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  October 6, 2019  
Jim W.
Great service and affordable
  October 6, 2019  
Yvette S.
it was pretty accurate in it's transcription
  October 4, 2019  
M. O.
The after sales is useless for people who know little about the technology. They take a long time to answer & when they do it's all technical jargon. THERE are no pre-recorded video tutorials or screen shots. I'd rather pay someone to do the subtitles. Never again
  October 4, 2019  
Andrea F.
Worked out great!!
  October 4, 2019  
Cynthia U.
Awesome job!
  October 3, 2019  
Worked so well. Genuinely makes a series of interviews I am doing very easy.
  October 3, 2019  
Felicia F.
The turnaround time was Phenomenal!
  October 1, 2019  
Stephanie T.
Always great quality and very fast turnaround times.
  October 1, 2019  
Scott B.
Good service but expensive
  September 30, 2019  
Barbara G.
Great job, very accurate and was delighted by the quick turnaround. Thank you!
  September 28, 2019  
Shirley D.
the transcription was good, i wanted the accuracy however the cost of $88 Australian dollars with the exchange rate makes it too expensive to do on a regular basis and the cheaper ai transcription takes too much of my time to fix the errors, especially with the australian accent
  September 27, 2019  
Jeff W.
Always accurate and quick delivery.
  September 27, 2019  
Ben T.
Great transcription and fast! Would definitely use again.
  September 26, 2019  
Michael H.
I was completely taken by surprise to receive a turnaround in less than 15 minutes, and with no editing necessary! Word perfect with correct punctuation. Well done, thank you so much.
  September 25, 2019  
I discovered Rev when they first began doing business. I have continued to use their service because of the price, turnaround, and accuracy. For my purposes, it's a valued and trusted service.
  September 25, 2019  
quick and reliable great service
  September 25, 2019  
fantastic service excellent accuracy and very quick next time I'll try the robots to compare to the humans
  September 25, 2019  
Nitish K.
Best transcription service out there, budget-friendly, accurate and fast at the same time. With friendly revision interface, whats more to ask?
  September 24, 2019  
Everett G.
So fast and accurate
  September 24, 2019  
Services are great but they need to change ONE little thing: the option to add a project name should be readily visibly on the order screen without having to scroll down to see it.