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  April 1, 2014   Reviewed by Haley
Easy, quick and correct
My recording which was an interview was quickly returned with the right names allocated to each sentence. Well done, will use again. Save me hours having to scribe my own transcript.

  April 1, 2014   Reviewed by Marcello
Great Translation Service !!
Your service was better than I expected. The turn around time was fast and the translation is very accurate. Thank you for making it very easy to get a certified translation at a very competitive cost ! I will use your services in the future.

  March 31, 2014   Reviewed by Madeleine
Great job, fast, and high quality!!! Easy to use website!!!
Great in every way!!!

  March 31, 2014   Reviewed by Xixi
great great service!!!
it's so so fast even when i ask them to translate Chinese version document. I called them on late Thursday afternoon, and I need it on the next day afternoon even I think it might be impossible! But guess what, I received it on Thursday night!! It's so awesome that they process things in such an efficient way! really recommend it!

  March 31, 2014   Reviewed by Ana P.
Satisfaction guaranteed! =)
I needed a quick, affordable and well done certified translation of school transcripts, these guys were right on it and I got it in less than 24 hours and for a very affordable price. Thank you very much, rev . com

  March 31, 2014   Reviewed by Stephen
not happy with the outcome
Here is the reply from the person we delivered the translation to: Thanks for your help! Could you please have a different person than the one who translates it double-check it? We want to make sure it’s letter perfect. I appreciate your help! ____________ We just received feedback from our client related to the Spanish translation that was done for us recently. They are not happy with the outcome. They said it did not make sense and that it looked like someone had just plugged the original document into Google Translator. Is this person who did the translation a native Spanish speaker? If not, can you please re-visit with someone who is and send us an updated document? We have a sizable bilingual client basis and many opportunities ahead of us together but this didn’t set a great foot forward with them for either of us.

  March 31, 2014   Reviewed by Tim M.
Perfectly transcribed... returned faster than promised. A+ transcribed a 27-minute talk for me, and it came back perfect and quicker than promised. Will definitely use them again.

  March 31, 2014   Reviewed by Guadalupe
Very Satisfied!!!
I am very impressed with the SPEED that documents are translated! Also the EASE of just uploading ones documents and sending them and receiving the translated documents via email. All done within 24 hours!! I will definitely be recommending to family and friends. I will continue to use their services!

  March 31, 2014   Reviewed by Greg
I was really impressed.
Excellent accuracy. Speedy turnaround. Reasonable price. Thank You.

  March 31, 2014   Reviewed by Tony
Good and fast in delivery!
Exactly two business days.

  March 30, 2014   Reviewed by Nicole
Amazing! Fast, meticulous, and incredibly priced. I am impressed.
I am just so impressed with this service. In three days, had all eight of my hour long interviews transcribed and returned to me. In looking it over, they appear flawless. The price is just unbeatable but so is the quality of work and the turn around time. Definitely bring your work here. The website is user friendly, payment is easy and inexpensive, and the product is exceptional. Thank you so much.

  March 30, 2014   Reviewed by Leilah
This transcription was a lifesaver and doen very well!
I needed a transcription done overnight of a 25 minute interview. I uploaded the interview Friday night at ab out 6 pm. When I awoke and looked at my phone and the transcription was done. Done very well, and I might add!! This saved me at leat 10 hours of my weekend!!

  March 30, 2014   Reviewed by RENZZO
Fast and Efficient, Thank You!!!
This was something I need very quickly and they are amazing and fast, they got exactly what I asked for done and sent to me in very little time, I will definitely be using this service again.

  March 30, 2014   Reviewed by Divya
Fasssst and accurate
Responded promptly to questions. Very easy to upload the document and place the order in few simple steps. They claimed it will be done in 24 hours; I wondered if thats even possible on a weekend. I had my translation within 6 hours. It was accurate too. Awesome work!

  March 30, 2014   Reviewed by Marcia
Rev is more accurate than any other transcript company I've used
I actually sent 3 transcripts to another company I found online (before I found One of the interviews I had to re-transcribe and I'm still waiting on the other 2 to be redone. They were missing entire sentences. I was nervous about I listened to the audio while playing the tape and I was extremely amazed. I only had to correct about 3 places and it was very minor. If those other 2 don't get done soon I'm going to send the audio to and I'm definitely sending my future research interviews to Rev. I would also recommend them to a fellow researcher.

  March 29, 2014   Reviewed by Kyle
The transcription and price for the product were average.
While the company had a great reputation online, I found that I had to do a lot of clean up work after the fact. I was excited that there was even a quality control put into place, but in my opinion, they left a lot to be desired. You get what you pay for.

  March 29, 2014   Reviewed by Michael
Worked like a charm
Transcript was delivered within 18 hours, high degree of accuracy. End-to-end experience was clean and simple.

  March 29, 2014   Reviewed by Amy L.
Saves Tons of Time
I recently used this app to transcribe an interview that I needed for school. After spending the time writing out my first interview by myself, I soon decided I needed to find something to do it for me. I just didn't have the time to listen to the recording over and over again to transcribe it. This app is super helpful because everything is in the same place and it is easy to place an order. I also really appreciated the $10 I received for using it the first time. They had my order back to me within 24 hrs and even had the names of the speakers included. I will definitely use this service again if I need to!!

  March 29, 2014   Reviewed by antony
Expensive !!!
Good job! But too much $ ...

  March 29, 2014   Reviewed by greg
Hands down the cheapest, best, fastest and most efficient transcription service I've used; I won't be going anywhere else in future.
Hands down the cheapest, best, fastest and most efficient transcription service I've used; I won't be going anywhere else in future.