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  August 5, 2013  
I have used a few times now and they do a great job and they're fast!
  August 4, 2013  
Philip is easy to use and transparent on its pricing policy. Very responsive to questions/challenges and ultimately able to turn around a quick translation at the desired level of quality. I definitely recommend them for quick turn-around translation of visa or other governmental related documents.
  August 4, 2013  
your quick response and accuracy are great. I really appreciate your wonderful job.
  August 3, 2013  
Very time efficient and professional. Excellent service overall.
  August 3, 2013  
Within 36 hours of placing my order, I had my document translated from Italian to English. I would definitely recommend using Rev for document translations needed by the USCIS. Rev was half the price of the alternatives that I looked into, and they responded promptly when I asked to have the translation expedited.
  August 3, 2013  
I didn't expect it was that easy and fast. Prices are affordable.
  August 3, 2013  
Really please on the turnaround of the documents and accuracy, highly recommended.
  August 3, 2013  
Excellent prompt service, precise transcription. Thank you!
  August 3, 2013  
Quick turnaround time, and easy to use Translators made a spelling error on a person's name, and it required some extra effort on my part for it to be corrected
  August 3, 2013  
I will definitely use this service -- what a find
  August 3, 2013  
Really excellent service, especially turn-around! Less than 48 hours for two interviews totalling over 2 hours 10 mins. I was shocked after uploading reference videos late in the day to find the first transcript completed and waiting early the next morning. The only thing that prevents me from awarding 5 stars this time is a need for a few more corrections on the second of the two scripts completed (Ken) that I didn't think should have slipped by with such frequency as they did. Mostly it was still stellar, but just a few more 'misses' than normal. There were some misses that were due to either strange location names or trade names pertaining to the industry, but I'm not considering those. What I am referring to are the general, 'everyday vocabulary' misses. Still excellent by all means, and we'll be back for sure.
  August 3, 2013  
Really fast turn-around (less than 24 hours) and great service and customer support.
  August 2, 2013  
They did a very good job. Everything was correct and they are really fast. Good price as well.
  August 2, 2013  
I requested a translation at night and it was ready by the next morning! Fast and accurate is how I would describe Rev. I would recommend it.
  August 2, 2013  
Very good and fast service . 100% accuracy
  August 2, 2013  
Very happy to have chosen this company, they did the job faster than offered and the translation was accurate.
  August 2, 2013  
very cheap and affordable
  August 1, 2013  
Gene D.
I've never had a bad experience. Punctuation are accuracy are top notch! I also had a few requests that were followed exactly. Thank you guys for another job perfectly done.
  August 1, 2013  
I've sent about 5 jobs through to I was literally stunned by the speed and quality of the work returned.
  August 1, 2013  
Excellent quality, very fast, very professional. Some parts of the recording were not intelligible, but the quality of the transcribing was very good.