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5 Companies That Boosted Business With Accessibility

5 Companies that Boosted Business with Accessibility

RevBlogCustomer Features5 Companies That Boosted Business With Accessibility

Combined with enterprise-level account management, security, and customer support features, Rev is built for growth.  In addition to fast, accurate captions and transcripts, Rev provides tools to improve workflows, increase team collaboration, and organize content to improve overall productivity and business accessibility. We’re thrilled to share some tremendously successful partnerships that have benefited brands with speech-to-text needs of every sort.

Get to know a handful of the companies trusting Rev below and contact our sales team to choose the right Rev plan for your business.

Oak National

Oak National Academyan online classroom with high-quality video lessons and resources made by teachers, for teachersneeded captioning for 200 prerecorded video lessons per week. And they needed them quickly, with the potential to scale to up to 10,000+ videos.

Sure, they could have just used automatic A.I. captioning to churn out captions quickly. But how would they know if the captions were accurate for students? It would have meant building a whole separate QA process, demanding additional time and resources. 

Using Rev’s human-powered service meant getting quality-checked, timestamped captions for nearly all of their videos, and indexing them in elastic search, so teachers can quickly find relevant content without having to watch hours of video.

5 Companies that Boosted Business with Accessibility
The results? Nearly 9,500 videos captioned in the first four months, with one bulk upload of 7,500 video lessons — 80% of that content library — completed accurately, in only four days!

The Home Depot

With over 450,000 employees across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, it was crucial that The Home Depot made their training material accessible to all employees, regardless of their native spoken language.

Craig Kelly, Manager of Learning Delivery, produces and manages all educational content for The Home Depot stores, including employee training videos, leadership training content, product knowledge videos, and more. 

With Rev, Craig guaranteed all employees had equal access to training and career development opportunities. And as a result, The Home Depot significantly reduced costly, on-the-job mistakes, and attracted talented professionals.

5 Companies that Boosted Business with Accessibility

In the past, Craig paid $500 to add English captions and Spanish subtitles for 15-minute files, and would often wait a week for files to be delivered. With Rev, Craig pays 1/10 of the price for both English and Spanish captions, receiving his files 7 times faster. 

“It saves us at least a couple hours a week. For us, that’s huge, because it allows us to work on other projects.”

Shapiro + Raj

Shapiro + Raj, the sixth-largest independent insights company in the U.S., is highly regarded for its investigative strategy and delivering insights to Fortune 500 and small businesses alike.

Before incorporating transcripts into their workflow, Shapiro + Raj’s researchers relied heavily on manual note-taking during and after interviews to gather data for analysis. 

The firm’s management understood the note-taking process consumed precious time and frequently led to valuable insights being overlooked. 

With Rev, researchers now upload files to a secure platform where transcriptionists get to work on them immediately. With a network of 50,000+ human transcriptionists, Rev transcribes hundreds of thousands of minutes every day while maintaining high accuracy and industry-leading turnaround times.

“The biggest benefit we get from Rev is how easily we were able to integrate it with our very sophisticated qualitative data workflow. A Rev transcript costs 50% less than a traditional market research transcription firm, plus gives all the wonderful benefits of machine-readable formatting and automation via the API.”

5 Companies that Boosted Business with Accessibility


With over 286 million active users, Spotify is the category leader in streaming services. 

Each piece of Spotify’s produced content requires an accurate transcript. And to keep pace with Spotify’s workflow, they must submit transcripts quickly to production staff for editing.

Rodney McMahon II, Spotify’s Head of Post Production, knew Rev wasn’t the only transcription provider around. But for Spotify, Rev’s the obvious choice because they cover all the bases: speed, accuracy and affordability.

Other vendors they used couldn’t turn things around quick enough. They’d have a 45-minute string-out they needed by the following day, and it would take them two or three days.

5 Companies that Boosted Business with Accessibility

“Rev has definitely helped us out quite a bit on a lot of different fronts. It just made us a lot quicker, and it shows. We’ll continue to rock and roll, using Rev.”

Haas Automation

Haas Automation, the largest machine tool builder in the Western world, manufactures a complete line of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) vertical and horizontal machining centers, along with CNC lathes and rotary products. 

With markets spanning Europe, America, and Asia, they required video marketing content in multiple languages.

Prior to using Rev, Haas’ workflow for subtitling videos was extremely time-consuming. 

Bryan O’Fallon, Haas’ Video Production Manager, recalled the multi-step painful process, explaining how they would need to provide their previous subtitle provider with the English transcript to begin with, as well as the timecodes. “So basically, we were creating the English .srt file manually and then they would give us whatever languages we requested.”

5 Companies that Boosted Business with Accessibility

With Rev, Haas was thrilled to learn that creating  English transcripts before submitting videos for translation was a thing of the past. Instead, Bryan easily drops source links to videos through Rev’s self-serve platform. Rev produces an English caption file (for free), along with the foreign language subtitles, in one seamless process.

Affordable, fast transcription. 100% Guaranteed.