Zoom Live Captioning & Real-Time Meeting Transcription

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Rev Zoom Integration

Video conferencing is having a huge moment in 2020 with remote work becoming more common & necessary. Zoom is at the forefront of the virtual meeting revolution.

Live captioning, also referred to as real-time transcription or automatic transcription is a big benefit to professionals, educators, and just about anyone who uses Zoom. It promotes accessibility, allows people to fully understand the content of the meeting, provides meeting notes, and helps attendees who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Rev is the world leader in transcription services, and just launched a Zoom live transcription solution for meetings. It’s built on the best speech recognition engine in the world. Here’s how to use it:

Join the Rev Zoom Live Captioning Beta Program

Rev is offering free access to its live captioning solution for Zoom meetings, through our beta program.

All Zoom Live Captioning beta program information can be found here. You can get started with the following links:

  1. Beta App Installation URL: your Zoom account admin with Marketplace role access must install our app.
  2. Setup overview graphic: one-pager covering the steps to install and use our app.
  3. Setup demo video: short video covering the steps to install and use our app.
  4. Zoom Account Admin/Meeting Host FAQs: view answers to frequently asked questions meeting hosts may have about enabling/disabling our live captions.
  5. Meeting Attendee FAQs: answers to questions meeting attendees may have about interacting with our live captions.

Transcribe or Caption Your Zoom Recordings

If you would like transcriptions of Zoom recorded meetings, or want to add captions to recorded meetings, Rev can help with those too. Rev offers both professional video and audio transcription services and professional video captioning services. Both services cost $1.25 per audio or video minute, and guarantee a 99% accuracy rate.

Just upload an audio or video file here, and read the following guides for step-by-step instructions.

1. Zoom Transcription Guide

2. Zoom Closed Captioning Guide