Transcription API

Effortless Access to Thousands of Human Transcriptionists.
Transcription API

How to Get Started

Sign up for API Access
Our sandbox environment lets you simulate the actions of placing and receiving real orders
Receive API Keys
After signing up for API Access, you will receive an email with your API Keys for our Sandbox and Production environments
Test a Transcription
Upload an audio/video file to our sandbox environment, place an order, and retrieve a finished transcript
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Why Use Rev API?

Our API clients value fast turnaround time for their audio and video transcription services. While turnaround times vary by total audio length, we generally can return transcripts within 6 hours for orders under 10 minutes, and within two days for orders of an hour or less.
Our transcriptions are 98% accurate or better, among the best in the industry. We achieve this by only accepting the most best transcriptionists from around the globe onto our team. Also, each audio or video is transcribed by a single person from start to end, ensuring consistency and quality.
Simple Pricing
We are committed to maximum transparency with our clients. This is why we publish our prices and have no hidden fees. Our transcription API is free to integrate and costs $1 / audio minute, same as our regular transcription service, with $0.25 / minute additional charge for timestamps and verbatim options.
Powerful Features
  • Upload your audio/video files to our server, or we can retrieve them from an S3 bucket or public URL
  • Download finished transcripts as Word, PDF, plain text or JSON (coming soon)
  • Define webhooks to receive progress notifications for your orders
  • Communicate with our API securely over SSL, using JSON or XML

Customer: Comcast Spotlight

Comcast Spotlight is the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, with a presence in nearly 80 markets with over 35 million owned and represented homes. Rev has helped Comcast transcribe thousands of ad spots, handling custom requirements and providing quick turnaround.

API Documentation

Getting Started
Get an overview of the steps required to place an order and retrieve a transcript with our quick start overview.
Client Libraries
If you are using Ruby to implement your integration, you can use the Rev Ruby SDK to make the task even easier (get it from GitHub or as a gem). We are working on SDKs for additional languages - let us know if you want your favorite language supported.
API Reference
Complete documentation of the API, including authentication, error handling, and detailed specs for each API method, with examples.
Sandbox Testing
You can test your integration safely using our sandbox environment, a reproduction of our production environment. You won't be charged for any orders.

Connect Rev With Other Services

Zapier allows you to connect Rev to other online services, YouTube, Vimeo, Drobox, SalesForce, and many others. You can automatically have your new YouTube or Vimeo videos transcribed, and/or have the transcripts sent to Dropbox or Salesforce.
Zapier API