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Translation Basics
What languages do you translate?

We provide translation services in over 35 languages. We translate from English and into English. Click here to see the list of languages we translate.

How long will it take?
Timing depends on the language and page count. See below:
Languages Page Count Equivalent Words Guaranteed Turnaround
Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Arabic, and Russian 1-3 pages < 750 words 24 hours
4-8 pages 750 - 2000 words 48 hours
9+ pages > 2000 words Request a Quote
All other languages Any size Any size Request a Quote

Note: turnaround times exclude weekends & holidays.
How long will it take?

Our turnaround varies depending on the amount of pages and language translated. You can check out our turnaround times on our FAQ.

How do you translate so quickly?
  • We know that speed is important to you.
  • Rev is one of the largest online translation service providers. We have hundreds of translators standing by to work on your order.
Can you translate my document?
Yes, Rev translates all types of documents, ranging from birth certificates for U.S. immigration to technical business manuals.
Who will translate my document?
  • A professional translator will perform the translation.
How do you ensure quality?
  • We’re very selective and accept less than 10% of the translators that apply.
  • Each translator has successfully completed an extensive screening process. They have been tested in their specific language pair, through multiple choice tests, free answer tests, and by performing certified translations in a timed environment.
  • A typical Rev translator has worked as a professional translator for over 5 years.
What's the difference between certified and business translation?
  • Certified is made using our corporate letterhead and comes with a statement of certification (required by some authorities), in PDF format.
  • Business is a high quality translation done on a plain editable Word doc.
  • Both offer the same great Rev quality and service
Can I use a business translation if I need a certified translation?
  • If you need a certified translation, you must order a certified translation.
Can I fax you a document?
  • No, we do not accept faxes.
Do you do high volume translation?

Yes we can fulfill high volume translation orders. We're one of the fastest growing translation services with 294 satisfied customers including Pfizer, the U.S. Small Business Administration and Boeing. For more information, view our Enterprise Customers page.

How does the translation process work?
After you place your order your document is reviewed and a translator with relevant expertise begins carefully working on your order. The work is then double checked for accuracy and the final product is sent to you in an email.
How do you keep my information secure?
  • Your files are securely stored and transmitted using 128-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of security available. We also never store credit card information - we simply pass it securely to our bank for safe-keeping.
  • We will never share your files or personal information with anyone outside of Rev. Files are visible only to the professionals who have signed strict confidentiality agreements. If you'd ever like us to delete your files, just let us know.
Do you have offices in my location?

We are an Internet company based in San Francisco, CA. Our orders are delivered via email. You can place your order at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How much does it cost?
  • For certified translations, the cost depends on the amount of pages translated. Our cost is $33 per page. A page is defined as: 250 words or fewer (including numbers), one-sided, and letter-size (8.5" x 11") or A4 dimensions or smaller. An excess of 250 words on a page would be considered additional pages and priced accordingly at the same rate of $33 per every 250 words.
  • Our business translations are priced by the word. Our price is $0.10 per word with a minimum charge of $20 per order. Numbers are included in our word count.
Can I get a quote?
  • We are happy to give you a quote. Just submit your request via our quote form and we'll respond quickly with a quote.
Please explain your moneyback guarantee.
  • We will give you a 100% refund if your translation is not accepted by USCIS for any reason whatsoever.
  • We also guarantee that our translations will be accepted by any US government agency or US university that requires a certified translation.
  • See our full list of guarantees »
How do I get started?
  • Upload your document.
  • Pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.
  • We'll email you your professional translation. Print it and you're all set.
How do I pay?
  • Rev accepts all major credit cards as well as payment via PayPal.
  • Payment is made at the time of placing your order.
  • For business clients, we do have invoice billing available. Visit our Enterprise Customers page.
Where is my refund?
  • If you were issued a refund or if you cancelled your order, you should receive a confirmation email with the payment and refund details for your order.
  • The refund may take several business days to post.
Support/Questions About My Order
What is the status of my order?
After login, you can easily check the status of your order here.
How do I modify/cancel my order?
  • You can cancel your order if the translation has not yet been started. Sign In to your account, visit My Orders, go to the order you want to cancel and click "Cancel This Order".
  • You can add or delete files from your order if the translation has not been started yet. Contact Us and someone will be happy to assist you.
How do I get a receipt for my order?
  • The confirmation email sent to you when you first placed your order is also your receipt.
  • Contact Us if you have additional questions about your receipt.
Why is my order late?
  • Sometimes our translators encounter problems deciphering a document either due to the quality of the handwritten elements or the clarity of the image/scan. This is why we ask our customers to type out any personal names mentioned in their documents and to provide as high quality an image as possible.
  • There may be a delay in finding the right translator for the order, especially with less common languages (languages other than Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Arabic, and Russian).
How do I request a revision on my translation?

