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  March 15, 2021  
Dima K.
Lightning fast, easy to use and very accurate translation. Fantastic service.
  March 14, 2021  
Cameron T.
The text translation was very good. The speakers were mixed up, with both interviewers being included, but not the interviewee. In the end, a fairly simple find and replace at our end.
  March 14, 2021  
Wi D.
Their speed and accuracy are incredible! Highly recommended!
  March 12, 2021  
Pat H.
Transcription was excellent and done in a timely fashion. I’m a Sunday columnist for a Reno newspaper. Very helpful service. I’ll use again. Thank you.
  March 11, 2021  
Nicholas P.
quick and relaible
  March 10, 2021  
Daniel E.
Bad customer service.
  March 10, 2021  
Fast, accurate and inexpensive. A good solution to adding subtitles to your video.
  March 9, 2021  
Excellent response time and excellent captions provided - the audio was difficult to understand due to poor mic-ing and you all did a great job. thanks!
  March 9, 2021  
Robert H.
Thank you very much for your accurate and fast service!
  March 5, 2021  
Frank D.
Always deliver sooner than the deadline and the quality is always top notch.
  March 4, 2021  
Armando S.
Very helpful staff and helped me resolve my issues.
  March 3, 2021  
Fractal C.
Much faster than expected. Word perfect! Quite impressive.
  March 3, 2021  
Glen W.
Amazing services
  March 3, 2021  
Excellent service. The accuracy was perfect, I didn’t spend any time correcting errors which was a pleasant surprise.
  March 1, 2021  
sarah b.
The subtitles did not show in the video because they were too low and I couldn’t use the video. It was disappointing. I have sent an email so hopefully will get addressed. Thank you very much
  February 28, 2021  
Jacob S.
Excellent work. Would love to use this transcriber again if at all possible.
  February 27, 2021  
A very brief transcription job came back perfect, in just minutes.
  February 25, 2021  
Lisa S.
For the money, this Rough Draft service can't be beat! It catches every um, but it makes it easy for a writer to use the transcript for research purposes without having to edit at all.
  February 25, 2021  
I am very satisfied with your services and I will use them again and recommend you for sure! Keep up the great work 👍
  February 23, 2021  
Andrew T.
Smooth sailing, easy to use, quick turn-around and excellent value for money.