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For example, 30 minutes of audio is $30, regardless if there is one or multiple speakers.
Orders will be delivered within 24 hours as long as the order is placed prior to 2 PM Eastern and the recording is not greater than one hour in length or complex in nature. Want a turnaround estimate? Contact Us
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  • Accessible for All Audiences

    When you provide closed captioning and subtitling on your videos and films, you set the stage for your work to reach a wider audience. Individuals that may not have access to sound on their computers are able to still understand what's being said in a video without the need for an audio feed. Additionally, by including subtitles or closed captioning, you guarantee accessibility for the hearing-impaired and those with cognitive differences. Finally, the inclusion of a verbatim transcription can be influential in a successful global launch.

  • Best for Your Budget

    At Rev transcription services, we provide you with straightforward, all-inclusive pricing. This makes us the transcriptionist of choice for multiple production companies and the favorite of well-known directors. Other transcriptionists burden production companies with per-speaker fees, resulting in exorbitant bills and hindering the ability to forecast accurate and affordable transcription budgets. At only $1 per audio minute with a guarantee of 98% accuracy, Rev simply makes sense.

  • Complete Captions That Convey Your Message

    Our media transcription team will partner with you to deliver traditional or verbatim transcriptions. Depending on your needs and strategy, you can choose to include or exclude non-verbals and filler words ("um", "like", etc.). Verbatim transcriptions have a flat premium of 25 cents per audio minute.

  • Comprehension in the Context

    Educational videos and documentaries present unique challenges as they introduce the viewership to new lingo and unfamiliar concepts. Using well-crafted and accurate transcriptions, you make certain your audience completely understands the content you're providing. The inclusion of text facilitates recollection and provides an effective didactic experience. Educational production companies and outlets such as museums and experiential learning centers have made the inclusion of text a standard for all audiovisual material.

    Our online platform allows us to pair you with ad hoc transcriptionists for your projects. Our professionals come from many walks of life and have been trained to handle accents, background noise, and a myriad of challenges associated with video production transcription. Our work comes with a promise of accuracy and a commitment to the highest levels of quality.

Video Caption Transcriptions & Subtitling

Directors and media producers understand the need to pair creativity with accuracy in conveying their vision to an audience. For decades, the film industry has relied on highly trained transcription professionals to deliver first-class closed captions and subtitling. At Rev online transcription services, we have the talent and experience to help provide you with the closed captioning and subtitling required to deliver a full multimedia experience.

"Wow! Rev is great! Captions were 100% perfect. I couldn't be happier."

Matthew Craggs,
Video Producer
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Privacy Promise

We know your privacy matters, and that it is up to you to control the flow of information associated to your production. Each of our transcription professionals is subject to a non-disclosure agreement and is regularly  trained on matters of privacy. You can count on us when it comes to protecting the integrity of your production.


What types of videos will you transcribe for captions?
Our talented team of transcriptionists has the expertise and knowledge to accurately transcribe any video you want. It doesn't matter if the topic is ants or aerospace, or if you have a documentary or a rom-com, we will provide closed captions that your audiencewill understand.
How will I receive my transcription?
Rev will provide your transcript in a Word document. You can then simply copy and paste the text into your closed caption program to use on your website right away.
What video files do you accept?
We accept WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, and VOB, as well as a multitude of audio file formats.
What is your average turnaround?
For most files we have a 48-hour turnaround average. If you have several files, we are able to pair you up with more than one transcriptionist to speed the final delivery of your project. Our automated online platform will keep you apprised of progress and send you notifications for estimated time of completion.