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New Partnership Announcement: YouTube and Rev Are Teaming Up

New Partnership Announcement: YouTube and Rev Are Teaming Up

RevBlogRev Product FeaturesNew Partnership Announcement: YouTube and Rev Are Teaming Up

We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with YouTube to help creators expand the reach of their video content and establish their brand with captions. After a simple setup of the Rev+YouTube integration, creators will be able to add highly accurate English captions and foreign language subtitles to their videos.

What’s in it for creators? Top reasons to take advantage of the Rev+YouTube integration:

  • Enjoy super-fast turnaround times on always-accurate captions and subtitles;
  • Access professional-grade captions;
  • Eliminate any manual steps with the seamless Rev+YouTube caption integration;
  • Distribute your video in multiple languages, creators get free English captions with the purchase of subtitles in any language.

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Why are YouTube Captions Important for Creators? 

YouTube creators who take the time to add captions and subtitles to their videos see a wider audience reach, increased viewer engagement, and improved rankings in search. With the Rev+YouTube integration, it’s now seamless for creators to optimize their videos.  

For YouTube creators who want to maximize the reach of their content, Rev’s YouTube caption integration is a simple, cost-effective solution that makes creators’ content more accessible, indexable, and available to a larger audience. Unlike other caption options on YouTube, this effortless integration gives users access to English captions and foreign language subtitles with industry-leading accuracy at a low cost.

How Does the Rev+YouTube Integration Work? 

YouTube teamed up with Rev to provide 99%-accurate captions. This is available to anyone who sets up the Rev + YouTube integration. The setup of the integration is simple. Once the accounts are linked, YouTube creators can order Rev’s 99%-accurate captions directly from YouTube.

Or, even easier, they can set it up so all videos on their YouTube account can be sent automatically to Rev for captioning. In just a few steps, Rev’s captions can help YouTube creators expand their reach, polish their brand, and save them money.

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