Revisions are as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Just request your correction by responding to the same email you received your order.
  2. Your support representative will quickly pass the request along to the SAME translator that worked on your order, and your translator will be happy to make your revisions promptly.
  3. The support rep will deliver these back to you as soon as they receive them.
How can I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

Go to our Sign in page ( and click "Forgot your password?".

How can I open the version of the Microsoft Word file that you sent?

If you have an older version of Microsoft Word, you can download the an add-on to enable you to open documents created by the latest versions here (

You may also be able to open them through Microsoft Office Web Apps (

What can I do if I am having trouble reading non-Latin characters in my completed translation?

Different languages may require various character sets or fonts to be installed on your computer. Here ( are instructions for how this can be done for Japanese. Similar steps may be taken for any other language.

Certified Translation for U.S. Immigration (USCIS) and Universities
What is a certified translation?
A certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement from Rev, which attests to the thoroughness and accuracy of the translation, but not the validity of the original document.
Do you provide Certified Translations?

Absolutely. We provide 100% guaranteed Certified Translations. All of our certified translations are accompanied by a "Certification of Translation Accuracy" which attests the validity of its accompanying translation.

What will my certified translation look like?
  • Certified translations may not fully reproduce the formatting and appearance of the original document (tables, coloring, stamps) and may not be in your preferred phrasing.
Who requires a certified translation?
What is USCIS?
What does USCIS require?
  • The translator must certify that the transaction is accurate.
  • The translator must certify that he/she is competent to translate.
  • The certification should include the translator's name, signature, address, and the date of certification.
  • Read more about our certified translation for the USCIS here .
How do you guarantee USCIS acceptance?
Mailing and Notarization
Can you mail certified translations?
  • Yes, we mail your translations as part of our notarization option.
  • Select the notarized and mailed option on the order form, and we will mail your translation within the United States via USPS Priority Mail for $20.00.
Do you notarize documents?
  • Yes. The majority of translations do not need to be notarized, but if you would like your documents notarized for any reason, we can do this for you for $20.00 per document.
  • Documents notarized in California require only an ink stamp. We do not provide embossed seals.
  • Learn more about whether or not you need notarization here .
Can you mail a copy of my original document?

No, we cannot include copies of your original documents. Only your translations will be mailed and/or notarized.

Pricing and Services
How much do you charge?

Rev charges $1 per minute of audio. For example, a 30 minute clip costs $30.00. Timestamps and verbatim are options that cost $0.25 per minute each. There is no additional charge for multiple speakers and there is no sales tax. We round up all audio to the nearest whole minute.

How long will it take?

Audio files under 60 minutes long with good quality audio are typically delivered within 24 hours, often much faster. For longer recordings or recordings with poor audio quality, it may take longer. Want a turnaround estimate? Contact Us.

How do you transcribe so quickly?
  • We know that speed is important to you.
  • Rev is one of the largest online transcription service providers. We have hundreds of transcriptionists standing by to work on your order.
Do you provide timestamps?

