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How to Get a Free AI Speech to Text Transcription That Works

Get a Free Trial of Automated Transcription Service from Rev

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Earlier in June, we announced our new automated transcription service here at Rev. We used years of experience and data to offer you the best automatic transcription service for just $0.10 a minute. Now, we’re excited to offer you an exclusive free trial to try the new automatic speech to text service at no cost.

If you have yet to try Rev’s automated transcription service, you can get your first order free up to 45 minutes. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with a free trial coupon.

How do I access the automated speech to text free trial?

You can get a free trial coupon for Rev’s automated speech to text transcription service on your first order up to 45 minutes.

1. Go to Rev’s AI Transcription Service Page

To claim your free trial coupon, go to our services page for automated transcription.

2. Click ‘Try Free Now’ button

On the automated transcription services page, you should see a red button that says ‘Try Free Now.’

Rev speech to text Services

This free trial offer is valid for all existing and new customers who haven’t tried out our auto-transcription service. If you’ve previously placed an order for automated transcription through Rev, you will see a ‘Get Started’ button and will not be eligible for the free trial offer.

3. Upload your audio and video files to be transcribed

Before you upload your files, make sure your files match these criteria for optimal results with auto-transcription:

  • English language
  • Clear and crisp audio recordings
  • 1-2 speakers maximum
  • Little background noise
  • Minimal speaker overlap

If your files don’t match up, you should probably continue using human transcription.

On the Add Files page, you can upload your files from your computer or paste a URL to the link of the media you want to transcribe. With the coupon, your first order up to 45 minutes is completely free of charge!

Rev's Order Automated Transcripts Page

Once you’ve uploaded your files, you should see your Free Trial applied as a coupon at the bottom, which will make your balance $0.00 for the first 45 minutes.

4. Sign in or create an account

Existing Rev customers can click the Sign In link in the Already have an account? box at the top to continue to checkout.

If you’re new to Rev, fill in the required info on the Sign Up page to continue to payment methods.

Try Rev's Automated Transcription for Free

Either way, you should still see your Free Trial Coupon applied to the order on the right sidebar. Hit next when ready!

Try Rev's Automated Transcription for Free

5. Enter payment and place the order!

If your automated transcription order is under 45 minutes, the coupon will fully cover the cost of your first order!

Checkout Payment Screen

If your order is over 45 minutes, not to worry! The Free Trial Coupon will still apply, and you’ll just cover the charges for any additional minutes over the 45-minute mark.

Checkout Payment Screen

Again, if you’ve already ordered automated transcription with Rev, your order total will not apply the coupon offer for new trials.

When you’re ready to get your mind blown with AI-powered transcription, click Place Order!

How long does it take to transcribe one hour of audio?

Our free trial offer gives you up to 45 minutes of audio transcribed for free. So, about how long will it take you to get the transcript files?

With automated transcription, we’ll transcribe your file in minutes.

While our human-powered transcription proudly offers a 99% accuracy with a 12-hour turnaround time at $1 per minute, our AI-powered transcription boasts for its speed.

Rev’s automated transcription service turnaround time is 5 minutes for most files. Still maintaining a 80-90% accuracy for clear audio files, the $0.10 per minute price point opens up a huge opportunity for customers who need fast voice & speech recognition technology.

So, if you need a transcript of your audio or video as soon as possible, our automated speech to text software is the way to go. Try the best automatic transcription service in the industry!

What is the best app for speech to text?

If you’re still searching for the best app for speech to text transcription, there are many reasons why Rev is the clear choice amongst its competitors. Here’s just a few:

  • Rev offers human-run and AI-powered transcription services
  • The transcription done by real people has 99% accuracy
  • The transcription completed by robots and advanced speech algorithms has 80-90% accuracy
  • Our automated speech recognition engine is backed by human transcription data to make it the most accurate in the industry

We’re so confident about the accuracy of our speech to text algorithms that we even matched them up against the likes of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

We beat Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in a benchmarking test.

Our speech team put our automated transcription app to the test against Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in a Word Error Rate benchmarking test to determine the best speech-to-text service.

The test results concluded that Rev’s automatic speech recognition service is the industry leader amongst the challengers. You can see the results for yourself in the Word Error Rate of Speech Recognition Engines test.

What is the best free transcription software?

While Rev’s automatic speech recognition services costs only $0.10, you can get your first free automated transcription order up to 45 minutes.

How can I transcribe an interview quickly?

If you want to transcribe an interview in less than an hour, you should use Rev’s automated transcription service. You’ll get 80-90% accuracy with a 5 minute turnaround time at only $0.10 a minute.

If you’re ready to try an automatic speech recognition service that is a 10th of our human transcription prices, you can place your first order for free up to 45 minutes.

Is there an app that converts voice recording to text?

You can use the Rev voice recorder app and call recording app to place transcription orders directly from your mobile device.

While our automated transcription service is not currently available in the mobile apps, you can still place your free trial offer through an internet browser on your phone or tablet.

Should I use AI transcription software or human transcriptionists?

The choice of using our human-powered transcription vs. automatic speech recognition engines should be entirely up to your needs on a project basis. Here are some reasons why you might use automatic transcription for your next project:

  • You have a need for speed. You need your transcription turned around in minutes, not hours.
  • Accuracy takes a back seat. Precision is ideal, but not the priority.
  • Efficient price-per-minute. Cost-effective is key for low-key ventures.

Keep in mind you’ll get the most accurate transcription job using our human transcriptionists. You can even place a rush transcription order to get your transcripts faster than our standard rate.

If the goal of your next interview is to get it out as fast as possible, you should try out automated transcription with Rev.

Affordable, fast transcription. 100% Guaranteed.