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  August 21, 2014   Reviewed by Eric
Awesome! Very timely turnaround, and detailed transcription.
Couldn't ask for better. I am so impressed, and it was so easy. I will definitely use them frequently

  August 20, 2014   Reviewed by Martin
Excellent service and fast!
I was amazed at the speed and accuracy of the transcription service. The got my sound file 100% correct and turned around my order in less than an hour. I highly recommend using them!

  August 20, 2014   Reviewed by evgeniya
great service! fast!
great service! fast!

  August 20, 2014   Reviewed by Jessica T.
Great job, fast delivery
I'm very pleased with the speedy turnaround time and high accuracy. Emailed the voice memo yesterday, and received the transcript and filed my story today.

  August 20, 2014   Reviewed by Sandra
Great job!
I was very happy with how fast I received my job back and how accurate it was.

  August 19, 2014   Reviewed by Laurie
Turn around was in a matter of minutes not hours!
I truly expected to receive my transcript in a couple of days. I was thrilled to receive the first part of it in a matter of minutes. I thought I was getting an email from you to have me resubmit my audio.. I have already shared your site with friends and family! Thank you!

  August 19, 2014   Reviewed by Carlos E.
Very fast, minor corrections required
The general quality of the translation was good and it was done quicker than expected: 24 hours for a total of four certificates. There were two minor problems: one typo and one misplacement. These problems would certainly have no consequences, but we asked for the corrections anyway. One of them was done quickly, the other one was missed, so we required a second correction. I am taking one star off because of the extra iterations that were required, but in general I recommend the service.

  August 19, 2014   Reviewed by Rita
Great castumer service and fast.
If you ever need to translate anything I recamend, it's a really good company to work with.

  August 19, 2014   Reviewed by jamie
Fast translation
I have had two projects so far with these guys and I will be using again.

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Paul
Great service. I am building a business around it!
Fantastic speech to text. Were able to deal with a strong Australian accent perfectly. Tricky things like place names were flagged with time code so you could locate the original point in the audio track and fix that one word. Perfect!

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Wojtek
got my translation within one hour!! awesome, thank you
I would recommend to everyone who needs a translation for any kind of document!

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Ian, U.
Awesome service
Accurate, fast, what more could you want.

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Brenda
Efficient and reliable!
I recently used for transcription services. I had not used their services before, but had researched their work. I couldn't be happier with the product...they were very efficient, delivered the transcript on time as promised, and the accuracy was about as close as it gets.

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Edward
Great service with faster than estimated turnaround time
Great service with faster than estimated turnaround time

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Michael
Delivered as advertised! provided prompt turnaround on the transcription of a series of interviews. I'm sure that given the need I'll return to for my transcription needs.

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Kevin
I was very happy with my transcript: fast and accurate, neatly presented
I am very happy with the service I have gotten from REV. The price is reasonable, and the transcription I received was accurate. It took less than 48 hours to complete the work. The presentation was neat and professional. Can't ask for more. Have used twice more in the same week.

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Michelle
Efficient, valuable, precise, fast
Rev is an amazing service! When you need them they come through without fail! A must for anyone needing their services! I needed a document and they came through without any glitches!!! I will always use this company for transcriptions! Incredible!!! Saved me hours of work! It's worth every dollar!

  August 17, 2014   Reviewed by Wayne
Turnover in less than a day!
I was surprised to receive my 45 minute dictation back in about 10 hours (on a Saturday, no less). The report was surprisingly accurate. Had no trouble using Word to clean it up. I wlll definitely use this service again.

  August 17, 2014   Reviewed by Matt
Fast turn around
I had about 45 minutes of a marketing/IT presentation, including three speakers, all with different accents. The audio was transcribed super-fast and the quality was very good.

  August 17, 2014   Reviewed by Christie
Better than I coupld have hoped!
I was perfectly pleased with my experience with They transcribed my 75min video (which had slightly static-y audio) super fast, super accurate and for a better rate than most places I came across. I'd trust them again in a heartbeat! Super pleased.