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The Market Leader in Cloud Business Management Technology

Sage is the global market leader for technology that provides small and medium businesses with the visibility, flexibility, and efficiency to manage finances, operations, and people. In 2017, Sage acquired Intacct, one of the industry’s top providers of cloud-based financial management software to businesses of all sizes. Now branded Sage Intacct, the product remains a leader in its space — consistently earning awards for innovation and high customer satisfaction.

Andrew Sevillia, Director of Customer Marketing for Sage Intacct, is a pipeline generation and sales acceleration strategist with more than 10 years of experience. In his current position, it’s his mission to build strong relationships with customers and drive customer marketing activities including capturing written and video customer stories, webinar participation, speaking opportunities, press releases, and the organization’s online customer reviews program.

When Sevillia started on the Sage Intacct marketing team three years ago, he set a goal to produce 15 customer stories per quarter — a goal he still holds himself to today. He and his team have built out a truly impressive library of customer stories that help the brand grow and expand its reach into new verticals. But that goal wouldn’t have been possible without efficient processes, and that’s where Rev comes in.

On the site, it’s simple to highlight a problem sentence and replay it, and I can usually make out what was said from context or memory. It’s a brilliant feature.

Andrew Sevillia

Director of Customer Marketing at Sage Intacct

Results with Rev

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45 hours of work saved per quarter

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15 customer stories published per quarter

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20 hours of manual transcription saved

Customer Challenges

Finding a Partner to Help Scale Customer Story Production

To meet his content production target, Sevillia interviews a lot of customers and gathers their stories. Before discovering Rev, he would record these interviews and then had to find the time to replay the audio and transcribe it himself.

“I would listen to the recording and literally type everything out that I heard,” Sevillia said. “I’d listen to a 15-second segment, write down what I heard, go back and confirm that what I heard is what I wrote down, then move onto the next segment. It would take me hours. These interviews are usually 60 minutes — potentially longer — so transcribing it manually would take about three or four hours.”

Sometimes Sevillia had help from team members. During an interview, he and a few colleagues would take notes individually, trying to capture all of the compelling or relevant information to put into a story. After the call, Sevillia would then have the rest of the team send him their notes, but it could take days for him to wrangle content from everyone. 

These inefficient, manual processes were a constant burden for Sevillia. When you’re trying to help support a rapidly growing brand, time is of the essence. “There was a constant need for new customer stories and I felt like I was always behind,” he said. 

Beyond slowing down production, manual transcription was also holding him back from performing the other primary functions of his role — building relationships with customers, finding strategic opportunities to broadcast their stories, and attracting new customers in the process.

Sevillia knew there had to be a better way to streamline the process, and that’s when a former coworker told him about Rev. “I spent some time on the website and thought to myself that this is exactly what I need,” Sevillia said.

Rev is one of the tools in my toolbelt. It’s one of the things that I use to help me be more productive.

Andrew Sevillia

Director of Customer Marketing at Sage Intacct


Speed and Accuracy Save Time and Stress

Sage Intacct is now the third organization Sevillia has introduced to Rev’s services. With Rev’s 99 percent accurate transcripts and fast turnaround times, he’s able to dramatically reduce the time it takes to produce customer stories. This affords him the opportunity to focus on developing strategic plans to better serve the business.

“The high accuracy is critical, the turnaround time is great, and the price is right,” he said. “Rev has alleviated the stress of needing to carve out hours in my afternoon or night to focus on transcription.”

More Efficiency with Interactive Website Features 

Features on the website save Sevillia additional time. For instance, he’s able to share a read-only link that includes both the transcription and recording with a writer or other team members. That erases the need to download and email a transcription, and upload a large recording to a cloud storage site.

Sevillia is also pleased with how the site lets him easily fill in “inaudible” words in a transcription. “Cross-talk and bad connections can render certain words inaudible,” Sevillia said. “On the site, it’s simple to highlight a problem sentence and replay it, and I can usually make out what was said from context or memory. It’s a brilliant feature.”

Find Specific Transcripts with a Single Keyword

Sevillia can also store all of his transcripts on and use the interface’s robust search feature to look up interviews based on specific keywords. 

This feature was critical in a recent refresh of the Sage Intacct website, where the web team wanted to include relevant customer quotes on each of the site’s product pages. They gave Sevillia a list of keywords and asked for customer stories that included each keyword.

“We have hundreds of stories now but I just went into Rev and I took that list of keywords and searched for the transcripts. It took me seconds,” he said. “What would have taken me... I don't know how long. It would've taken me a lot longer than seconds to find the right stories to support our web team.”

Easier Video Production and Collaboration

Rev transcripts ensure that Sevillia gets the most out of his customer stories, from a written case study to a blog post and occasionally a press release. 

But his team is also building out its video testimonial library, and Rev transcription plays a critical role in that process, too.

“Our video testimonial interviews are about 60 minutes. We get the transcript and then edit it down into a three-minute clip for the video testimonial,” Sevillia said. “With the transcript, we can quickly highlight the key moments in the interview that we want to use. It’s been a huge time-saver.”

The video production team then goes into Rev and edits the video down based on the transcript.

Even with all of these benefits, Sevillia still wants to get even more out of Rev, including utilizing the filing system to make their transcript database more organized, and custom vocabulary features to make the transcripts even more accurate.

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