CES Goes Hybrid in 7 Languages with Rev’s Captions and Subtitles

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About Hosting CES: CTA and Mighty Media Studios

Technology and Production Combine Forces

CES® is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. It’s where the world's biggest brands do business and meet new partners, and the sharpest innovators hit the stage. 

Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, CES showcases tech manufacturers, developers, suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, and much more.

To host such a high-profile event CTA partnered with Mighty Media Studios. This award-winning video production and creative agency specializes in using video-based content experiences to drive audience engagement and business results. Mighty has supported the development and deployment of internal and external messaging and communications for hundreds of clients through the execution of projects large and small. 

With the rise of virtual events and a continued emphasis on global attendees, the CTA needed a strong accessibility partner that could quickly provide accurate captions and subtitles for a huge amount of video content. Fortunately, Mighty had worked with a provider that fit that description: Rev.

“Workflow timing and accuracy are probably the two most important benefits we realized with Rev. It’s more efficient working with a partner like you.”

-Sean Perkins, VP of Marketing at CTA

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Approximately 300 videos (225 hours of content) captioned in five days

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24-hour turnaround times on captions for 20-50 video files a day

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Fast communication and dedicated support for captions and subtitles in 7 global languages

Customer Challenges

Going Global on a Tight Schedule

When producing a conference with the global visibility of CES, every piece of content will be under extra scrutiny. Though CTA had focused on audience accessibility even before virtual conference options became necessary, there were some gaps in their 2022 event plan. All of the sessions were now live-streamed along with an event style that had pivoted last minute; time and budgets were tight. CTA and Mighty Media approached the challenge from three angles: accommodation, accuracy, and timeliness. 

According to Sean Perkins, CTA’s VP of Marketing, accessibility is a cornerstone of their operations. “We knew that we needed to approach CES from an accessibility standpoint,” Perkins said. “At the very least, we needed to have closed captions for all of our content, in addition to subtitles in different languages. With a hybrid event, this was extremely important to us.” 

Over at Mighty Media, Producer Kristen Barry agreed that accessibility has become a given in the virtual events space. “Captions provide that extra level of inclusion, and it’s becoming more standard to connect everyone,” Barry said.

Beyond English captions, CES needed subtitles in six languages: French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, and simplified Mandarin Chinese. To make matters even more complex, the virtual and in-person conferences were conducted simultaneously–everything was live. “For our press conferences, we had 1,300 members of the media logged into the digital venue and upwards of 34% were international,” Perkins said. “We had to get things just right when they’re breaking a certain news story or a product.”

Because everything was live, timeliness was a major factor. On the ground in Las Vegas, 300 CES conference programming were spread across multiple casinos and ballrooms over five days. Sessions would occur simultaneously, and the recorded video would come to Mighty Media for captioning. “We had anywhere from 20-50 videos per day, each in the 45-minute range and we were hoping for a one-day turnaround,” Barry said. “We wanted the captioned videos to follow as soon as possible.”

“Communication is key, and Rev was extremely helpful with that. If you're looking for an efficient solution, Rev has everything set up in a way to streamline your process and make it seamless.”

-Kristen Barry, Producer at Mighty Media


Saving Valuable Time with Expert Support

Handling a complex and high volume of video content in a short amount of time was made easy with Rev’s QA process. The tech industry is well known for abundant acronyms and unusual product names, but Rev handled them all with flying colors. “The accuracy level with Rev’s freelancers was really, really good,” Barry said. “Once I realized how accurate the captions were, it was just a quick scrub through of the intros for correct speaker and company names.” In the end, Barry’s team only needed to spend five minutes reviewing each 45-minute session video.

The CTA team realized similar time-savings. Perkins formerly had his contractors and interns spend their time captioning videos, a lengthy and tedious process that ate up valuable time. “I eventually asked myself, why are we doing this? They could be working on other things leveraging the other talents of the team.” Now, they are refocused on their core efforts while Rev’s freelancers lend their expertise.

Communication is Always Key

While CES may be spread out across stages and screens, Rev’s services could easily be managed in one place. Because of Rev’s stellar communication, Mighty Media was easily able to coordinate captions and subtitles. “When you’re working on fast-turn, high-volume projects it’s important to not be sitting around with a question or troubleshooting while the clock is ticking,” Barry said. “Honestly, the reason I moved forward with Rev was that the communication process was amazing from day one.”

For CTA, they enjoyed having a partner that could roll with the punches. Conferences have had to evolve quickly, and attendees access their sessions in so many different formats than ever before. Perkins’ team was already using transcription and captioning old videos for SEO and accessibility purposes, but an entire hybrid conference was a different beast. “Luckily we were able to pull off both digital and physical. It was a big success, and Rev was a part of that,” Perkins said.

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