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Transcription is the New Note-Taking: 4 Reasons to Use a Voice Recorder App


RevBlogRev FeaturesTranscription is the New Note-Taking: 4 Reasons to Use a Voice Recorder App

Think about when we first started using technology. Computers were large and cumbersome, phones could double as bricks, and it would sometimes take forever to accomplish a seemingly simple task (remember that old AOL dial-up noise?). Those times have changed. Now, technology is all about helping us work smarter, not harder. Cell phones have talk to text technology, and programs like Dropbox auto-sync shared files. Not only do these developments allow us to do things faster, we’re able to multitask more efficiently with the help of technology. Simply put, it’s time to get things done more effectively – and a voice recorder app can help.

When it comes to taking notes, traditional pen and paper just don’t cut it anymore. Luckily, you don’t have to scribble until your wrist is aching. Instead, use a voice recorder app and take your notes to the next level.

How Does a Voice Recorder App Work?

Not long ago, if you wanted to record someone speaking, you had to bring a voice recorder with you. Certain voice recorders are bulky and may run out of battery. Even if you have a sleek, small recorder, it’s still an extra piece of equipment to carry around. Instead, why not install a recorder on your phone? You’re already likely keeping your phone close to you at all times, so it’s wise to make it an efficient multitasking tool.

There are plenty of professions that require note-taking: a journalist interviewing a key source, a detective chatting with a witness, or a blogger working on a new post. Even if you’re just hosting a meeting at work, a voice recorder is a useful piece of equipment to have handy. You can easily download from the App Store on iOS and from Google Play on Android devices. Just type in the name of the app or search “voice recorder app” to browse selections. But remember, not all voice recording apps are the same.

Just about every voice recorder app offers voice memo recording (what good would it be if it didn’t?) in at least one format, such as .mp3 or .wav. Additionally, other features of voice recorder apps include editing capabilities, the ability to record calls and videos, music-adding tools, and ways to share files – via methods like email, Dropbox, iTunes File Sharing, and AirDrop.

Certain voice recorder apps also provide transcriptions of your voice recordings. That’s an incredible layer of convenience added on top of an already useful app. Sure, you could spend hours of your time transcribing what you’re listening to on your phone. But especially if you have multiple files to work with, it’s far more efficient to order a transcription.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use the Rev Voice Recorder App

The Rev Voice Recorder brings convenient voice recording and simple transaction services together. The free recording app is more than a typical voice recorder, offering superior sound quality, user-friendly functionality, and quick transcription services, all in a single tap. If you value efficiency and accuracy – and let’s not lie to ourselves, we all do – it’ll be your new best friend.

Downloading the Rev Voice Recorder is a breeze. Just open up your device’s app store (App Store on iOS and Google Play on Android), type “rev voice recorder” into the store’s search bar, and the app will pop up. To download, click the “get” button on iOS or “install” on Google Play. The app will begin downloading and will be available for use in a few seconds.

Once you’re in the app, you can start playing around with the features. You’ll get started using the Record function:

You can listen to, edit, and organize previous recordings:

You can order transcriptions, saving a lot of time from having to manually take notes yourself:

And you can share your files across a number of different platforms and services:

In addition to these features above, the Rev Voice Recorder app aims to make things super convenient for its users. Between a simple user interface, a one-step process for transcribing audio, automatic pausing for incoming calls, and the ability to record while using other apps, the Rev voice recorder app is all about helping you be as efficient as possible, whether you’re multitasking or focusing on one thing at a time.

4 Major Advantages to Using a Voice Recorder App  

Voice recorder apps are incredibly versatile. Though we covered some functions above, there are other uses you may have never considered before. If you’re looking to be more productive in 2019, a voice recorder app is a fantastic option due to its many convenient features, such as audio file sharing abilities and transcription abilities. Your days of hand calluses after taking pages of notes? Those days are over.  

Here are four major advantages to using a voice recorder app.

Advantage #1 – Never Miss an Important Detail Again  

Think about a time when you’ve had to take notes. It’s a bit of a nerve-wracking process, right? You’re listening to a speaker – or sometimes, multiple speakers – talking a mile a minute, perhaps starting a sentence and then quickly switching topics. All the while, you’re so focused on taking notes and capturing key takeaways that you miss other important elements in the room.

For instance, if there are multiple conversations going on during a meeting, it’s impossible to capture both at once in your notes. You may also neglect to take note of the room itself. Perhaps you’re interviewing someone in their office and are so caught up on what they’re trying to say that you miss a critical detail or photograph hanging on their wall that could add to your story. With a voice recorder app, you can make sure you’re catching all of these important details that may be a bit more difficult to spot.

Advantage #2 – Save Big Time on Office Supplies   

By itself, a notepad or pen isn’t going to cost a lot of money. But when you’re buying a lot of them for the office – boxes of pens or pencils, stacks of notepads, branded journals, and the like – those costs quickly add up. Luckily, a voice recorder app lets you save major room in the budget by forgoing outdated office supplies.

Not only do you now have extra money in your budget, you won’t have to worry about taking subpar, frantic notes. That money you and your team save on supplies? It can be spent on stellar transcription services via a voice recording app.

Advantage #3 – Revisit Key Conversations

One of the biggest advantages of a voice recording app is that you can easily revisit key conversations whenever you need to, and as many times as necessary. Whether your audio file is an interview with a new client, a chat with the HR department, or a recording of a presentation, it’s reassuring to know you’re just a click away from being able to fact-check or discover new information in your recording.

Advantage #4 – Share Your Notes More Easily

In some cases, you’ll be the only one needing to read and review your notes. But especially in office settings, it’s much more likely your notes will get passed around like a bowl of guacamole at a party. Don’t waste any more time trying to decipher your coworker Bob’s messy chicken-scratch handwriting. Instead, use a voice recording app to easily share your audio clips via email, Dropbox, and more. And tell Bob to practice his cursive.

Explore the Best Voice Recorder Apps Available   

With so many voice recorder apps out there, you may be wondering how to find the one that’s best for you. While preference varies based on each user, you’ll want to consider a few key features. For one, look at voice recorder apps that offer transcription abilities. Even if you’re unsure if you’ll need every file transcribed, it just takes one file that does require transcription to make your life much easier. It’s also ideal if the app can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices. And of course, you’ll want to be sure the app provides crystal clear audio and a way to easily organize, listen to, find, and share your files.

You should also choose an app with several thousand users to ensure that it’s reputable. Seek out review for the app online. Sure, an app with just one or two positive reviews may be a good product, but hundreds or thousands of reviews offers a much larger sample size of satisfied customers.

Rev’s transcription services are already incredibly trusted across multiple industries. You’re getting that same of peace of mind with Rev’s voice recorder app. And even if you still have a shred of doubt, you can try 10 minutes of transcription services absolutely free.


From both a time and money perspective, voice recorder apps are quite beneficial. They’re the ideal way to replace old fashioned note-taking and are far easier on your hands. Whether you’re looking to work more efficiently, save on supply costs, or simply share notes more easily, a voice recorder app is the perfect solution.

Rev is the leader in voice recorder apps, as well as high-quality transcription services. Ready to say goodbye to the old, inefficient ways of note-taking? Visit the Rev Voice Recorder page to learn more about the app today.

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