Yes, we offer one-minute interval timestamps as an option when you place your order for an additional charge of $0.25 per minute.
All timestamps begin at [00:00], we cannot accommodate embedded video timecodes.

Do you have court/medical-trained transcriptionists?

We have transcriptionists from a variety of backgrounds. You can specify the topic when you place your order so agents with experience in that field can work on your files. We are not HIPAA compliant or court-certified.

Can you transcribe multi-speaker files?

We can transcribe multi-speaker files and we charge the same price: $1 per minute. We indicate "speaker 1", "speaker 2", etc. where possible, or "male" and "female".

Why don't you charge more for difficult audio or multiple speakers?
  • We strive to make our customers' lives easier. It is sometimes difficult for you to judge the quality of a recording.
  • Don't worry about it. We'll take care of it all for the same price.
Do you offer a discount for high volume?

No. We keep things simple and have only one low price for everyone, $1 per minute.

Please explain your moneyback guarantee.
  • We guarantee at least 99% accuracy for audio files that are clearly audible.
  • We work closely with our clients to correct any discrepancies.
  • See our full list of guarantees »
Can you partner with my company? Do you have an API?

Yes! Call our support team at 888-369-0701 for details. Also, visit our Enterprise and API pages. We offer invoice billing for qualified clients.

Do you offer transcription services in other languages?

No – we currently only transcribe to and from English.

Will Rev sign a non-disclosure agreement?

We keep all client information confidential - it is our solemn duty. Some clients require additional documentation via a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We are happy to sign your NDA, or we can supply one for you. Contact Us

The Transcription Process
What file formats do you accept?

We accept audio and video recordings in MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, and WAV. We do not currently accept physical media (tapes, CDs, SD cards, etc.) If you have a file in a format other than those listed here, please Contact Us. We also accept links to streaming video and audio files available on the web.

How do I convert my files to something that's manageable (smaller)?

Visit your favorite search engine and type in "Free software convert [file type initial] to [file type final]"

How do you keep my information secure?
  • Your files are securely stored and transmitted using 128-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of security available. We also never store credit card information - we simply pass it securely to our bank for safe-keeping.
  • We will never share your files or personal information with anyone outside of Rev. Files are visible only to the professionals who have signed strict confidentiality agreements. If you'd ever like us to delete your files, just let us know.
How do I get started?

Just click here to get started. Our online order process takes just minutes to complete.

Who will transcribe my audio?

We use only professional transcriptionists to maximize quality. We do not use automated transcription software.

How do you ensure quality?
  • Rev guarantees a minimum of 99% accuracy. See details.
  • We start with only hiring the best and employ a system of review and quality checks to ensure quality and accuracy.
Where are your transcriptionists located?
  • The majority of our transcriptionists are based in the United States and are native English speakers.
  • For better turnaround times, we do have transcriptionists outside of the United States to work during non-traditional business hours.
In what format will I receive the completed transcription?

All transcripts are delivered as Microsoft Word documents.

Do you edit filler words (i.e. umm, uhh)?

We edit filler words such as "uhh" and "umm" to best represent the integrity of the recording. However, we do not edit grammatical errors as we only transcribe the audio as is. You may request verbatim transcription as an optional add-on to your order if you prefer to have all filler words included, for an additional fee of $0.25 per minute.

Do you denote different speakers?

Yes – we make reference to each individual speaker and keep the reference consistent throughout the transcript. If the recording has more than four speakers, speakers may be referenced as Male or Female rather than individually numbered.

Can you provide a verbatim transcription that includes filler words?

The default transcript edits out filler words such as "uhh" and "umm" as this is the most popular and easiest to read format for our clients. You may select the verbatim option during checkout if you prefer to have all filler words included, for an additional fee of $0.25 per minute.

Support/Questions About My Order
Where is my order?

