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Pricing for Rev Services

Here we outline the details and costs of each service offered.

99% Accurate Audio & Video Transcription Pricing

  • Rev charges $1.25 per minute of audio or video. For example, a 30-minute clip costs $37.50. Timestamps and verbatim are options that cost an extra $0.25 per minute each.

  • “Rush” transcripts cost an extra dollar per audio or video minute, and your transcripts will be delivered up to 5 times faster.

  • Orders placed via Rev’s API receive free timestamps when requested.

  • There is no additional charge for multiple speakers and there is no sales tax. We round up all audio to the nearest whole minute.

Rev Human Transcription Pricing Comparison


80% Accurate Automatic Transcription Pricing

  • Automated transcription costs $0.25 per minute of audio. For example, a 30-minute recording would cost $7.50. All audio is rounded to the nearest whole minute.

Rev Closed Caption (English Subtitle) Pricing

  • Rev charges $1.25 per video minute. For example, a 30-minute clip costs $37.50.

  • “Rush” captions cost an extra dollar per video minute, and your captions will be delivered up to 5 times faster.

  • You can add foreign language subtitles at $3 per video minute per language

Rev Human Captioning Pricing Comparison

Rev Pro Pricing

Rev Starter vs. Rev Pro

Rev API (Human Transcription API) Pricing


Rev AI (Machine Transcription API) Pricing

  • $0.035 per minute, rounded to nearest 15 seconds

  • Best speech-to-text API for quick turnaround times

  • The most accurate machine-powered speech recognition API’s in the world

  • Your first 5 hours free

  • Free email, chat, and phone support

  • Contact us for large volumes and custom pricing


Rev Foreign Language Subtitle Pricing

  • $3.00 to $7.00 per video minute per language. We believe this to be an incredible price on top of the industry leading turnaround and provided quality. We round up to the nearest minute.

  • Examples:

    • For a 10 minute video in Spanish: $30.00

    • For a 1 minute video in Spanish, German, and French: $13.00

    • For a 2 minute video in Korean and Japanese: $24.00