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  April 23, 2019  
Suzanne H.
Brilliant service - turn around was really quick within a few hours and the accuracy was 100%.
  April 23, 2019  
Esther A.
I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received the transcription back and how accurate it was. I did compare it to someone else's transcript of the same conversation through REV and it seems that my person was able to hear and decipher better than the other person.
  April 23, 2019  
Great turn around of below par Audio! A few things were incorrect, but I was impressed with how much you were able to salvage from it. Thanks!
  April 22, 2019  
Annie M.
Super fast checkout. Super fast turnaround time. Very transparent in terms of pricing, turnaround, etc and easy to use. I would use them again, no question.
  April 22, 2019  
Great work! The transcription turned out just right and saved me a boatload of time!
  April 22, 2019  
Navdeep P.
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  April 19, 2019  
Jeffrey Z.
Rev works really well and is fairly priced. I conduct a lot of very technical interviews and while the transcription can't catch every bit of jargon, they do a great job - and fast!
  April 19, 2019  
Sean H.
They were fast and helpful!
  April 18, 2019  
Easy service, super quick. Minor inaccuracies but very pleased with the service.
  April 18, 2019  
Alex C.
I've used Rev for a feature film and a short film this year, and they're brilliant - fast turnaround time, highly accurate dialogue transcripts and captions, easy ordering system with lots of format choices, and great customer support. I'll continue to use them for all of my projects.
  April 17, 2019  
Gordon M.
Aweseom Services and Results. Fast and VERY accurate!
  April 17, 2019  
Chester B.
A lot of the timings are off by half a second or so and I have to go through and change a lot of them. Other than that though the site is quite good.
  April 16, 2019  
Luc B.
Quick and accurate!
  April 16, 2019  
Very fast turn-around and very accurate
  April 15, 2019  
tone w.
Until I have used the service several times I do not wish to offer a review. Thanks.
  April 15, 2019  
Robert B.
Turnaround time was 12 hrs on 6 hours of recordings.
  April 14, 2019  
MDP Photography and V.
Fast, accurate and easy to use, my first two experiences using REV were great and I'll definitely be using them again.
  April 13, 2019  
Ellie W.
Simple, Quick and efficient - I would recommend
  April 12, 2019  
Nicki L.
While I have used Rev in the past and have had my expectations surpassed, for this latest transcription I was left a little disappointed and had to have a friend listen and re-transcribe. One of the speakers has something of a unique accent, but it's not that difficult to understand. In addition to a lot of spelling errors, there was also an abundance of grammatical and punctuation errors as well. I will give Rev another chance in the future as I have had two previous outstanding experiences with them. On this go around, however, I do not believe there was 99% accuracy as is promised.
  April 11, 2019  
Kevin K.
Always fast service and accurate. This is why I keep coming back