Some orders can take longer than 24 hours to complete. Some causes of slower delivery include:

  • Audio has heavy accents or low quality and is difficult for our team to hear.
  • If you upload large files (e.g., uncompressed audio or video), we have to shrink the files (you can convert to MP3 or M4A yourself using free software from the web).
  • Audio has multiple speakers, which takes longer to process
My order has mistakes... how can I fix these fast?

We send you transcripts in Microsoft Word format so that you can make quick edits yourself. If you need extensive changes, please Contact Us.

Can I set up an account?
How can I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

Go to our Sign in page ( and click "Forgot your password?".

How can I open the version of the Microsoft Word file that you sent?

If you have an older version of Microsoft Word, you can download the an add-on to enable you to open documents created by the latest versions here (

You may also be able to open them through Microsoft Office Web Apps (

What You Get
What do I get back from Rev?

We produce a text-based caption file. We transcribe the audio of your video and time it. You can download examples below, under the section about what file formats we can provide.

The caption file is a separate sidecar file from your video. What you do next depends on how you intend to publish your video:

  • If you are publishing your video online (e.g. through Youtube or Kaltura) or submitting to a VoD service (e.g. iTunes or Hulu), then you can simply submit the caption files as-is.
  • If you want to add the captions as a caption track in your video, you’ll need to take our caption file and encode it into the video. This is most common for DVD, Broadcast, or other distribution. We recommend using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
What caption and subtitle file formats can you provide?

These are our most commonly-requested formats. Click each to download an example file:

What caption file format do I need?

The Scenarist (.scc) format is used for submitting to VoD stores like iTunes and Hulu. It’s also used commonly in Broadcast TV and for editing in software such as Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro. Rev supports the 29.97 fps frame rate.

The SubRip (.srt) format is a common choice for Youtube and Vimeo videos. It's also extremely easy to edit captions in this format - you can open a .srt file in Notepad or TextEdit.

The MacCaption (.mcc) format is used for high-definition Broadcast TV. MacCaption is the only file format that can encode both 608 and 708 closed captioning. Rev supports the 29.97 fps frame rate.

The TTML format (also known as XML or DFXP) is gaining in popularity. The FCC has declared TTML is the official caption file format for broadcasters publishing video online:

Don't stress about it. If you change your mind later, we’re happy to provide your caption files in a different format, for no extra charge.

See the full list of supported formats with example files.

How do I get my finished caption files?

We'll email them to you as soon as they're ready.

How can I view and edit the caption file?

If you simply want to view the captions, you can upload your video to Youtube as a private video and upload the caption file.

We recommend the following software for editing captions:

How do I add the captions to my video?
  1. All major browser-based online video platforms can directly ingest our caption files as a sidecar file. Simply upload the caption file for each of your videos. For more info, check out:

  2. All major VoD stores accept captions as a separate sidecar file. You can submit our caption file to them directly, after you do a quick quality check of your own.
  3. There are many workflows and use cases for how to enbed captions as a track within a video file. We can’t provide instructions on all of them, but here are some helpful starting points for you to do some research:

    Other 3rd party programs exist that help you manage captioning workflows. They can ingest our caption file and help you encode it to the video. MacCaptions is the most popular program, whether you are working with Final Cut or authoring DVD and BluRay.

    Here is a good overview about adding captions for distribution to many internet-enabled devices

How to Order
What video file formats can you accept?

We can accept all common digital video formats, such as MOV, AVI, MP4, VOB, and Ogg.

How can we get our videos to you?

Most customers use our online order form. The order form supports a few options:

  • Upload a video file directly from your computer. Each file must be less than 5 GB in size.
  • Paste in a link to an online video, such as Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Connect to videos already stored in an FTP server, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. In the order form, click Upload File then select the cloud service on the left.

We also offer a number of alternative ways to order, depending on your needs:

  • Zapier. Zapier is a robust workflow automation service. Zapier can integrate Rev with applications such as a Google Sheets spreadsheet and place orders on your behalf.
  • Our API. This is the most flexible solution, if you can get a software programmer's time to build an integration with your company's workflow. Fully automate your workflow of sending us videos and receiving back finished caption files.

