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  June 6, 2019  
Charles L.
Very inconsistent. Sometimes the transcription are on point other times I desire my money back. Last transcription was fraught with misspelled words.
  June 6, 2019  
Janelle W.
99%+ accuracy, 100% guaranteed? I was happy to give Rev a try. We sent them one file to check it out, and they did a great job. Then we sent a bigger order, 12 recordings of about 30 minutes each. What a disaster. The transcripts were done quickly, but accuracy was between 40-70%. Some transcribers would claim text was "inaudible," even though all the recordings were done in quiet rooms. Others would instead create non-sensical sentences. I was under the impression that human transcribers would actually listen and go back if they don't understand. Not to mention the spelling and grammatical errors. At first I thought the issues were because some of the voices on the tape were speaking with accented English. But they made the same mistakes with my American English. We had to send back half our order and some were corrected, but still not nearly to their stated 99% accuracy. It took days to sort out the situation, due to slow customer service. Turnaround speed is clearly not worth it if you get such poor quality. And, with this level of quality there are much cheaper AI assisted transcription services out there (who are also much faster at turnaround!). That's where we'll be going in the future.
  June 5, 2019  
William T.
great service for very reasonable price
  June 5, 2019  
Pauline W.
Quick efficient and really easy to use
  June 5, 2019  
Hamish M.
I use only rarely, but every time it's straight forward and easily followed interface is a joy. The work is quick and excellent and the ability to share the transcript (along with many other options) is a delight.
  June 5, 2019  
Donna C.
I always receive excellent service from They often surprise me about how quickly I receive my transcripts!
  June 4, 2019  
Chantelle H.
Excellent quality, fast turn around and well priced!!
  June 3, 2019  
Steven L.
Fast, reliable, does what it says on the tin. Yes, not every transcript is 100% but the recording quality is often not 100% either, and I speak to people with a range of accents and clarity of speech. I'm very happy with the quality for the price.
  June 3, 2019  
John M.
outstanding transcription
  June 2, 2019  
Jonathan R.
Quick, accurate, all I could want.
  June 1, 2019  
Taylor Moore 4.
Rev is a truly incredible service. I use them on every single YouTube video that I create! The speed at which they complete captions is simply astounding! Thank you Rev for providing an invaluable service at a price I can actually afford!
  May 31, 2019  
Rick S.
Terrific quality transcriptions - fast accurate and affordable
  May 31, 2019  
Philip B.
So quick with great acuracy
  May 30, 2019  
Duane H.
Fast and reasonably priced!
  May 29, 2019  
Donna-Marie J.
I have tried to contact someone on why i can load the video to FB, I have spent hours trying to work it out
  May 29, 2019  
Kadir Furkan D.
Service is better then I expect.It was quite professional and fast.
  May 29, 2019  
Super quick turnaround with no errors :)
  May 28, 2019  
Victoria M.
Excellent? Turnaround time for my 7-minute recording was less than one hour,
  May 28, 2019  
Fast and accurate!
  May 27, 2019  
customer was recommended by a colleague for doing transcripts. The service was very fast and very accurate. Highly recommended.