code but I wasn't sure how to request that. It's my fault for not requesting. excellent service! thank you.
  July 23, 2019  
Ashley M.
Great, fast job!
  July 23, 2019  
Melissa A.
My video was perfectly transcribed. I'm feeling pleased.
  July 22, 2019  
Lucy B.
Excellent service, prompt and excellent transcription.
  July 22, 2019  
gabriel H.
Super easy, fast and the rep on the phone was incredible helpful.
  July 22, 2019  
Cyril K.
Translated a document with less than 20 words in it from French to English last year, and they forgot to translate the word "Mother" in the translated version where they kept the french word "mere". The document was so basic I didn't even notice the error until I had to submit the translated document for an application now, but their customer service refuses to fix the issue because it's been over 12 months since the translation. I get that you might have this rule for cases where someone would like to adjust a minor thing or choose alternative words, but have the decency to provide appropriate customer service and bend the rule when you've messed up such a basic translation with a word that was not even translated. It was 100% the translator's fault. I will never be using again for any translation services. EDIT: if Jenny "truly would have loved to help", she would offer to redo the translation correctly instead of using the excuse of their system not let her submit a correction after 12 months. If she "truly" would have loved to help she could submit it as a new translation and not charge for it, or refund me for the original transaction. This pretend friendly behavior is ridiculous and a cover for a terrible service.