Email us for more info about these.

Do you need full-resolution, master video files?

No! In fact, we prefer lower-resolution proxies of your video for our work and the smaller files will make it much faster and easier for you to get them to us. We recommend reducing the video resolution to 320 × 240 and using the MP4 format with H.264 encoding. A 30 minute video should be less than 150 MB.

How do I pay for my captions?

The online order form will charge your credit / debit card, or your PayPal account at the time of ordering. You can securely save your credit card info to your account for future orders.

For customers with large, recurring needs, we offer monthly billing.

Learn more about Enterprise Accounts

Please explain your moneyback guarantee.
Can I give you a transcript or vocabulary list for my video?

Yes. Providing a transcript is helpful - simply upload it into our order form, under the Order Details section. It does not change the price of our service, because we still spend significant effort to give you quality captions.

Our Service
What kinds of captioning do you do?

We produce “pop on” captions for pre-recorded video files.

We do not at this time offer “roll up” captions. We also do not offer live / real-time captioning.

How long will captions take?

Video files under 30 minutes long are typically delivered within 24 hours, often much faster. For longer recordings or recordings with poor audio quality, it may take an extra day or two.

The turnaround estimate is based on individual video length, not total order size. Large orders with short videos will still be done quickly. For example, an order with 10 20-minute videos will only take us 24 hours total.

Generally, you can assume individual files between 1-3 hours will be returned within 4 days and files over 3 hours will take up to 6 days.

Want a turnaround estimate? Contact us.

How do you define caption quality?

We use the definition provided by the national Described and Captioned Media Program. Quality captioning is:

  • Accurate - Errorless transcription is the goal.
  • Consistent - Uniformity in style and presentation of all captioning features is crucial for viewer understanding.
  • Clear - A complete textual representation of the audio, including speaker identification and "atmospherics" (non-speech information), provide clarity.
  • Readable - captions are displayed with enough time to be read completely and are in synchronization with the audio.
  • Equal - equal access requires that the meaning and intention of the material is completely preserved.
Do your captions meet the FCC requirements?

Yes, we guarantee our caption files meet FCC requirements for open and closed captioning of web and tv video. Our caption files meet Section 508 requirements for video captioning.

Do your captions meet the ADA requirements?

Yes, our captions are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990 ruling regarding captioning.

Do your captions meet requirements set by Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and other online stores?

Yes, we strive to have our caption files meet the requirements of all major online media platforms and distributors. We always recommend you double-check the content quality and caption technical requirements before you submit to a third party platform.

How do you protect my content?

We serve many clients with sensitive content, from pre-release films to video reviews of products not yet announced to the public. Our clients care about content confidentiality and so do we. Our reputation and our business depend on us protecting the privacy of our clients' content.

Your content is yours - we will never sell your content or distribute it outside of Rev. Our workforce is carefully curated and every worker signs a strict NDA and confidentiality agreement. Our technology platform uses bank-level encryption, combined with best practice operations, to keep your content secure.

Do you provide a bulk / volume discount?

No. We keep things simple and have only one low price for everyone, $1.00 per minute. To calculate price, we round each video up to the nearest minute.

What is the difference between closed captions and subtitles?

Closed captions are intended for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers. They communicate the video's spoken content and "atmospherics", which are sound effects that are part of the story.

Subtitles are intended for viewers who can hear the audio, but can't understand the language spoken. They usually translate the video's spoken and written language into the viewer's language.

Both captions and subtitles use the same file formats, such as .srt and .scc. Read more about file formats.

What languages can be spoken in the video?

At this time, videos must be in spoken English.

If you have videos in other languages, email us.

What languages can you create subtitles in?

Our core service creates English caption files.

NEW: We have a beta offering that translates your video subtitles into multiple other languages. For more info, please email us with your project size and desired target languages.

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